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WP Team Display changelog

Last update : 15 Aug 2023
Compatible with the latest Wordpress version and Stable release: 6.3

Version 1.3.22

Fix Conflict with Elementor tab
Fix Display issue of the WP Team Display Gutenberg block

Version 1.3.21

Fix Display issue in circle theme

Version 1.3.20

Fix Crop image

Version 1.3.19

Fix Disable editor not working when saving person

Version 1.3.18

Fix Conflict with Elementor page builder
Fix Change HTML entities from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8

Version 1.3.17

Fix Fix user permissions with Gutenberg
Fix Verify ajax request in Jutranslation

Version 1.3.16

Fix Translation sharing issue in some browsers

Version 1.3.15

Fix Compatibility with Elementor builder plugin

Version 1.3.14

Fix Fix Jutranslation url
Fix Conflict with Advanced Gutenberg plugin

Version 1.3.13

Fix Remove broken lines between persons in the chart
Fix Change column class name to avoid conflicts

Version 1.3.12

Fix Better flowchart display in responsive mode
Fix Crop and resize image of person
Fix Issues with flowchart generation

Version 1.3.11

Add Blocks to generate shortcode in gutenberg

Version 1.3.10

Add WordPress 5.0 compatibility
Add Left menu entry to manage charts and generate shortcodes

Version 1.3.9

Fix Compatibility with beaver builder plugin
Fix Theme selection return an error

Version 1.3.8

Fix Conflict CSS with 3rd party themes
Fix Display modal with file permission
Fix PHP error in some case

Version 1.3.7

Fix Update the updater for WordPress 4.8

Version 1.3.6

Fix JS error in the text editor

Version 1.3.5

Add Built in JU Translation tool

Version 1.3.4

Add RTL language and layout support
Fix Screen option can't be opened during content edition
Fix editor JS error (editor cusrsor jump)

Version 1.3.3

Fix Update jquery UI version to fix editor JS error on WP 4.5.x

Version 1.3.2

Fix css lightbox has two scroll

Version 1.3.1

Fix Icon on editor button

Version 1.3.0

Add New flat theme with social networks links
Add Editor loaded on description field
Fix Rename language file names and button

Version 1.2.1

Fix CSS in WordPress backend

Version 1.2.0

Fix Change name and JS update

Version 1.0.9

Fix Editor edition button causing error in case of no-responsive chart

Version 1.0.8

Add Job title length limit

Version 1.0.7

Fix Editor edition button causing error

Version 1.0.5-1.0.6

Add Disable responsive layout for big flow chart
Add Frontend drag'n drop to navigate when responsive is disable
Add Zoom +/- buttons

Version 1.0.4

Fix Fatal error and accent

Version 1.0.3

Fix Charset utf8 in the person details

Version 1.0.2

Add Trigger when data was saved by Ajax

Version 1.0.1

Fix Fields with double and single quotes

Version 1.0.0

Add Initial release, free and pro version