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Droppics changelog

Last update : 15 Nov 2023

Version 3.2.40

Fix Style issue in JU translation

Version 3.2.39

Add Joomla 5 support
Fix PHP warning

Version 3.2.38

Fix Adding remote video doesn't work if the video title contain special characters
Fix Show the caption of a single image on the front-end in duplication

Version 3.2.37

Fix Character encode issue of alt text of single image display
Fix Masonry gallery display in Regular Labs tab

Version 3.2.36

Add Droppics gallery block for SP Page Builder

Version 3.2.35

Fix Select article on Joomla 4
Fix Import images from server folder

Version 3.2.34

Fix Some warnings in PHP 8

Version 3.2.33

Fix Image navigation in lightbox in case gallery with video

Version 3.2.32

Fix Upload image error in Joomla 4

Version 3.2.31

Add Support webp image
Fix Insert gallery using ARK editor

Version 3.2.30

Fix Window size of the Dropfiles when inserting files into article
Fix Wrong pictures on first load of polaroid gallery

Version 3.2.29

Fix Some errors on Joomla 3.10

Version 3.2.28

Add Joomla 4 RC compatible

Version 3.2.27

Add PHP 8 compatibility
Fix Handle unlimited upload size settings

Version 3.2.26

Fix Memory error when uploading big image

Version 3.2.25

Fix Moving video file to other gallery

Version 3.2.24

Fix Conflict between Frontend image management with Joomla template
Fix Responsive issue in masonry theme

Version 3.2.23

Fix Can't upload png image in some case

Version 3.2.22

Add Replace WideImage library with Imagine library to improve the PNG thumbnail quality

Version 3.2.21

Fix Translation sharing issue in some browsers

Version 3.2.20

Fix Missing swipe function on some theme
Fix Image replace adds an undefined category

Version 3.2.19

Add Swipe feature on mobile devices on lightbox
Fix Bug when image is inserted after a search query
Fix Wrong image size displayed when editing image
Fix Different display in second load of default layout

Version 3.2.18

Fix Duplicate effect in picture editing tool
Fix Wrong image path when replace a picture
Fix Missing some translation strings

Version 3.2.17

Fix Fix Jutranslation url

Version 3.2.16

Fix XSS issue in the droppicsfrontend template file
Fix BxSlider theme conflict with SP page builder

Version 3.2.15

Fix Load wrong image srcset size in some case
Fix Responsive issue for single image with caption

Version 3.2.14

Fix Wrong responsive image srcSet url
Fix JU Updater

Version 3.2.13

Fix Some W3C validator errors
Fix Cannot open sub gallery in some rare cases
Fix Wrong pictures ordering in sub gallery

Version 3.2.12

Fix Error when author updating picture on front-end
Fix Warning when adding new gallery on frontend on Joomla 3.9
Fix Load large size of picture for slideshow gallery

Version 3.2.11

Fix Responsive issue for single video
Fix Missing back link after click on a sub gallery

Version 3.2.10

Add Option to select Medium size to apply watermark
Fix Newly created gallery not showing in some rare case
Fix Missing language strings for translation

Version 3.2.9

Add Improve drag & drop galleries ordering (admin)
Add Option to display sub-galleries titles
Add Option to activate photo pile effect on sub-galleries navigation
Fix Check theme plugins status when updating

Version 3.2.8

Fix Responsive images not displayed at their proper size

Version 3.2.7

Add New option for single pictures size: Large (1200x1000)
Add New global option to define pictures size to display in lightbox
Add Change srcset attribute / size in HTML to be fully compatible with AMP (wbAMP)
Fix Issues with srcset attribute on large responsive images
Fix Droppics editor button not showing in some specific configuration
Fix Watermarked images not deleted when performing delete task
Fix Responsive pictures not moved when performing move/copy
Fix Improve some UI/UX
Fix Moving/Copying images with watermarked issues

Version 3.2.6

Fix Lightbox still loaded even when disabled
Fix Images with caption display properly as in backend editor
Fix Error while loading responsive images (remove a / character)
Fix Hide sub-galleries text if there is no sub-galleries

Version 3.2.5

Fix Auto rotate images to native orientation base on EXIF info
Fix Duplicate with watermark and cannot remove watermark in some specific cases
Fix Make error messages more clearly when regenerate thumbnails
Fix JS error in some specific cases

Version 3.2.4

Fix Single image caption issue
Fix Regeneration thumbnails stops if an image doest not exist
Fix Multiple bxslider on a page can't be loaded

Version 3.2.3

Add Possibility to load as single image the Medium size
Add Medium size as default size in configuration
Fix Change configuration names

Version 3.2.2

Fix Column size calculation in Masonry script

Version 3.2.1

Fix The srcset property is not active on single image in content

Version 3.2.0

Add Responsive optimization with srcset: generates and load dedicated images on mobiles

Version 3.1.3

Fix Default image size of the single image does not work
Fix CSS conflict between colorbox and bootrap

Version 3.1.2

Add After creating a custom sized image, keep the image created size selected
Fix Change height album list
Fix Change style icon in component settings
Fix Change style of Action on click

Version 3.1.1

Fix Location of the color picker when editing an image with text
Fix Display of the thumbnails in custom slideshow preview
Fix The hipshot theme broken

Version 3.1.0

Add Admin full UX redesign
Add Option to make a large image preview on mouse hover
Add Possibility to hide the right column in admin
Add Possibility to resize the left column
Add Search/filter engine for images in admin
Add Copy/Cut/Paste enhancement: display buttons + number of elements in clipboard
Add Notification popup: Image upload + ordering, category creation + rename + move

Version 3.0.1

Fix fix image in parent null or empty
Fix Fix relative Url

Version 3.0.0

Add Image information bulk editor: Edit image file names
Add Image information bulk editor: Edit image alternative texts
Add Image information bulk editor: Edit image titles
Add Image information bulk editor: Edit image captions
Add Image information bulk editor: Batch copy Image file name to Alternative text
Add Image information bulk editor: Batch copy Image file name to image title
Add Change the name of the Droppics root folder, under the Joomla folder /images/
Fix Image watermark not exit error

Version 2.5.2

Fix Enable main language file edition after first language install
Fix Add image default fallback category's image
Fix Fix Undefined variable: title
Fix JS error

Version 2.5.1

Add Add builtin translation tool

Version 2.5.0

Add Single image replacement
Add Regenerate all image sizes on image replacement
Add Add a watermark images sizes, as an option
Add Add URLs for categories navigation on frontend
Add Advanced Slideshow theme default configuration settings: pause on hover
Add Advanced Slideshow theme new configuration: content background, opacity, description height and position
Fix Selected appropriate image size when re-open the lightbox
Fix Clean browser cache for replaced images

Version 2.4.0

Add Possibility copy/paste/move images from one gallery to another
Add Default parameters for single images in the configuration
Add New gallery on top of the list instead of the bottom
Fix The menu search engine for single images

Version 2.3.0

Add Option to add newly uploaded images on the top of the category in the backend
Add Admin interface as masonry with thumbnail generation
Add Frontend gallery sorting: sort images in frontend by Name, Upload date, Image name, Random
Add Load the latest category opened when click back on the droppics button
Fix Add an image into an article in center position

Version 2.2.2

Fix No image preivew when editing a image on some site
Fix Image parameter not saved when editing on front-end
Fix Remove slash character

Version 2.2.1

Fix Align button doesn't work on front-end
Fix UX icon not displayed on front-end
Fix Duplication of single image parameters on front-end

Version 2.2.0

Add Single image management enhancement: possibility to add predefined image sizes
Add Define a default config per theme in global options and possibility to hide it in category parameters
Add Default configuration in case of single image insertion (define size, margin...)
Add Frontend image management interface through a dedicated menu and template
Fix Insert single video into article as lightbox, in new tab, with embed code

Version 2.1.1

Fix https issue on single image edition and video insertion
Fix Video not stop when navigate to next slide

Version 2.1.0

Add Possibility to add a remote video (Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion)
Add Possibility to add a custom link on thumbnail in galleries
Add Possibility to display captions on single image
Add Redesign admin interface and installer
Fix When you add custom text on a custom slider (latest theme), the text becomes grey on save

Version 2.0.13

Add add juupdater

Version 2.0.12

Add Include all gallery themes into Droppics component

Version 2.0.11

Fix Delete a category tree with multiple levels

Version 2.0.10

Fix Categories disappear after update to Joomla 3.4.7

Version 2.0.9

Fix Improve masonry theme ajax loading
Fix Link to single image generation improvement

Version 2.0.7

Fix Own jquery loaded even with Joomla 3.3
Fix Clear div inserted between images
Fix Default cropping type to none

Version 2.0.5 to 2.0.6

Add On upload cropping feature
Add Portuguese language
Add Enhance vertical category pictures positioning

Version 2.0.4

Fix Navigation with infinite scroll
Fix Add css for making single image more responsive
Fix Infinitescroll not correctly loading new images when two galleries are in the same article
Fix Remove outline for colorbox
Fix Translation strings fix
Fix Back link not shown when parent categories has no pictures

Version 2.0.3

Add Caption on single image edition
Add Infinite scrolling
Add Custom image file name for SEO purpose
Fix Link on article broken
Fix Lighbox opening where several image are added

Version 2.0.2

Fix Default http::// is missing on custom link
Fix Update problem from 2.x version

Version 2.0.1

Fix Lightbox insertion problem when multi images are added
Fix Update problem from 1.x version
Fix Firefox not taking back images (JS bug)
Fix Change name of the effects

Version 2.0.0

Add Custom images generation
Add Take back the image/gallery selected clicking on Droppics button
Add Add multi level galleries
Add Custom slideshow new theme
Add Advanced effects on image (included in theme pack)
Add Single image management with links on menu/article/custom/lightbox, margin
Add Multi select images for deleting (using control keyboard)
Add Transition effects on slideshow
Add Joomla ACL permission applied for Droppics administrators

Version 1.2.9

Add Theme parameters per image on masonry theme
Fix Remove unused jquery including
Fix Theme installation on Joomla 3.2
Fix Remove jquery on plugins according to the parameters

Version 1.2.8

Fix Image resizing

Version 1.2.7

Fix Editor button not showing under Joomla 3.2
Fix Rename title/description not working under Joomla 3.2
Fix Remove Strict standards errors
Fix Improvement: Content parsing
Add Polaroid remove rotation

Version 1.2.6

Fix Image loaded bug on IE10
Fix Border color on masonry
Add Title to lightbox
Fix mootools conflict in some cases
Add Align carousel center option
Add Regenerate picture with ajax for slow servers
Add Choose image compression

Version 1.1.0

Add Themes support

Version 1.0.0

Add Initial release