WP Media Folder Addon changelog

Last update : 02 Jul 2018

Version 2.1.4

Fix Insert Google Drive image in content

Version 2.1.3

Fix Check connected addon to display/hide cloud menu in media manager
Fix Change capabilities of addon menu
Fix Display file on frontend

Version 2.1.2

Fix Enhance code readability and performance

Version 2.1.1

Fix insert Onedrive image
Fix insert dropbox file to content
Fix display Dropbox file
Fix import files to media library

Version 2.1.0

Add Rewrite code to be compatible with new 4.3 version of WP Media Folder

Version 2.0.1

Fix Error when no OneDrive auth url available

Version 2.0.0

Add OneDrive cloud support
Fix Upload files using dragn'drop not working in edit post page

Version 1.0.5

Fix Conflict with Your Drive plugin
Fix Updater does not work from the WordPress dashboard

Version 1.0.4

Fix Update the updater for WordPress 4.8

Version 1.0.3

Fix Use default en_US language

Version 1.0.2

Add Add builtin translation tool

Version 1.0.1

Add Add cloud configuration documentation link in settings
Fix JoomUnited updater compatible with new WordPress 4.6 shiny updates

Version 1.0.0

Add Initial release