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Below are the all the features that are included in Speed Cache extension. You can even get more details on the feature by visiting the main product page.

Features in Speed Cache

All Additional Features included

Static cache duration

Setup Speed Cache time (static cache) duration separately from the Joomla cache

Cache per user

On dynamic websites like ecommerce with cart system, generate a static file per user to serve the proper cached content, per Joomla user

Joomla framework

Speed Cache is fully based on Joomla framework. It has the double advantage of being light and 3rd party compatible

Auto clean from admin

The cache can be cleaned automatically on Joomla admin side actions: save, apply, publish, unpublish or trash a content

Auto include new menus

Add automatically new Joomla menu URL to cache system and apply a predefined configuration

Select folder to optimize

Select one or several server folder to scan for files to minify and group. Could be templates, component folders...

Group fonts & Google fonts

Loading several font for text, headings, menus... can become very slow to be downloaded. SpeedCache group all font in a single file

Browser cache option

Activate an extremely fast user browser caching with an option to force the cleanup

SEO friendly

The performance is very important for SEO, Google measure the user page loading time, so it helps in real life!

Cache Pre-Loading

User that comes after a page cache cleanup won't have to wait for the cache generation, it's automatically regenerated!


Import/Export Speed Cache configuration from one website to another and get websites optimized in no time

AJAX module loading

Joomla pages with many heavy modules can take a while loaded. SpeedCache add an option to defer a module load using AJAX

Exclude inline CSS style

Some Joomla extensions are adding inline scripts to your page HTML rendering. Exclude it from file group to avoid conflicts

CDN file type filter

A CDN is loading your media and files using a proximity server network. You can select what type of files you want your CDN provider to host

Clean all caches

By cleaning the Speed Cache you can also clean all Joomla caches, expired caches based on user actions or by clicking on a button

Joomla Expire Headers

Fix the Joomla Expire Headers performance warning by patching your htaccess file in one click

Cache inclusion & exclusion

You'll always find a solution to get the cache working or be disabled where you want by selecting single URL or rules, user sessions...

Auto clean from frontend

The cache can be cleaned automatically on frontend user actions like save, apply, publish, unpublish or trash an article

Image lazy loading exclusion

You can exclude images from the progressive lazy loading using image minimum width or height or image URL rules

Exclude inline scripts

Some Joomla extensions are adding inline scripts to your page HTML rendering. Exclude it from file group to avoid conflicts

Multilingual ready

The extension has inbuilt translation and you can create your own using the JU-Translation tool


Not sure about how to use the optimization for your Joomla website?
Additionally to the support, our team can help you with the speed up optimization of your website