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Team Chart, The Organization Chart for Joomla

Team Chart is a Joomla extension that helps you to create organization chart easily. Open a lightbox using an editor button and start drawing your organization chart. Upload member pictures, organize them, pickup a theme and insert the organization chart in your content. You can also add a working position, name and description for each person. Order and reuse existing member from a organization chart with a simple click. Stop building organization chart using HTML tables, use Team Chart to show how your team rocks!


Check the Team Chart design and theme demo


Extension price is $39,
all included, unlimited websites


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Extension ready for  
Joomla 4!

This extension has a package compatible with Joomla 4 and Joomla 3. It has been fully tested with the new and latest Joomla 4 stable version, stay updated!


Build organization chart from text editor

3 responsive organization chart themes
Open the organization chart builder from your editor or from a full width component view and upload images, add information and insert the organization chart right in your content. One click back on the icon to re-open an existing organization chart.

3 responsive organization chart themes

3 responsive themes are included and can be setup for each chart. For massive charts you have an option to enable a zoom feature and also a flat theme (without hierarchy).
3 responsive organization chart themes

Organization Chart and User Profiles Easy to Manage

Several tools make the user profile management easy like: Name, Position, Description, live image cropping.
Organization Chart and User Profiles Easy to Manage

Unlimited organization charts

The organization charts are not limited in number, plus you can create several charts on a same page, in the same editor.
Unlimited organization charts
Small or large organization chart display

Small or large organization chart display

Whether you want to display a large or small organizational charts, you can use the default responsive mode or disable it and enable a zoom feature. The +/- controls let you zoom on a specific area of the organizational chart.

Joomla organization chart plugin, live

Features in Team Chart

All Additional Features included

Unlimited charts

There's absolutely no limitation on the number of charts or users you can add

Ultra fast data edition

The plugin uses AJAX saving during organization chart edition, move a person and it's saved to instant

Content ordering

All the people are ordered in organization chart using drag'n drop, horizontal and vertical

Multilingual ready

The extension has inbuilt translation and you can create your own using the JU-Translation tool

Edit content from editor

You can edit all the organization charts data right from your editor, it couldn't be any faster

Images from Joomla

You can upload your own image or use the images from the Joomla media library

Start quickly

Install the extension, use the Joomla images, edit and put online your organization chart right away

Joomla Framework

Team Chart uses as much as possible Joomla framework. It has the double advantage of being light and compatible

Organize people

You can remove a whole organization chart but keep people and re-use the profile later

Responsive, if needed

On each table you can select the full responsive mode or the zoom mode

Change theme

3 themes are available, you can switch whenever you want

One click edition

Modifying a organization chart is very easy, click on it from your editor, then on the Team Chart icon


Compatibility and 3rd party integration's with the extension

Item Rating Module

Testimonials Module

Load Organization Charts in native Joomla custom HTML modules
Works With all Text Editors

Works With all Text Editors

All the Organization Chart content can be managed from any text editor with a dedicated button and loaded in all Joomla content areas.
Joomla CCK & Other Extensions

Joomla CCK & Other Extensions

Organization Chart can be used in all Joomla extensions that call the Joomla content plugin (the majority)

Extension language translations

Community translations included, create your own in few clicks! More information >>

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Team Chart Prices

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