WP Media Folder Gallery Addon changelog

Last update : 13 Sep 2019

Version 2.0.14

Fix Flow slide theme display improvement on frontend
Fix Slider theme display improvement on frontend

Version 2.0.13

Fix Create or open gallery popup
Fix CSS conflict on frontend

Version 2.0.12

Fix Masonry gallery not shown in jquery tab
Fix Conflict with prettyPhoto plugin

Version 2.0.11

Fix Check version requirements

Version 2.0.10

Fix Insert gallery Gutenberg block id is not correct
Fix Selected gallery when edit from classic editor
Fix Save as gallery does not apply

Version 2.0.9

Fix Change category for gallery addon block
Fix Phpcs

Version 2.0.8

Add WordPress gallery Addon Gutenberg block
Add Possibility to edit galleries from Gutenberg

Version 2.0.7

Add Requirement to check if the addon version fit the main plugin version
Fix JUUpdater login enhancement

Version 2.0.6

Fix Gallery image loaded size is not correct

Version 2.0.5

Add Add some hooks for developers
Fix Load gallery slider
Fix Conflict with lazy loading of jetpack plugin

Version 2.0.4

Add New settings UX and design
Add Possibility to search in plugin menus and settings
Add Plugin installer with quick configuration
Add Environment checker on install (PHP Version, PHP Extensions, Apache Modules)
Add System Check menu to notify of server configuration problems after install
Add Server testing before plugin activation to avoid all fatal errors

Version 2.0.3

Add Gutenberg compatible: add gallery block in Gutenberg
Add Gutenberg compatible: edit gallery from Gutenberg

Version 2.0.2

Fix Display flowslide, portfolio gallery

Version 2.0.1

Fix Enhance code readability and performance

Version 2.0.0

Fix Load gallery tree navigation on frontend
Add Social icons on images hover in galleries: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram
Add Render gallery shortcode settings
Add URL per gallery when navigate on frontend
Add Display the Edit/Remove only on mouse hover with an overlay dark transparent effect

Version 1.0.2

Fix Flow gallery fist load (no browser cache)
Fix Conflict with Image Lazy Loading feature of WP Speed Light

Version 1.0.1

Add Sortable tree for nested and up-down galleries levels
Fix Better effect on full image loading
Fix Add line break in default & material theme

Version 1.0.0

Add Create/Import galleries from the folders
Add Implement 7 gallery themes
Add Create galleries from the media manager and from a dedicated menu
Add Add tags on image to generate gallery image filtering
Add Implement folder tree for nested gallery navigation
Add Edit image information from the gallery image list
Add Initial release