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WP Latest Posts, the DIVI latest post builder

WP Latest Posts is fully integrated with the DIVI page builder. Automatically format all your posts, pages, custom post types with one of the 8 included themes. Use one of the many filters, options and design for your news in DIVI, to match your website design. Get a full preview of the block you add in your DIVI content.
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8 themes to list your latest posts in DIVI

8 themes to list your latest posts in DIVI

WP Latest Posts includes 8 inbuilt themes to list your post, pages, custom posts, in DIVI, and there are not just themes, they really change the way your post types are displayed. Each theme comes with a dedicated configuration and design setup, so you just need to focus on your content and let our DIVI news plugin do the rest.

Customize the latest posts design with the DIVI module

Each news block comes with many design options such as accent color for news content, custom icon on product hover, animation. It's just a few clicks away to make your custom post types fit your DIVI design. Finally, you can use the module to insert and preview the news block from DIVI page editor.
Customize the latest posts design with the DIVI module

DIVI latest posts block with advanced filters

When you want to filter your sources of posts, WP Latest Posts plugin has no equivalent. Filter and sort your latest posts by date, categories, popularity, random. It's also possible to include posts before, after a certain date or in a date range. Finally, you can display posts only if all conditions are matched or only include some of them in DIVI!
DIVI latest posts block with advanced filters

Latest post with image optimization

Some websites have a pretty large posts amount and require a lot of server power, so it's important to save resources. WP Latest Posts has a particular optimization on the images. It's possible to select a custom image size for the latest post block, use the post first image or the main image, select image ratio or even activate image progressive loading.
Latest post with image optimization
Load your latest news in DIVI with other methods

Load your latest news module in DIVI with various methods

Your Latest post block can be listed anywhere in page builders. This includes the WordPress classic editor, the use of shortcodes or even PHP snippets for DIVI templates, so no one is left behind!

Integrated with WordPress Multisite and multilingual websites

WP Latest Posts plugin are often used with WordPress Multisite to share source of news among multisite network. Once the multisite network is activated, you'll be able to get any content from any website of your network and then use all the latest posts power to display your content the way you want. Multilingual news from WPML or Polylang plugins can also be filtered in news blocks and then added with the DIVI module.
Integrated with WordPress Multisite and multilingual websites

The WordPress news plugin in video

All you can achieve to get a flexible news display on WordPress

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