This is the all the features that are included with WP Media Folder plugin alone. Cloud Addon and Gallery Addon features are not listed here, get to the WP Media Folder product page for more details about Addons.

Gallery from media folder

You can now create galleries from any folder exactly like in WordPress but using one of the 4 designed themes available. Each theme got several display options

Media access control

WP Media Folder has an option to limit media display and media management to user own media only or user role media only (share an access to all media that belongs to a user role).

Multiple folder per media

You can place your media in folder and sub-folder, furthermore one media can be in multiple folders. That's pretty handy to find them and reuse them without duplicate them

Ultra light

The plugin is a natural improvement that comes over the WordPress media library, and is based on WordPress custom taxonomy for files and folders. It has the double advantage of being light and compatible

Compatible & integrated

WP Media Folder is the most popular WordPress media manager enhancement so it's also the most integrated with 3rd party plugins. Using the WordPress native media library makes also the compatibility with other plugins easier

SEO Friendly

WP Media Folder has been built to be SEO Friendly with: a folder organization not to re-uploaded media again and again, automatic media renaming, thumbnail regeneration, image replace to avoid broken links

Sort your media

Sort media by name, date, size or even custom order and everything will be saved automatically. So the next time you’ll open your media manager you'll have a clean media manager

Filter your media

WP Media folder is capable of making an advanced WordPress media filtering by media weight, format, date, dimension. And again everything will be saved automatically

Custom media filters

Define your own custom media filters of weight and dimension and save them in your website. Then filters can be applied and store by user session (account)

Media library views

WP Media Folder comes with 2 themes to list your media that includes folder cover and colors. Furthermore, 3 admin media views: list (compact), small thumbnails, big thumbnails

Remote videos

From your usual WordPress media library you can load and manage Youtube videos among your media, so a video can be added, modified, re-used in your WordPress content.

Media automatic renaming

WP Media Folder has up to 20 different options to rename your media automatically on upload. It has the double advantage to be SEO friendly and to make them easier to find

Gutenberg Editor

Here, we use Gutenberg a lot. WP Media Folder comes with 2 blocks for galleries, cloud media connector that works with all Gutenberg blocs and of course all the media folder system integration

Image preview

WordPress is generating squared thumbnail as preview in your media library. With WP Media Folder you can use mouse hover to have a large preview of your images and identify them faster

GIF Images

WordPress does not handles animated GIF images properly, generating static images. With WP Media Folder you can insert animated GIF and choose to play them automatically

Multiple media deletion

WP Media Folder gives the option to delete a complete folder, sub-folders and media in a single click OR you can play safe and disallow that action, that's up to you!

Frontend loading

If you're using a page builder with frontend edition, you can choose to load WP Media Folder scripts, otherwise, do not loading them will bring a notable performance enhancement

Galleries configuration

You can configure all your default gallery settings for all 4 themes available. So when you create a new gallery, everything will be already setup!

Watermark options

The watermark feature is very complete and comes with options select the watermark position, the relative size, margins, to apply only on specific image size or folder selection

Server folder sync option

The server folder synchronization comes options define the synchronization delay, synchronization way (one or 2 way), and the exact server folder <> WordPress media folder match

Folder import

Importing a folder of media have never been that easy, you just need to browse your server, select a folder and all media and folder structure will be imported to your Wordpress website!

Media access options

The media access limitation comes with options to automatically define a root folder for each user and option to allow the media upload in 3rd party user folders

Regenerate thumbnails

On image upload, WordPress generate image thumbnail for responsive and design purpose. In case of migration or watermark insertion, you can use our tool to regenerate them

Image compression

WP Media Folder is fully integrated with ImageRecycle image compression service (and also works with others) to serve light images as fast as possible

Media search

As an option you can search through all media or just by folder ie. the folder your currently navigating in

Replace media

Select a media, click on replace and voila! You have a security to replace only media of the same type (jpg to jpg, png to png,…) so links to media will remain the same

Duplicate media

You can duplicate any media. It’s very handy when you want to make some modifications on a media while preserving the original one.

System check & stability

WP Media Folder check your server system on install to see what feature may not be working perfectly and we're running more than 1000 automated and manual tests for each new version

Developer support

Our support team have 2 levels support for each extension. All the technical request are handled by the plugin developer himself. And you got an advanced developer documentation available

Plugin translation

Several plugin language are already available, done by our team or our user community. We're using a translation tool to translate and share all translations from WordPress admin

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