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WP Media Folder changelog

Last update : 23 Apr 2024
Compatible with the latest Wordpress version and Stable release: 6.5.2

Version 5.8.4

Add Support align full option for the WP Media Folder gallery Gutenberg block
Fix Upload folder to cloud
Fix Filter media by trash
Fix JQuery select2 conflict
Fix Support {parent_folder} tag when rename file

Version 5.8.3

Fix Gallery option in Divi builder
Fix Lazyload gallery image does not work with WP Rocket
Fix Rename file with timestamp option

Version 5.8.2

Fix Upload folder to Amazon S3
Fix Folder permissions when using media access by user

Version 5.8.1

Fix Export & import media folder
Fix Custom link and target of image in WP Media Folder gallery
Fix Duplicate image when use sync server folder

Version 5.8.0

Add Default featured image option for new post

Version 5.7.4

Fix Export selection folder and media
Fix Override file when upload file (use physical folder)

Version 5.7.3

Fix Security: added current_user_can() to some functions to check authorization

Version 5.7.2

Fix Media library doesn't show images in some cases

Version 5.7.1

Fix Some image type not show after filter

Version 5.7.0

Add Possibility to select several filter at a time.
Add Display the applied filters
Add Enhance user interface of filter system

Version 5.6.4

Fix File count on folder tree after create remote video and duplicate file
Fix Download single Google Sheet file

Version 5.6.3

Add Import media and folders from HappyFiles plugin

Version 5.6.2

Add Pdf embed in Gutenberg editor improvement
Add Aspect ratio option in gallery default, slider, portfolio theme
Add Remote video improvement with new video format

Version 5.6.1

Fix Gallery lightbox conflict with lightbox of Enfold theme
Fix Gallery masonry conflict with Divi modal & Smush lazyload
Fix Error PHP when sync server folder

Version 5.6.0

Add Download a folder in the media library using right click
Add Folder bulk selet and remove in folder tree
Add New uploader styling and notifications
Add Media download button in block editor improvement
Fix Single file download style
Fix Update new placeholder image for page builder and classic editor
Fix Gallery masonry column on mobile

Version 5.5.13

Fix Missing accented characters in title when adding remote video
Fix Load gallery in divi tabs

Version 5.5.12

Add Compatibility with WP Media Folder cloud addon version 3.7 - NextCloud integration
Fix Duplicate queue
Fix Sync from media library to FTP

Version 5.5.11

Fix Server folder sync: remove a file from the web server folder when it's deleted from the media library
Fix Support all file types in the media download module of Divi builder
Fix Render thumbnail on import and sync
Fix Display gallery video

Version 5.5.10

Fix Media access issue
Fix Vertical scrollbar in folder tree

Version 5.5.9

Fix Support all file types in File Design feature

Version 5.5.8

Add Support WP Media Folder gallery addon v2.5

Version 5.5.7

Fix Media access with multiple user roles
Fix Some PHP warnings

Version 5.5.6

Fix Gallery lightbox

Version 5.5.5

Fix Show image on gallery with WPML
Fix Adding a remote video in post/page
Fix Missing replace button when open image from media library in list view
Fix Gallery video lightbox

Version 5.5.4

Fix Folder permissions
Fix Compatible with Elementor latest
Fix Counter in gallery lightbox

Version 5.5.3

Fix Auto update plugin

Version 5.5.2

Fix Auto update plugin
Fix Conflict style witn Easy Digital Downloads plugin
Fix Gallery image not showing when enable media access and logged with custom user role

Version 5.5.1

Fix Gallery preview does not work on Divi builder
Fix PHP fatal error at install wizard in some cases

Version 5.5.0

Add Possibility to upload a folder on media library
Add Import media and folders from WP Real media library, Filebird, Folders, Media library plus plugin
Fix Wrong video title when adding a remote Youtube video
Fix Load gallery on Elementor tab
Fix Preview image on Media Library modal view
Fix Counter on gallery slider lightbox

Version 5.4.8

Add Compatibility with WP Media Folder cloud addon version 3.6.2 - Google Cloud integration
Fix List users on folder permission settings
Fix Conflict with Forminator plugin

Version 5.4.7

Add Inherit option in the folder permissions settings
Fix Open gallery in accordion on panel

Version 5.4.6

Add Compatibility with WP Media Folder cloud addon version 3.6.1 - Linode integration
Fix Divi builder module warning on PHP 8

Version 5.4.5

Add Compatibility with WP Media Folder cloud addon version 3.6

Version 5.4.4

Fix Gallery lightbox conflict with Elementor
Fix Conflict Select2 jQuery
Fix PDF embed height on Divi & Bakery builder
Fix Image hover preview position

Version 5.4.3

Fix Image hover preview position on media library grid view
Fix WP Media Folder not work in MailPoet field
Fix Upload remote Vimeo video
Fix Gallery lightbox

Version 5.4.2

Fix Select2 jQuery error js

Version 5.4.1

Fix PHP error on frontend in some case

Version 5.4.0

Add Folder access limitation by user: view and make action on it (view, add media, remove media, move media)
Add Folder access limitation by user role: view and make action on it (view, add media, remove media, move media)
Fix Missing alt tag for images in slider gallery

Version 5.3.26

Fix Save Dropbox settings

Version 5.3.25

Add Support {folderslug} pattern for media rename

Version 5.3.24

Add Hook to enable download button on gallery image
Fix Scroll folder tree not show in firefox on Mac
Fix Right to left style
Fix Adding new media in media-new.php page

Version 5.3.23

Fix Sync server folder
Fix Gallery Youtube lightbox

Version 5.3.22

Add Generate thumbnail option for cloud image
Add Improve NextGEN galleries importer
Fix Custom order file not work when Smush plugin active
Fix Load slider theme
Fix Gallery settings tooltip
Fix Add loader for cloud image
Fix Slow site when have many galleries on builder
Fix Watermark render

Version 5.3.21

Fix Amazon S3 tooltip info don't show on Media Library
Fix Embed pdf from cloud
Fix Import FTP with Japanese language
Fix Open PDF from gallery

Version 5.3.20

Fix PHP warnings on WordPress 5.8
Fix Missing translation strings

Version 5.3.19

Fix Conflict with WPBakery Page Builder on WordPress 5.8
Fix Breadcrumb hidden on popup view
Fix Duplicate root folder when enable media access
Fix Clear filter on media library
Fix filter not keep on media library
Fix Watermark not appy on upload new image

Version 5.3.18

Fix PHP fatal error on Wordpress multisite

Version 5.3.17

Fix Translation not work when setup language by user profile
Fix Move the files on mobile

Version 5.3.16

Fix Remove some jQuery deprecated functions
Fix PHP error on Avada builder
Fix Export folder
Fix Add remote video from Vimeo, Dailymotion
Fix Include images from subfolder in Bakery builder gallery

Version 5.3.15

Fix Gallery lightbox on default theme
Fix Gallery display on Elementor

Version 5.3.14

Fix Load gallery on Betheme
Fix Upload svg file

Version 5.3.13

Fix Error 'String empty' when sharing translation in some cases

Version 5.3.12

Fix Update requirements

Version 5.3.11

Add Update to using global background tasks manager

Version 5.3.10

Fix Fatal PHP error: Class 'WpmfAvadaGalleryClass' not found

Version 5.3.9

Add WP Media Folder gallery module for Avada page builder
Add WP Media Folder media download module for Avada page builder
Add WP Media Folder PDF embed module for Avada page builder
Fix Remote Vimeo video
Fix Gallery slider style conflict

Version 5.3.8

Add WP Media Folder gallery module for WPBakery page builder
Add WP Media Folder media download module for WPBakery page builder
Add WP Media Folder PDF embed module for WPBakery page builder

Version 5.3.7

Add WP Media Folder gallery module for Divi page builder
Add WP Media Folder media download module for Divi page builder
Add WP Media Folder PDF embed module for Divi page builder
Add Single media download options: border, icon, margin, padding
Fix Get count the files of a folder

Version 5.3.6

Fix Conflict css with PDF Embeder plugin
Fix Hide clear queue, stop queue button if not queue running

Version 5.3.5

Fix Infinite looping of admin-ajax.php calls
Fix Move existing physical media on large site

Version 5.3.4

Add Compatibility with automatic cloud connection

Version 5.3.3

Fix Sync and import wrong folder name
Fix Missing message on queue listing

Version 5.3.2

Add WP Media Folder gallery widget for Elementor page builder
Add WP Media Folder file download widget for Elementor page builder
Add WP Media Folder PDF embed widget for Elementor page builder
Add Add copyright character to settings of rename file
Fix Search folders
Fix Gallery custom link click open two tabs

Version 5.3.1

Fix Disable option status menu bar by default

Version 5.3.0

Add Physical folders: transform WordPress media folders into real folders
Add Physical folders: allow filename edition of WordPress media
Add Background file synchronizer for physical media and folders
Add Background file synchronizer for cloud files (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive)
Add Implement server folder synchronization feature in background task
Add Implement server folder import feature in background task
Add Setup background file synchronizer priority to save resources
Add Option to display file synchronization queue in the Wordpress top bar

Version 5.2.5

Add Option to download media from the media manager using a right click
Add Gallery from folder compatibility with with Gutenberg tabs block
Add Gallery from folder compatibility with with Gutenberg Ultimate Blocks
Add Gallery from folder compatibility with with Gutenberg Kadence Blocks
Fix Export media folders to local drive
Fix Settings help tooltips not shown on mouse hover
Fix Enbed in your content a PDF from Dropbox

Version 5.2.4

Fix JoomUnited Updater compatible with WordPress 5.5

Version 5.2.3

Fix Right click on media and folder not work when use Elementor
Fix Open Youtube video on gallery lightbox

Version 5.2.2

Add Detect and reload the media manager to detect changes in DIVI modules
Add Detect and reload the media manager to detect changes in Elementor content elements
Fix Move file in list view

Version 5.2.1

Fix Gallery order not correct
Fix Unable to access the dashboard of WP multisite
Fix Open context menu on bottom folder
Fix Wrong media count in folder after using media selection folders

Version 5.2.0

Add New UX design
Add Import categories from Enhanced Media Library plugin
Add Option to enable or disable folders on right part
Add Filter button to show the files in a folder and its subfolder
Add Remove classic design theme
Add Quick button to display all files without subfolders
Add Improve media sort and filtering
Add Option to search media in its folder and subfolders

Version 5.1.4

Fix Change default filter to date on Media library
Fix Conflict with FlexSlider gallery of Elementor

Version 5.1.3

Add Add include children option in gallery from folder shortcode
Add Upload single file and multiple files from media library to s3
Fix Hide environment notification when user click dismiss
Fix Check load pdf embed with elementor
Fix Open lightbox on click cloud image gallery

Version 5.1.2

Fix Display both title and caption of image on portfolio and slider gallery
Fix PDF embed not working on elementor builder
Fix Add remote private vimeo video

Version 5.1.1

Add Add an option to search media in a folder and its subfolders
Fix Frontend css not loaded correctly on plugin activation

Version 5.1.0

Add Import Export WordPress Media library with media
Add Import Export WordPress Media folder structure only
Add Import Export WordPress Media folder selection
Add Import IPTC/metadata on upload, import and synchronization
Add Add a filter to display all media from the media library
Add Create a helper.php for developers and webdesigners
Fix Saved into a cookie to display the same filters if the page is reloaded
Fix Load gallery slider one column on front end
Fix Load PDF embed

Version 5.0.1

Add PDF embed without the pagination
Add Possibility to connect Google shared drive using a G Suite account

Version 5.0.0

Add Server folder synchonization: run syncho on file update
Add Server folder synchonization filter by file type
Add Watermark margin unit can be dined in px or %
Add Watermark image opacity option
Add Watermark image margin option
Add Gutenberg block preview images
Fix File importer window style
Fix PDF embed not loaded properly using the classic editor

Version 4.9.10

Add Google Photos settings ready (related to plugin Addon)
Fix Change style of media tree selection

Version 4.9.9

Fix Translation sharing issue in some browsers

Version 4.9.8

Fix Import server folder
Fix WordPress gallery slider lightbox display
Fix Edit inline CSS for WordPress gallery styling

Version 4.9.7

Fix Import server folder: file not created
Fix Get media count in folders with WPML plugin
Fix Load gallery when switch tabs and slider style

Version 4.9.6

Fix Remote video cannot be fetched
Fix Masonry gallery not working with WP smush lazyloading

Version 4.9.5

Fix Auto play on gallery slider theme
Fix Style on for WordPress RC 5.3
Fix Import media feature: size & filetype
Fix Import server folder speed

Version 4.9.4

Fix Gallery style
Fix Reload attachments after upload
Fix Resize folder tree

Version 4.9.3

Fix Responsive behaviour for WorDPress default gallery style
Fix FTP synchronization and server media import
Fix Folder cover not applied on folders

Version 4.9.2

Fix Default gallery settings not applied automatically on creation
Fix Custom link on image gallery
Fix Preview portfolio theme in backend is missing some margin

Version 4.9.1

Fix Php warning on customize.php page
Fix Add custom link option for gallery in classic editor

Version 4.9.0

Add Display and copy folder ID with a right click (to call a gallery)
Add New gallery block option: border, radius, margin, shadow
Add Create a gallery from folder in Gutenberg
Add Gallery shortcode generator to include Wordpress gallery everywhere
Fix Replace file

Version 4.8.10

Fix Gallery lightbox is missing title
Fix Synchronization with server folder

Version 4.8.9

Fix Load popup corresponding to picture on portfolio
Fix Better way to click on slider arrow gallery theme

Version 4.8.8

Add Gallery navigation load video and plays it
Add Load video thumbnail sizes and include srcset in galleries
Fix Get media file type
Fix Warning php in subpage of upload.php page
Fix Import FTP and server folder sync

Version 4.8.7

Add Automatic synchronization for cloud media
Fix Change background color for OneDrive folder

Version 4.8.6

Fix Wrong folder structure when using WPML plugin
Fix Sync from FTP to WordPress media
Fix Replace png image with transparent background
Fix Get count file with WPML plugin

Version 4.8.5

Fix Jutranslation url

Version 4.8.4

Fix JU Updater process
Fix Watermark makes a black background instead of transparent
Fix Quality on .png image replace feature
Fix Get count attachment in folder and exclude trash attachment

Version 4.8.3

Fix Only load juupdater from admin
Fix Conflict between sync S3 and regenerate thumbnail
Fix Lightbox not working on slider theme

Version 4.8.2

Fix No gallery options
Fix Wrong file quality used after replacing file

Version 4.8.1

Fix Enhance requirements tests
Fix Can't edit gallery with elementor plugin

Version 4.8.0

Add Implement OneDrive Business connection settings with link types
Add Replace Gutenberg cloud blocks by native media library integration
Add Integrate Google Drive media in WordPress media library folder tree
Add Integrate Dropbox media in WordPress media library folder tree
Add Integrate OneDrive & OneDrive Business media in WordPress media library folder tree
Add Run full synchronization on right click
Add Remove data option when uninstall the plugin
Fix Get count file in folder with WPML plugin
Fix Conflict with prettyPhoto plugin

Version 4.7.12

Fix PDF embed that contains hyperlink
Fix Remove preview image when reload attachment
Fix Replace PNG image
Fix Remove watermark from images

Version 4.7.11

Fix Check version requirements

Version 4.7.10

Fix Save plugin settings
Fix Load gallery on frontend
Fix Gallery slider auto play feature
Fix Watermark does not apply on original size images
Fix Snackbar always displayed when deleting a folder with its media

Version 4.7.9

Fix Security patch for file replace feature

Version 4.7.8

Fix Autoplay slider gallery theme
Fix Add media folder block category
Fix Remove folder along with its media

Version 4.7.7

Add Addon, Amazon S3 support: copy and load media from Amazon S3
Add Addon, Offload your media on Amazon S3
Add Addon Amazon S3: automatic and manual synchronization
Add Addon, retrieve media links and files from Amazon S3
Add Addon, create and manage S3 buckets

Version 4.7.6

Add Embed PDF Gutenberg block
Add Embed file with button style in Gutenberg
Fix Save filters to cookie to reload filters among navigation

Version 4.7.5

Fix WPMF Addon requirement version

Version 4.7.4

Add WordPress gallery Gutenberg block
Add WordPress gallery Addon Gutenberg block
Add Possibility to edit galleries from Gutenberg
Add Add images transition on lightbox
Add Use masonry to display gallery on Gutenberg admin side

Version 4.7.3

Add Requirement to check if the addon version fit the main plugin version
Add Option to display caption on lightbox
Fix JUUpdater login enhancement

Version 4.7.2

Fix Gallery image size loaded is not correct
Fix Replace PDF file by an image thumbnail

Version 4.7.1

Fix Conflict with editor style
Fix Upload a remote Youtube video
Fix Date filter not displayed on ImageRecycle page
Fix Update lightbox size of single image
Fix Conflict with the Jetpack image lazy loading

Version 4.7.0

Add New settings UX and design
Add Possibility to search in plugin menus and settings
Add Plugin installer with quick configuration
Add Environment checker on install (PHP Version, PHP Extensions, Apache Modules)
Add System Check menu to notify of server configuration problems after install
Add Server testing before plugin activation to avoid all fatal errors

Version 4.6.0

Add Exclude some folder from the Watermark process
Add Compatibility with Gutenberg editor
Fix Import FTP & sync media

Version 4.5.9

Fix Delete folder
Fix Import Nextgen gallery
Fix Save theme and plugin file
Fix Import category button

Version 4.5.8

Add Add actions and filters for developers

Version 4.5.7

Fix Deleting folder with its media
Fix Duplicate attachment
Fix Load google font on IE browser

Version 4.5.6

Fix Move media with WPML plugin (compatibility)
Fix Upload the files when enable media access by user
Fix Login to JUupdater for plugin update

Version 4.5.5

Fix Duplicate file when import and sync

Version 4.5.4

Fix Enhance code readability and performance

Version 4.5.3

Add Enable/disable remote video feature
Add Option to enable/disable format media title
Add Shortcode generator for Gallery Addon: Load images by gallery, tag and all options
Fix Remove a folder with its media
Fix Count files in folder tree

Version 4.5.2

Fix Notification display success on video upload
Fix Display .svg file in content
Fix Conflict with elementor, clientside plugin
Fix Preview image when uploading

Version 4.5.1

Fix Sync from FTP to media library
Fix Remove the right click edit button on the popup view
Fix Compability with WPML plugin
Fix Folder not displayed after reload attachment in modal view
Fix Change lists plugin updater

Version 4.5.0

Add Handle animated GIF in the media manager with option to load it in content
Add Vimeo video and Dailymotion video support in the media manager
Add Display the folder name on the upload view
Add Regenerate images thumbnail from the latest uploaded
Add Watermark: Image scaling and image margins
Fix Gallery conflict with lazy loading of WP Speed of Light plugin
Fix Conflict: Saving PHP file themes not working

Version 4.4.3

Fix Conflict with WP Smush, Enhanced Media Library plugin
Fix Create gallery from folder
Fix Filters hidden

Version 4.4.2

Add Settings for the new gallery plugin ADDON
Add Reload button to handle some page builder content refresh
Fix Open context menu when attachment is empty
Fix Drag media to folder tree in list view

Version 4.4.1

Fix Media window is not loaded (modal)
Fix Align controls in settings, improve layout in settings
Fix Change settings text, add help text

Version 4.4.0

Add New admin design, Google Drive grid like
Add Implement right click manu and actions for folders and media
Add Store Open/Close folder status (folder tree)
Add Search bar on top of the folder tree to filter folder only
Add Custom ordering inplementation for folders and media (global, not by user)
Add Fallback to legacy design accessible though a new setting
Add Move folders from folder tree
Add Rename folders from folder tree (double click)

Version 4.3.6

Fix rename file when upload
Fix import & sync
Fix move file

Version 4.3.5

Fix Replace file failed in some case
Fix Conflict with Envira Gallery, Easing Slider plugins
Fix Sort image with auto update gallery

Version 4.3.4

Fix Auto update image to gallery
Fix Import folders including special characters in name
Fix Duplicate media, replace, media folder selection button with next and prev media items

Version 4.3.3

Fix Apply status filter
Fix Conflict with post filters

Version 4.3.2

Fix Move multiple files in list view
Fix Media Folder in modal view not loaded properly
Fix Right to left style

Version 4.3.1

Fix Import and Synchronization feature folder selection
Fix Translation tool (JU Translation)
Fix Conflict with WP Smush, ImageRecycle, Master Slider plugin
Fix JS Error on folder tree resizing

Version 4.3.0

Add Full code rewriting to enhance plugin performance
Add Implement progressive loading in every folder from post edition media lightbox
Add New resizable folder tree
Add Rewrite media filtering system based on a dropdown lists

Version 4.2.8

Fix Create folder by user/role

Version 4.2.7

Fix Prohibit direct script loading
Fix Remove some unused code
Fix Change filename for some class file

Version 4.2.6

Fix WPMF gallery conflict with DIVI builder gallery
Fix Encoding issue when embeded a pdf

Version 4.2.5

Fix Overflow width in the plugin settings
Fix Update dimensions when replacing an image

Version 4.2.4

Fix Escaping of already secured datas
Fix Update compatibility with old addon versions

Version 4.2.3

Add Microsoft OneDrive settings and comaptibility (addon)
Fix Conflict with Enhanced Media Library plugin
Fix File replacement .svg and .html formats
Fix Upload a remote video

Version 4.2.2

Fix XSS issue when hover image
Fix Add video in lightbox
Fix Check user permissions for AJAX requests

Version 4.2.1

Fix Update the updater for WordPress 4.8

Version 4.2.0

Add Possibility to add a remote Youtube video among other media
Add Apply image watermark to the library and on media upload
Add Option to remove additional characters in the rename feature
Add User media access restriction activated: Select a media root folder

Version 4.1.4

Fix Upload slow down when WPML plugin is active

Version 4.1.3

Fix Media automatic rename
Fix Conflict with Enhanced Media Library plugin
Fix Query attachment
Fix Import from server folders

Version 4.1.2

Fix Display all files in the root folder in list view
Fix Error of synchronization
Fix Missing translation strings
Fix Wrong path when site install is in a subdirectory

Version 4.1.1

Fix Media not shown when not affected to a folder
Fix PHP warning in grid view

Version 4.1.0

Add 2 ways synchronization: From server to Media Folder and From Media Folder to server
Add Apply multiple folders per media
Add Batch apply multiple folders per media
Add Avanced rename on upload: remove/add special characters, control capitalization

Version 4.0.2

Fix Use default en_US language
Fix Allow saving an empty translation override file

Version 4.0.1

Fix Folder tree style fix whith long titles
Fix Hover effect with very small image height or long titles

Version 4.0.0

Add New material design interface
Add Notification system on media actions: upload, remove, rename, move, replace, apply filter
Add Undo last action from notification when: delete folder, edit folder, move folder, move file, filter
Add Load medium image size on mouse hover as an option
Add New media replace tool with intant refresh and thumbnail generation
Add Extensible folder tree using CSS
Add All settings now use material design

Version 3.8.7

Fix SVG format error on regenerate thumbnail
Fix Style right to left
Fix FTP import & sync not work when rename the wp-content folder

Version 3.8.6

Fix Media rename don't apply
Fix Replace PNG file keep transparency background
Fix Auto insert image in folder feature

Version 3.8.5

Fix SQL get count post
Fix Undefined function get_userdata error

Version 3.8.4

Fix Import meta size and file type on large image
Fix Some folder not displayed in tree folder
Fix Duplicate folder when double click on the folder tree

Version 3.8.3

Fix Compatibility with WordPress theme customizer
Fix Open PDF file new window

Version 3.8.2

Fix User permissions not correctly checked

Version 3.8.1

Add Add cloud configuration documentation link in settings
Fix JoomUnited updater compatible with new WordPress 4.6 shiny updates

Version 3.8.0

Add Embed pdf from media library option
Add Add settings to connect Google Drive and Dropbox (for the addon)
Fix Speed optimization
Fix Duplicate replace button when saving parameters

Version 3.7.0

Add ImageRecycle Image compression integration in parameters
Add Lightbox on single image, as an option
Add Display the direct number files in a folder
Fix Conflict with CFS image plugin (Custom Field Suite)

Version 3.6.0

Add Option to disable by default the JS called on frontend (for frontend page builders)
Add Whole code optimization regarding plugin performance
Add SQL query optimization regarding plugin performance
Add Sanitize all elements prints on frontend (XSS)
Add Update folder and tree design
Fix Drag and drop when edit multiple selection
Fix Button insert link not working on some specific configuration
Fix Masonry gallery display on small screen size
Fix Duplicate folder when using an access restriction by user role

Version 3.5.6

Fix Conflict with Autoptimize plugin
Fix Display folder tree in custom media frame
Fix Load script in page table on multiple site

Version 3.5.5

Fix Clean CSS & JS on frontend
Fix CSS layout when filter and ordering feature is disabled
Fix Display folder per user
Fix Server folder import with uppercase file extension

Version 3.5.4

Add Setting Animation for slider gallery
Fix Compatiblility with Cornerstone plugin
Fix Install / blank white screen

Version 3.5.3

Add Load jQuery on frontend to be conpatible with public side edition plugins
Add Compatiblity with WP Sweep plugin
Add Make WPMF work with all plugins that use Media Library in front-end

Version 3.5.2

Add Make media folder work with svg images
Fix Display limitation of post and folder by user role
Fix Remove filter wp_generate_attachment_metadata when regenerate thumbnail

Version 3.5.1

Fix fix FTP Import doesn't show directories

Version 3.5.0

Add Media access: limit access by user role (a folder per user role)
Add Possibility to duplicate a media
Add Possibility drag'n drop a media in the current folder from desktop
Add Possibility to replace all file types, not just images (zip, pdf...)
Add Compatibility/work with with ACF
Add Compatibility/work with Beaver builder
Add Compatibility/work with Site Origine page builder
Add Compatibility/work with Themify builder
Add Compatibility/work with Live composer page builder
Fix fix sync media and import ftp with file name has special characters
Fix compatibility with Beaver Builder , Live composer page builder ...
Fix replace other file than image

Version 3.4.2

Fix Fix image conflict style with YoImages plugin
Fix unbind click when drag folder
Fix update langguages

Version 3.4.1

Fix Fix image replacer

Version 3.4.0

Add Regenerate thumbnails tool in parameters
Add Add process bar when use FTP import, allow massive import
Add Sync external media
Add Sort images by title and date in gallery
Add DIVI builder compatibility
Fix Remove css background for image replacement

Version 3.3.6

Fix FTP import
Fix Folder stay opened when called from multiple media views

Version 3.3.5

Fix Update file size when file replace is complete
Fix Portfolio theme JS wrong calculation when resizing the screen

Version 3.3.4

Fix conflict with RokSprocket plugin
Fix conflict with WP Table Manager plugin

Version 3.3.3

Fix fix error when active plugin on multisite
Fix fix conflict with Gleam theme
Fix fix conflict with retina 2x plugin

Version 3.3.1

Fix Update filter layout to fit new WP 4.4 admin CSS
Fix Portfolio gallery style is not loading proper thumbnail size
Fix Clean CSS & JS from portfolio gallery theme
Fix Update Material-Design-Iconic-Font
Fix Use current_user_can to check user rights for importer from FTP

Version 3.3.0

Add Rename file on upload with a pattern
Add Remove a folder with all it's media inside (as an option)
Fix File insertion, remove file on clicking on the cross
Fix Gallery lightbox going to top of the screen

Version 3.2.0

Add Search option to search in current folder or in the whole media library
Add Possibility to setup an image as folder cover
Fix .pot laguage file for translators

Version 3.1.0

Fix Single file insertion design

Version 3.0.7

Fix AJAX automatic reload
Fix Get url lightbox not work
Fix Register taxonomy in back-end and front-end

Version 3.0.6

Add Include the automatic updater

Version 3.0.5

Add New file type in import tool
Add Defined( 'ABSPATH' ) || die( 'No direct script access allowed!' );
Fix Remove file github=checked.php
Fix Warning and get role
Fix Change general settings title

Version 3.0.4

Add New file type in import tool
Add Search attachment on all folders function
Fix Same variable name
Fix Optimize code when active plugin

Version 3.0.3

Fix duplicate #jao
Fix js conflict with wp-table-manager plugin

Version 3.0.2

Fix .js error when adding media into post

Version 3.0.1

Add WordPress 4.3 compatibility
Add Compatibility with plugin with WPML plugin
Fix Slider @ single column don't load the good image size
Fix Image disappear when using the bulk select
Fix Upload file to folder in list view
Fix Check page when using move_file

Version 3.0.0

Add Import media and folder structure from folder/sub-folder from your server
Add Style settings in 4 tabs
Fix Image size not selected properly in masonry theme
Fix Single Jquery load
Fix Style gallery conflict with WPML plugin
Fix Set 'wpmf-category' is default

Version 2.4.1

Fix Error script and performance
Fix Auto insert gallery from folder
Fix Update title when replace image
Fix Auto insert gallery from folder
Fix Style in screen ipad
Fix Import nextgen gallery

Version 2.4.0

Add Possibility to override a media with another one (replace media)
Fix Move a parent folder into one of its subfolders
Fix Change name $_SESSION['child'] to $_SESSION['wpmf_child']
Fix Conflict style with Advanced Custom Fields plugin

Version 2.3.0

Add Possibility to drag'n drop media in left column folder tree
Fix Style broken in right to left language
Fix Enqueue style gallery when the gallery is not empty
Fix Change image on hover
Fix Error in the french file

Version 2.2.0

Add Media filtering by image dimension
Add Filtering by media type (zip, image, pdf,...)
Add Media filtering by media weight
Add Define custom weight and dimension to be applied in media filtering
Add Small and large view of media
Add Sorting folders by name and ID
Add Sorting media by date
Add Sorting media by title
Add Sorting media by size
Add Sorting media by file type
Add Save user sorting and ordering using cookies
Add Possibility to disable the feature
Add Spanish and German languages

Version 2.1.0

Add Localization standard files (English and french included)

Version 2.0.0

Add Own media display restriction
Add Admin option to filter own media with session
Fix Firefox display
Fix Default gallery theme broken in some themes
Fix Alert display when create same folder with same name

Version 1.3.1

Add Use backbone js to create progress bar when upload attachment
Fix Style conflict with enhanced media library pro
Fix Error : images after upload vanished
Fix JS conflict MailPoet Plugin
Fix Reset query when delete folder
Fix Support right to left language
Fix Use $wpdb->prefix.'table_name' instead use wp_ prefix
Fix Sanitize sql function
Fix Slider theme disappear when select size = 'large' or 'fullsize'

Version 1.3.0

Add NextGEN gallery importer
Add Change config text and add NextGEN sync button

Version 1.2.1

Add Possibility to disable gallery feature
Add Use svg icon for button next and prev
Fix Theme conflict WP Latest Posts plugin
Fix Random order selected by default
Fix Custom link in gallery broken
Fix Custom _blank link in portfolio gallery
Fix When lightbox open , double click to load next/previous image in portfolio theme
Fix Random order is broken when active Advanced Custom Fields plugin
Fix Auto insert image from folder in Page

Version 1.2.0

Add Gallery function: masonry
Add Gallery function: portfolio
Add Gallery function: slider
Add Override default WordPress gallery function with new parameters and lightbox
Add Parameter view for custom image size choice
Add Parameter for gallery display

Version 1.1.3

Fix WordPress 4.2 compatibility, in some case only folders are loaded, not images

Version 1.1.2

Fix Progress bar disappear on image upload
Fix Date filter disappear in the media popup from an article

Version 1.1.1

Add JS and CSS compatibility with theme builder

Version 1.1.0

Add Folder tree on left part

Version 1.0.3 to 1.0.4

Fix JS error and style

Version 1.0.2

Add Custom taxonomy for folder
Add Import post into new categories
Fix JS error on post page which are not articles or posts or pages

Version 1.0.1

Fix Fix backend display, the folder are going over media parameters

Version 1.0.0

Add Initial release version