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How to create a WordPress gallery with OneDrive media


Creating galleries with media hosted in OneDrive is now possible thanks to WP Media Folder and its galleries features as it allows to integrate our WordPress media library with OneDrive.

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How to connect WordPress with NextCloud media


WordPress Media Library and Nextcloud connected to provide you with more storage, the power of NextCloud and in the easiest way.

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Setup a document search engine with full search text in WordPress


When we have a file repository to offer to our users, it could be too difficult for them or us to find a specific file or document, that's why WP File Download offers a powerful Search Engine with Plain Text search that will allow us to find a document using the title or the content inside of it.

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How to load your WordPress latest posts in Avada theme


Showing our latest posts using a widget is one of the best ways to allow our users to see what's new in our site and if we can mix it with 
the Avada theme that has a powerful builder, we could get the max of it!

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How to manage tables with a plugin in the WordPress block editor


Managing tables in the WordPress block editor sounds like a tool too difficult to find as it will make the work of finding a table effortless to show it on the page front but it won't be an issue anymore! As WP Table Manager is here to make things easier

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2023 Summer Sale: 30% OFF On All Memberships!

2023 Summer Sale: 30% OFF On All Memberships!

 We are happy to announce our special 2023 summer sale

Get a 30% OFF coupon, available for a week, from 26 June 2022 to 3 July 2023 : JU-SUMMER

This coupon is available for:

  • All memberships
  • Bundles
  • Renewals

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How to load your WordPress latest posts in WPBakery


Showing a blog page with our latest posts is the best way to keep informed our users about our news but using the WordPress default Blog could don't give us enough control over what to show this is why WP Latest Posts is a perfect using when using a page Builder like WPBakery.

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How to import and synchronize CSV files as WordPress tables


Importing CSV files into WordPress tables has never been as easy as now with WP Table Manager, as it will allow you to sync and import a file with just a few clicks.

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How to create a photography website with WordPress and WP Media Folder


WP Media Folder is the best plugin to organize our Media Library as well as create galleries but, in the past, it used to miss essential features that photographers could use for their projects like sharing with clients, protecting, as well as allow the download but that's not an issue anymore! In this post, we will introduce the new Photography Addon.

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How to design a DIVI blog using WP Latest Posts plugin and widget


With the DIVI builder, we can design excellent websites and it is a really easy-to-use page builder, it has features for almost everything! But sometimes we need help from extra components, such as creating an excellent Blog page, and WP Latest Post with DIVI will allow us to do that.

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