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Speed Cache changelog

Last update : 23 Oct 2023

Version 3.1.5

Add Joomla 5 support

Version 3.1.4

Fix Clear cache button in SpeedCache dashboard

Version 3.1.3

Fix Browser cache issue on macOS
Fix Clear cache when saving article with JoomSef enabled

Version 3.1.2

Fix Browser cache issue on iOS
Fix Share translation file error on J4

Version 3.1.1

Fix Page cache creation for URL in sitemap

Version 3.1.0

Add Cache preloading based on sitemap
Add Automatically preload cache from the home page

Version 3.0.4

Fix Wrong cache page when group JS

Version 3.0.3

Fix Clear cache URL on content save

Version 3.0.2

Fix Duplicate md5 hash

Version 3.0.1

Fix Javascript error when excluding URL from grouping optimization
Fix Error when saving menu on Joomla v4

Version 3.0.0

Add URL exclusion from file group and minify
Add Option to hide admin clear cache button
Add Possibility to disable optimizations per Joomla user group
Add Regenerate specific URL cache on content save
Add Regenerate specific URL cache with Yootheme Pro
Add Replace the advanced file exclusion by Textarea URL list block
Add Group and minify feature with the new method respecting script order

Version 2.9.8

Fix Error when saving a menu item

Version 2.9.7

Fix Fatal error on Joomla configuration page

Version 2.9.6

Add Joomla 4 compatibility

Version 2.9.5

Add Add compatibility with 4SEO extension from
Add Add hook to deactivate caching programmatically
Add Use data-speed-no-transform attribute to skip element optimization

Version 2.9.4

Fix The file minification tool
Fix Minification process to avoid conflict with defer JS

Version 2.9.3

Fix Some CSS or JS file are excluded from file group but not from minification

Version 2.9.2

Fix Group fonts & Google fonts working incorrectly
Fix Iframe & video lazy loading

Version 2.9.1

Fix Add an option to make no effect on defer CSS
Fix Modules cannot be loaded by ajax
Fix Detect Joomla cache setting incorrect on the dashboard

Version 2.9.0

Fix Group and minify revamped
Add Purge CDN cache from Cloudflare
Add Implement iframe & video lazy loading

Version 2.8.3

Fix Check Gzip compression && Apache module on the dashboard
Fix Error when load external script
Fix Exclude media/plg_speedcache from CDN
Fix Improve minify && group functionality

Version 2.8.2

Fix Fatal error 500 on some case when using minify feature

Version 2.8.1

Fix CSS @import rule don't work when group all CSS files

Version 2.8.0

Add New extension installer with quick configuration
Add New UX for extension admin page
Fix Move minify cache folder to media
Fix Scrolling issues when using lazy loading

Version 2.7.1

Fix Translation sharing issue in some browsers

Version 2.7.0

Add Implement option to minify HTML
Add Improve CDN setup with file type inclusion
Fix Lazyload not working in safari
Fix Defer CSS effect not working on IE browser

Version 2.6.5

Fix Exclude noscript from CSS minification
Fix Exclude ajax request from caching

Version 2.6.4

Fix Server overload with cache preloading

Version 2.6.3

Add Possible to customize loading-wait icon or effect in defer css
Add Ability to group only head scripts
Fix Cache method, improve loggedin cache versions
Fix Export configuration not working in firefox

Version 2.6.2

Fix Lazy loading compatible with IE11
Fix Can not import URL from menus

Version 2.6.1

Add Change and move lazy loading settings to new tab
Add Remove loading effect delay on user first screen
Add Exclude lazy loading by image width and height
Add Change blur animation time to 500ms

Version 2.6.0

Add Implement progressive lazy loading feature
Add Option to select what image width/height is lazy loaded
Add Lazy load from top to bottom and bottom to top
Add Possible exclude inline script from minifications
Add PHP version on the dashboard up to 7.3

Version 2.5.8

Fix Fix Jutranslation url
Fix Warning notification in minifications

Version 2.5.7

Fix Skip inline cloak mailto script in minifications
Fix Get incorrect path script in minifications

Version 2.5.6

Add Implement lazyloading exclusion by id or class selector
Fix JU Updater

Version 2.5.5

Add Improve browser cache usage
Fix Make sure browser cache is enabled in all cases
Fix Prevent code from running when not necessary in admin side

Version 2.5.4

Fix Fix check ssl in minifications

Version 2.5.3

Fix Fix correct url in IMPORT URL FROM MENUS
Fix Fix check Gzip, Expires headers, CDN configuration in dashboard
Fix Fix ignore parameter from URL inclusion rule

Version 2.5.2

Add Possibility to ignore parameter from URL inclusion rule
Fix Conflict with PIWIK plugin
Fix Check expires header with some browser
Fix Droptables and Droppics conflict (performance issue)

Version 2.5.1

Add Possibility to Exclude or Include only some URLs or a set of URLs from the lazy loading

Version 2.5.0

Add Import/Export extension configuration
Add Exclude module from cache using ajax loading

Version 2.4.0

Add Implement cache per device (mobile, tablet, desktop) to maximize template compatibility
Add Possibility to cache external script to get better Google page speed

Version 2.3.3

Fix Content gzip encoding error
Fix Improve the mechanism of image lazy loading
Fix Possibility to minify css in load order

Version 2.3.2

Fix Remove deprecated item in Joomla 3.7.0 or later
Fix Call to undefined method error on some installs
Fix Check minimum required version before installing

Version 2.3.1

Fix Lazy loading conflict with Google Maps loading

Version 2.3.0

Add Defer JS loading (to avoid render blocking feedback on test tools)
Add Defer CSS loading
Add GIF loader when defer CSS/JS to avoid not styled display

Version 2.2.0

Add CDN integration: define CDN URL and content
Add CDN integration: define CDN content exclusion
Add CDN integration: force CDN relative or absolute path
Add New elements to the dashboard: File group, resources minification, CDN activation

Version 2.1.1

Fix File exclusion to avoid conflict or errors in the group process
Fix Check expires module if server does not support apache_get_modules

Version 2.1.0

Add As an option use lazy loading for images
Add Possibility to group all JS files
Add Possibility to group all CSS files
Add Possibility to group all CSS files
Add Check if mod_expires is installed on the server, if not return a message on the dashboard

Version 2.0.6

Fix Purge all cache more efficient
Fix SQL error when saving menu items
Fix Return PHP warning saving an empty menu

Version 2.0.5

Fix Wrong cache lifetime time value during update from 2.0.X to 2.0.4

Version 2.0.4

Fix Language error in Joomla 3.7
Fix PHP error with PHP version is 5.5 or less
Fix Disable Joomla cache when exclude cache

Version 2.0.3

Fix Url rules with - not beeing cached
Fix PHP warning

Version 2.0.2

Add Search filter to fond files to minify
Add Folder tree in minification configuration to scan a folder selection
Add Set cache duration per URL
Add Set cache duration per URL inclusion rule
Fix Some warning in php 7

Version 2.0.1

Add Change Activate button to a Change State as a minification file selector
Fix Scan for files removes all current file minification selection
Fix Clean cache when a minification file selection change is made
Fix Possibility to exclude single URL from cache

Version 2.0.0

Add Use wildcards rules (regex) to add or exclude URLs from cache
Add Possibility to exclude single URL from cache
Add Minification per asset type
Add Option to add automatically new menu item to cache
Add Cache preloading per Joomla user
Add Clear cache on saveOrderAjax actions, like save, publish, unpublish...
Add New material design on UX
Add Pagination on URL listing
Add Cache preloading per Joomla user
Add Quick clean cache from administrator button

Version 1.0.3

Fix Specify expires header per file type to prevent using server predefined values

Version 1.0.2

Fix Joomunited updater token not updated when it's already set for another extension
Fix Misspelling in clear cache options
Fix Cache error message with ZOO component

Version 1.0.1

Fix Separator menu items not listed in add url popup
Fix Cache compatibility with Seblod extension

Version 1.0.0

Add Initial release