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WP Table Manager: The best WordPress block editor table plugin

WP Table Manager is fully integrated with the WordPress native Block editor. The table manager plugin has 2 dedicated blocks to load your tables and charts. For more features, get back to the main plugin page >

Use the table Gutenberg block to load your table

Use the WordPress block editor to load and preview your tables

Once you've created your tables with WP Table Manager, you can load them from the WordPress block editor. There's WP Table Manager blocks: one to load tables data and one to load charts. Both tables and charts will be previewed in your content.

Import and display Google Sheets data in the WordPress block editor

A Google Sheets import and export tool is available for each table, save a lot of time by importing and editing your Sheets on the fly! After fetching data from your Google Sheets to our plugin, you can insert the table in WordPress block editor.

Import and display Google Sheets data in Gutenberg
Import and display Excel data in Gutenberg

Import and display Excel files data in the WordPress block editor

An Excel import and export tool is available for each WP Table Manager  table, save a lot of time by importing and editing your Excel file on the fly or by using the Excel server file synchronization!

Then use the WP Table Manager block in the WordPress editor to load your table with Excel data.

Responsive display for your WordPress tables blocks

Responsiveness is always complex for tables, but we've included 3 mobile modes with column display priorities. You can set the responsive priority and freeze number of columns from the plugin responsive settings.

The repeated header mode will transform your table into a vertical mode for the phone, perfect to respect your WordPress block editor responsive layouts.

Responsive display for your Gutenberg tables
Add tooltips in Gutenberg tables

Add tooltips in your WordPress tables

The tooltip on the cell is a cool feature that adds content and style to a table. You can add a tooltip on each cell. As usual, it's easy and can be done by right-clicking on any cell and adding content using the editor. You can add any HTML in the cell, including media and images. You can then insert your table with tooltip in your content using the shortcode block or the WordPress block editor.

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