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By default, WordPress does not have a system for speed optimization. That's why a powerful plugin that speeds up WordPress with technical and advanced features, yet accessible to everyone is a necessity.  WP Speed of Light comes with a cache and Gzip compression system, and includes, a resource minification tool, a database cleanup system, a htaccess optimization tool and  an automatic cache cleaner. 

When it comes to measuring performance loading time, it requires some test to identify which plugin, theme or page may require more attention. WP Speed of Light includes a speed loading test and comparison tool, alongside a database query speed test. Give a comfortable navigation experience to your users and get a better search engine rank!



  WordPress speed analysis, page speed testing, and optimization criteria


  Measure the database plugin and theme impact on your WordPress pages


  Optimize your WordPress speed in no time with complete yet accessible settings


The WordPress Speed Optimization, Live


Powerful WordPress and Browser Caching

Static cache for WordPress

WP Speed of light for WordPress comes with a lot of optimization systems such as cache system: it generates more static content (HTML) therefore reducing the number of database queries required to load the page. Plus, you have the possibility of storing the major part of the heavy page resources (like images) in the browser cache. And you can clean it when you want! Full optimization list:

  • Static file cache system
  • Gzip data compression
  • Browser caching
  • Files group
  • Resources minification
  • Specific mobile cache per device
  • Remove query string


Check WordPress Speed and Compare

Speed test for WordPress

The optimization of a website is also about testing the performance to determine what elements can be optimized to yield performance. With WP Speed of Light you can run several tests on the same page and open a comparison table. We've made an integration with WebPageTest API (free) to run detailed speed tests on various elements like: 

  • First loading time
  • Second loading time
  • First byte time
  • Time to start rendering
  • Element served from cache in %
  • Elements compressed with Gzip in %
  • Percent on compressed images


Database Speed Test

Database query analysis

The database queries can represent something important about WordPress' speed. The database speed test may help you to determine problems with a theme or a plugin and fix some major performance issues.


Automatic WordPress Cache Cleaner

WordPress cache cleaner

A cache cleaning system is available to clean it automatically at regular intervals. If you prefer not to wait, a button to run a custom clean from everywhere (every admin and public pages) is also available! Plus, you have setting to exclude admin user from cache and to exclude specific pages from being cached.


A Dashboard to Rule All the Performance

Speed optimization dashboard

A dashboard is available to check all major performance issues you have and fix them in one click, pretty handy to optimize performance in no time.

  • Check for WordPress cache activation and duration
  • Check for WordPress Gzip activation
  • Check for resources group and minification
  • Expire Headers presence and duration
  • Check website loading time (latest test)
  • Auto Clear cache activation
  • Check the number of plugins in use
  • Check for PHP version


Selective Cache for Mobile Devices


WP Speed of Light can handle the cache for mobile automatically, and you can generate a dedicated cache version per device or even disable it. The plugin also works automatically with mobile plugins like WPtouch. Mobile cache features:

  • Automatically serve cache for all devices
  • Dedicated cache for tablet
  • Dedicated cache for tablet
  • Option to disable cache for a specified device


WooCommerce Speedup

WooCommerce cache speedup

WP Speed of Light is, by default, fully compatible with WooCommerce. Don't worry about cart refresh, payment problems... All your shop pages will be displayed fast and properly, with no advanced configuration needed.



All additional features included

fast lightSetup cache time
Setup WP Speed of Light with time static cache duration

multi lingualBrowser cache option
Activate or disable the browser caching and htaccess patch as an option

navigation in filesURL exclusion
Decide which page to exclude from cache in the configuration to avoid any plugin compatibility issues

user role editorAccessible to everyone
Install and activate cache, Gzip and browser cache in one single click

fast lightRun performance Web Page Tests
Our tests are based on the WebPageTests API, allowing 200 URL tests per day for free

clean sweepClean cache easily
Clean cache from the plugin settings, automatically or using a button

file accessExclude admin
You can exclude admin from all the cache system to always check real time content changes

zoomMinify resources
Minify the main WordPress resources: HTML, CSS, JS

lines columnsHelp and recommendations
You get help on every configuration element and custom recommendations

SEO optimizedSEO friendly
Performance is very important for SEO. Google measure the user page loading time, so it really helps!

cloud loadingDatabase cleanup
A lot of unused elements can slow down WordPress (admin and public), clean all that in one click

edit from editorWordPress Expire Headers
Fix the WordPress Expire Headers by patching your htaccess in one click

wordpress frameworkWordPress framework
WP Speed of light is fully based on the WordPress framework. It has the double advantage of being light and 3rd party compatible

updaterExtension update
Maintaining websites with plugins can be very painful because of license limitations. WP Speed of Light uses WordPress updater

folder coverUser friendly
The dashboard configuration help, automatic performance issues detection make the plugin user friendly



Compatibility and 3rd party integration's with the plugin


WooCommerce fully compatible. Sell your products faster, get a better SEO rank

visual composer

Visual composer

WP Speed of Light is fully compatible for admin and frontend content edition

every theme

For every theme

7000+ users can't be wrong. The plugin has been tested on tons of themes and providers

divi builder pugin

DIVI Builder

DIVI builder from Elegant themes fully compatible. WP Speed of Light is fully compatible for admin and frontend content edition

Beaver builder

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder fully compatible. WP Speed of Light is fully compatible for admin and frontend content edition

page builders

Others Page Builders

WP Speed of Light works with all other major content builders: ACF, Site Origine, Themify builder, Elementor and Live Composer page builders...



Plugin Translations

Community translations included, create your own in few clicks! More information >>


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