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WP Meta SEO Changelog

Last update : 16 Apr 2024
Compatible with the latest Wordpress version and Stable release: 6.5

Version 4.5.13

Fix Security: sanitize user input data
Fix Security: information exposure of password-protected post

Version 4.5.12

Fix Remove empty href attribute of anchor tags in the HTML sitemap page

Version 4.5.11

Fix Cleanup text for meta description of the product tag page
Fix Error when generating XML sitemap in specific case
Fix Redirect URL is not working in some websites

Version 4.5.10

Fix Falter error on WordPress 6.4

Version 4.5.9

Fix Loading time issue on some cases

Version 4.5.8

Fix Google Analytics integration

Version 4.5.7

Fix XML sitemap not exist

Version 4.5.6

Fix Some PHP warnings

Version 4.5.5

Fix Validate image src input when running content analysis

Version 4.5.4

Fix Security: Added current_user_can() and nonce checks to some functions

Version 4.5.3

Fix Security: SQL injection by subscriber users
Fix Security: arbitrary redirect by subscriber users

Version 4.5.2

Fix A fatal error with PHP 8
Fix Analysis meta title error on WP Meta Seo dashboard when having many posts

Version 4.5.1

Add Update JU translation tool with autosaving
Add Instant installation of translation and help texts
Fix Cleanup text for meta description

Version 4.5.0

Add SEO optimization meta block for DIVI
Add New variables: %page%, %pagetotla%, %pagenumber% for blog pagination

Version 4.4.9

Fix Security issue

Version 4.4.8

Fix Google Analytics connection: update OAuth2 authorization

Version 4.4.7

Fix Escape the breadcrumb separator before outputting it to the page

Version 4.4.6

Add WP Meta Seo widget: Quick SEO Preview

Version 4.4.5

Add Update Google API
Fix SEO checker on WP Meta SEO meta box

Version 4.4.4

Fix Google search console on Elementor

Version 4.4.3

Add Default post image setting for social meta
Fix SEO checker on Elementor Meta SEO meta box

Version 4.4.2

Fix Remove social meta tags on front-end when they are not filled

Version 4.4.1

Fix Removed unused assets

Version 4.4.0

Add Meta SEO meta box on Elementor
Add Bulk editor for post/product categories

Version 4.3.7

Fix The header title issue on some themes

Version 4.3.6

Fix Update settings from old version to Google Analytics

Version 4.3.5

Add New Google Analytics tracking UX
Add Support Google Analytics v4 property
Add Support Google Tag manager
Fix Update Meta SEO meta description length
Fix Remove HTML tags from WP Meta SEO meta tags

Version 4.3.4

Fix Remove some jQuery deprecated functions
Fix Update Google Analytics library

Version 4.3.3

Fix Update page SEO checker text

Version 4.3.2

Fix Tooltips are going out of the screen on bulk lists

Version 4.3.1

Fix Tooltip display incorrectly
Fix Use default WordPress canonical url for all pages when Canonical URL setting disabled
Fix Checkbox CSS color on admin panel

Version 4.3.0

Add New content meta editor with direct edition
Add New content meta editor on bulk meta editor
Add SEO keywords field on post/page edition
Add SEO score and keywords in posts list

Version 4.2.10

Fix Adding image alt not always working

Version 4.2.9

Fix Conflict with the Enable jQuery Migrate Helper plugin

Version 4.2.8

Add Disable WordPress core XML sitemap by default
Fix Tooltip is not shown on WordPress 5.5

Version 4.2.7

Fix Google Analytics chart display
Fix Some PHP warnings in debug.log

Version 4.2.6

Fix Google Client libraries conflict with BackupBuddy plugin

Version 4.2.5

Add Possibility to automatically add articles to sitemaps
Fix Select all posts in the sitemap

Version 4.2.4

Add Possibility to remove category prefix
Fix The loader image to display incorrectly in the metabox

Version 4.2.3

Fix Update successfully message after save settings
Fix See more posts in category in the sitemap
Fix Display XML sitemap link in multisite

Version 4.2.2

Fix JS error in Gutenberg editor that prevent the metabox to be 100% loaded

Version 4.2.1

Fix Translation sharing issue in some browsers

Version 4.2.0

Add Description on admin on each WPMS topic
Add Generate automatically a sitemap before the first configuration
Fix Edit some styles and tooltips
Fix Conflict with other tabs in metabox
Fix Some minor errors in the sitemap page

Version 4.1.0

Add Force a Canonical URL per content (post, page...) or category
Add Google Analytics update: update app and connexion method
Add Better admin responsive display
Add Consider publish state in meta bulk editor

Version 4.0.13

Fix JS error when edit a post
Fix Exclude external link and replicate the custom link in sitemap

Version 4.0.12

Add Compatibility with Google Search Console integration

Version 4.0.11

Fix Material fonts missing

Version 4.0.10

Fix Blank page when edit post tag & attribute
Fix Snippet for homepage is not properly checked
Add Opt In feedback on plugin first disabling & review message

Version 4.0.9

Fix JuTranslation duplicate slash in language url

Version 4.0.8

Fix Check version requirements

Version 4.0.7

Add Link editor & Image editor compatible with Gutenberg blocks
Fix The sitemap generated ignore anchor links

Version 4.0.6

Add Quick SEO content preview style for WordPress 5.2
Fix Bulk action and meta bulk apply to all images
Fix Resize and edit meta information in image editor
Fix Put back the sitemap URL instead of the server path
Fix Add short description for WooCommerce in SEO analysis

Version 4.0.5

Fix Add index to improve the query performance
Fix Rredirect link with xlink
Fix Display of HTML Sitemap theme with DIVI theme
Fix Redirect link in custom redirect

Version 4.0.4

Add Compatible of the SEO checker and ACF fields
Add Change meta title and meta description length
Fix Conflict image alt info and Elementor builder
Fix Default image and priority of meta
Fix Conflict with other SEO plugin (WooCommerce Multivendor plugin)
Fix Save new term in product category

Version 4.0.3

Fix XML Sitemap cannot be parsed in google console
Fix Resize images and check on dashboard
Fix Fix list image in image editor
Fix Fix an HTTP error when delete posts

Version 4.0.2

Fix Title undefined in gutenberg editor
Fix Compatible with Oxygen Builder
Fix Error when save post

Version 4.0.1

Fix Email report doesn't work
Fix Css conflict in meta box

Version 4.0.0

Add New admin UX and design
Add Settings UX with AJAX search engine
Add Implement new plugin dashboard with new criteria checks
Add Implement bulk actions on meta bulk editor
Add Implement bulk actions on image information bulk editor
Add Implement bulk actions on the link title manager
Add Check color for meta lenght: check is meta is too short or too long
Add Plugin installer with quick configuration
Add Environment checker on install (PHP Version, PHP Extensions, Apache Modules)
Add System Check menu to notify of server configuration problems after install
Fix Sitemap display on frontend

Version 3.7.7

Add Add actions and filters for developers

Version 3.7.6

Fix Redirect to home page when WPMS Addon is not activated

Version 3.7.5

Fix Warning returned on frontend
Fix Load Dashboard widget content using ajax method (large amount of data)
Fix PHP warning in redirect URL interface

Version 3.7.4

Fix Update alt meta for Elementor image in content
Fix Redirect URL

Version 3.7.3

Fix Enhance code readability and performance

Version 3.7.2

Fix JUtranslation share with JoomUnited

Version 3.7.1

Fix Sitemap categories not properly added
Fix Broken link display column header
Fix Render meta description on frontend

Version 3.7.0

Add Compatible with Gutemberg editor
Fix Reload analysis in metabox
Fix Render title tag

Version 3.6.8

Fix Conflict with Origin PageBuilder plugin
Fix Save post and page slow request

Version 3.6.7

Fix Meta box not loaded on WordPress multisite

Version 3.6.6

Fix Sitemap column display
Fix Reload Google Analytics data

Version 3.6.5

Fix Compatibility with php 5.3 and 5.4

Version 3.6.4

Fix Google analytics tracking code removed some characters
Fix Send email (SEO report)
Fix Query duplicate meta

Version 3.6.3

Add Change meta description max length (320 characters)
Fix Conflict with Antispam Bee plugin
Fix Page title word in content heading

Version 3.6.2

Fix Saving translation does not apply
Fix JS error when edit a post (public false)

Version 3.6.1

Fix Fatal error on frontend on certain configuration

Version 3.6.0

Add Full code reformating for better performance and code comments
Add Using PHPCS to make standard definitions

Version 3.5.3

Fix Display WordPress page with sitemap
Fix Set default image for facebook and Twitter
Fix Return error when using undefined get_term_meta function

Version 3.5.2

Fix Create robots.txt file for multisite
Fix Add meta tags og:type and fb:app_id (Facebook page share)

Version 3.5.1

 Language filter for meta, images and sitemap XML
Fix Encoding issue on dashboard page
Fix JS error when empty post content

Version 3.5.0

Fix Check content of page builders: Visual composer, DIVI Builder, Beaver Builder, ACF, Site Origine, Themify builder, Live composer, Elementor plugins
Add Generate rich snippet breadcrumb shortcode and PHP code
Fix Redesign the image edition window

Version 3.4.1

Add Meta keywords field in category meta edition
Add Update dashboard description and image compression layout
Fix Warning when 'wpio_images' table does not exist

Version 3.4.0

Add Simple Analytics tracking only based on UA or JS snippet
Add Add image indexation system for large websites (image bulk editor)
Add Apply material design over all plugin views
Add Image information: Filter only images that require optimization
Fix Conflict with WP Latest Posts plugin

Version 3.3.2

Fix Remove custom redirect rule not applied
Fix Wrong value in meta description for category
Fix Custom post types alway displayed in HTML sitemaps

Version 3.3.1

Fix Remove upgrade notification when the ADDON is installed
Fix Change style for dashboard widgets
Fix Change layout and fix criteria in SEO page optimization

Version 3.3.0

Add If an image information are filled, add it by default if empty if image is re-used
Add Compatibility with WPML, Polylang for meta edition and Media SEO content
Add Possibility to edit meta information on categories
Add Pro version notifications of features in some views
Add Dashboard widget with 6 SEO criteria
Fix Change the 404 error page title to remove the plugin name by default

Version 3.2.6

Add Add builtin translation tool
Fix Wrong function used to get description length

Version 3.2.5

Add Check DOM PHP activation install to avoid fatal error
Fix Image information edition with greek characters

Version 3.2.4

Add WP Meta SEO Addon compatibility
Fix Conflict with DIVI layout injector plugin

Version 3.2.3

Fix Image resize list does not refresh
Fix Meta image text replaced by image information
Fix Dashboard Alexa rank display
Fix Sharp URL suffix are detected as 404 by the redirect manager
Fix Phone numbers with '+' are detected as 404 by the redirect manager
Fix German characters are broken in the link manager

Version 3.2.2

Fix Image information edition with a quote becomes empty
Fix Meta edition character count does not refresh using AJAX

Version 3.2.1

Add Compatibility with WP Speed of Light plugin:

Version 3.2.0

Add Enable Google Analytics tracking with token access
Add Tracking options to exclude WordPress user groups from analytics
Add File download statistics activation
Add Display Analytics statistics: session, users, organic...

Version 3.0.2

Add Add Import meta from Yoast premium plugin
Fix Font called from http instead of https from dashboard

Version 3.0.1

Fix XML menu generation don't handle menu levels
Fix Mailto links are indexed as 404 error in the redirect manager
Fix PHP warning when link editor is activated in editor
Fix Secure code

Version 3.0.0

Add Add XML sitemap feature
Add Add HTML sitemap feature
Add Add sitemap source: menus (any content), post, page, category, author
Add Add HTML sitemap content position in page
Add Add XML sitemap copy option on root option
Add Add XML sitemap link in robot.txt option
Add Add help text for all the sitemap parameters
Add Add help text for all the global parameters
Add Add AJAX sitemap regeneration

Version 2.2.1

Add Update sql sentences to improve query speed

Version 2.2.0

Add Follow/Nofollow bulk link edition
Add Link re-index tool from the bulk link editor
Add Follow/Nofollow on Wordpress content (onpage SEO)
Add Index/Noindex on Wordpress content (onpage SEO)

Version 2.1.0

Add Add ImageRecycle images and PDF compression integration (

Version 2.0.3

Fix On page analysis return wrong result on header title in content
Fix Update language on image bulk edit view

Version 2.0.2

Fix Detect new type of 404 and add tooltip
Fix Comment content not detected
Fix Autosaving too fast in safari or firefox

Version 2.0.1

Fix Google font style on Safari browser

Version 2.0.0

Add Add 404 and redirect manager
Add Add Options to redirect all 404 to home page
Add Add Setup 404 page as: WP Meta SEO page, custom page, default page

Version 1.7.3

Fix og: link broken (facebook)

Version 1.7.2

Add Page title as content title or as SEO meta title (option)

Version 1.7.1

Add Edit separately the content title from the meta title (for search engine)
Fix Fix RSS feed is broken with WP Meta SEO 1.7.0

Version 1.7.0

Add Add link SEO title field in link editor tool
Add Add a SEO bulk edition view on your links titles (of all your content)
Add Automatic meta SEO addition for category view: add category title as meta title and category description as meta description
Add Add SEO dashboard check for link titles
Fix WooCommerce meta description and title in category view (automatic)
Fix WP Meta SEO language to be conform to plugin directory translation tool

Version 1.6.0

Add Add meta keywords edition in bulk editor
Add Add option to for SEO criteria validation

Version 1.5.1

Fix Home page meta not working on some themes
Fix Break foreach when search title in SEO content (title in heading)

Version 1.5.0

Add Add help tooltip to explain on page validation SEO criteria
Add Add help tooltip to explain dashboard SEO parameters
Add Put snippet preview title in a column on SEO bulk view edition
Add Add SEO and check notification for robot.txt that lock search engine
Add Update EN and FR language files

Version 1.4.0

Add Bulk copy new option: content title to meta title
Add Bulk copy new option: image name to alt text
Add Bulk copy new option: image name to image title
Fix Twitter card on SEO on page optimization
Fix SEO meta empty in some themes

Version 1.3.0

Add New SEO check dashboard
Add Check for SEO permalinks
Add Check for meta description
Add Check for image HTML resizing
Add Check for image SEO: title, alt and description
Add Check for new content

Version 1.2.0

Add Change language to po/mo files
Add Include .pot file and French language
Add Setting for home page meta
Add Bigger edit meta boxes
Add Update icon of notification in meta view

Version 1.1.0

Add On page SEO analysis
Add Social sharing custom content

Version 1.0.4

Fix Check empty array

Version 1.0.3

Fix Escape meta title and meta description

Version 1.0.2

Fix Filter broken and icons broken

Version 1.0.1

Fix display (no title) in column title if post is no titled

Version 1.0.0

Add Initial release