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Last update : 31 Oct 2023

Version 2.0.7

Add Joomla 5 support

Version 2.0.6

Fix JS error when selecting background image on Joomla 4

Version 2.0.5

Add Joomla 4 compatibility

Version 2.0.4

Fix Translation sharing issue in some browsers

Version 2.0.3

Fix Fix Jutranslation url

Version 2.0.2

Fix JU Updater
Fix Change transition for layer don't work

Version 2.0.1

Fix Responsive layer
Fix Load slide in backend

Version 2.0.0

Add Possibility to Add/Order/Remove layers
Add Possibility to sort layers in groups
Add Implement video layer
Add Implement custom transition per layer
Add New material admin UX

Version 1.0.3

Fix Help text to JUTranslation
Fix CSS for modal based on joomla 3.7

Version 1.0.2

Add JU Translation tool

Version 1.0.1

Add JED checker

Version 1.0.0

Add Initial release