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WP Latest posts Addon changelog

Last update : 11 Aug 2023
Compatible with the latest Wordpress version and Stable release: 6.3

Version 4.6.5

Fix Some PHP warnings

Version 4.6.4

Add Compatibility with WP Latest Posts version 5.0.3

Version 4.6.3

Add Possibility to display/hide in news blocks: post title, thumbnail, author, date, category, text in free version
Add Possibility to display/hide in news blocks: post title, thumbnail, author, date, category, text in pro version

Version 4.6.2

Add Tooltip text for configuration
Fix Auto update plugin

Version 4.6.1

Add Image ratio setting for Portfolio and Grid theme
Fix Masonry layout display

Version 4.6.0

Add New material horizontal theme
Add Plugin admin UI and text enhancement

Version 4.5.6

Fix Update hook for compatibility with WP Latest Post version 4.8.10

Version 4.5.5

Fix Smooth theme display on frontend

Version 4.5.4

Fix Load more posts

Version 4.5.3

Fix JoomUnited Updater compatible with WordPress 5.5

Version 4.5.2

Fix Saving auto animation setting does not apply

Version 4.5.1

Add Add the possibility to order content by last updated date
Add Possibility to display most popular custom posts

Version 4.5.0

Add New material vertical theme
Add Possibility to duplicate news block
Add Selection of material icon for the hover icon
Add Hexadecimal to rgba (add transparency) color selection
Add Improve setting style and texts in backend
Add Automatic testing for PHP versions, features...

Version 4.4.4

Add Move the max number of news loaded on the main config tab
Add Update portfolio style with box shadow
Add Automatically activate background color when clicking on it
Add Better default image when no image is loaded
Add Change radio buttons to switcher on theme settings
Fix Center information on time line theme
Fix Update some description text

Version 4.4.3

Add Gutenberg block with latest news preview on admin
Add Display the count of news content that will be loaded
Add Direct link to the News post in Gutenberg
Add Quick shortcode copy on new block list
Add Move the publication status to the block configuration

Version 4.4.2

Fix ACF plugin compatibility

Version 4.4.1

Add WordPress 5.0 compatibility

Version 4.4.0

Add New UX for Blocks and Configuration
Add Settings UX with AJAX search engine
Add Hide settings when not related to the theme selected
Add Plugin installer with quick configuration
Add Environment checker on install (PHP Version, PHP Extensions, Apache Modules)
Add System Check menu to notify of server configuration problems after install

Version 4.3.2

Fix Enhance code readability and performance with phpcs

Version 4.3.1

Fix Fix load more feature with multilanguage plugin

Version 4.3.0

Add Option to load post content using OR and AND option
Add Possibility to list as content source, the WordPress post categories

Version 4.2.4

Fix Javascript when using the Smooth Hover theme
Fix Image stretched to fit this size even if the setting is set to off

Version 4.2.3

Fix Disable touch slide on flexslider
Fix Align element in Category Grid && Masonry theme

Version 4.2.2

Fix Element margin on Portfolio themes

Version 4.2.1

Add Using PHPCS to make standard definitions

Version 4.2.0

Add Polylang integration: filter news in content by Polylang language

Version 4.1.1

Fix Get lists custom post type on multisite
Fix Inline-css with multi block

Version 4.1.0

Add WPML integration: filter news block content by language

Version 4.0.1

Fix PHP error with inline css when insert two blocks

Version 4.0.0

Add Change the default theme HTML structure from table to div
Add Remove the old news generation framework (optimization)
Add Add the between date range possibility as a filter
Add Option to open news links in a new window

Version 3.9.5

Fix Update the updater for WordPress 4.8

Version 3.9.4

Add Add translation tool to configuration

Version 3.9.3

Fix Display image background of masonry theme

Version 3.9.2

Fix AJAX dynamic custom post selection display

Version 3.9.1

Fix Fix get all sites

Version 3.9.0

Add Multisite feature: an option to call content from latest post from all sites within the network

Version 3.8.5

Fix Convert from .css.php to .css, security fix

Version 3.8.4

Fix Handle name to avoid load a js file multiple and some effect of theme

Version 3.8.3

Fix Only the last widget is loaded

Version 3.8.2

Fix Transition effects are not applied

Version 3.8.1

Fix Conflict issues with minify plugin

Version 3.8.0

Fix Convert from .js.php to .js, security fix
Fix New updater to be compatible with WordPress 4.6
Add Add the possibility to add a custom hover icon on Grid and Category Grid themes

Version 3.7.2

Fix Fix warning when install on PHP 7

Version 3.7.1

Add Add a an option to add a Load more button on Grid themes

Version 3.7.0

Add Material design for admin
Add New image and date selector

Version 3.6.0

Add Possibility to load Advanced custom fields (ACF) field groups and fields
Add Display content from the last x hour, x days, x months, x years

Version 3.5.3

Add WordPress standard language files .po/.mo and add french translation

Version 3.5.2

Fix Fix news blocks not displayed when source is pages or custom posts
Add Add RTL content support

Version 3.5.1

Fix Fix addon plugin updater

Version 3.5.0

Add Order post randomly
Add Offset parameter
Add Codemirror for custom CSS edition

Version 3.4.0

Add PHP shortcode generation to insert latest news blocks in themes
Add Color picker for themes
Add Disable background for portfolio theme
Add Date format help link

Version 3.3.0

Add Update default theme and archive the old one
Fix Fix line cropping height

Version 3.2.1

Fix News image size selection does not load the proper size

Version 3.2.0

Add New portfolio theme
Add Flexslider 2.5 update for default and smooth hover theme
Add Masonry script upgrade
Add New image size selection on default theme based on WordPress sizes, thumbnail, normal, large
Add Background theme parameter
Fix CSS crop and heigh calculation conflict
Fix CSS on default theme with Bootstrap WordPress themes
Fix Warning display on default theme

Version 3.1.0

Add Multiple settings in animation block
Add Wordpress 4.3 compatibility

Version 3.0.7

Add Enable Crop text in grid theme

Version 3.0.6

Add List in Pages filter

Version 3.0.5

Add After/before date created filter
Add Page selection as content source
Fix Order filter Add Custom CSS Field

Version 3.0.4

Add Change default image with new logo in editor on Latest posts insertion

Version 3.0.3

Fix Remove filter text field JS issue (admin)

Version 3.0.2

Fix Category display fix

Version 3.0.1

Fix Custom Taxonomies and Terms of CPT

Version 3.0.0

Add Custom Post Type core include

Version 2.0.8

Fix Create a free version on the plugin directory with new slide script

Version 2.0.7

Fix Closing div
Fix wp-latest-posts-pro-addon become wp-latest-posts-addon

Version 2.0.6

Fix Remove hard coded call

Version 2.0.5

Add Tag Source selection, select a WordPress particular tagged content

Version 2.0.4

Add Add source tag selection
Fix Debug SmoothHover theme loader
Fix Fix Category Query POST

Version 2.0.3

Fix Refund the source type image (first image work now!)

Version 2.0.2

Add Add a div close to fix display on some themes

Version 2.0.1

Add Flex slider script integration into default theme

Version 2.0.0

Add Category grid theme
Add Grid theme
Add Smooth hover slider
Add Time line theme
Add Theme color chooser
Add Vector default image
Fix Image source selection
Fix Remove all themes from Wordpress Frontpage news
Fix Javascript and css compatibility with popular WordPress theme providers

Version 1.0.2

Add New installer with PHP 5.2 avoid warning during install 
Fix CSS problem with twenty fourteen theme

Version 1.0.1

Add WP 3.9 compatibility
Add New editor button

Version 1.0.0

Add 4 responsive themes
Add Backend design kit
Add Block titles from H2 to H3
Add AJAX content move enhancement, possibility to move one element from one place to another
Fix Move the About tab from instance to left menu
Fix Language string

Version 0.2.4

Fix Fixed bug limiting number of blocks to choose from in the widget admin

Version 0.2.3

Fix Bug in the admin drag and drop area

Version 0.2.2

Add "About" tab with links to official support site
Add WP 3.7 and 3.7.1 full compatibility
Add Added links to the now available "pro add-on"
Fix Small CSS improvements
Fix Small performance improvements in the admin
Fix Small text improvements
Fix Improved readme page with video tutorial and many more screenshots

Version 0.2.1

Add Default right and bottom 4px image margins
Add Choice of first image or first post attachment
Add Drag-and drop containers in the widget display admin now grow in height as items are added
Fix Compatible with pro add-on v.0.2.0
Fix Image margin

Version 0.2.0

Add Widget title can now be displayed at your choice
Add Sidebar widgets now seamlessly integrate with your theme's widget styling
Add Stylesheet compatibility optimized with WP 3.6 Twentythirteen theme by default
Add Admin screenshot has been made to comply with actual output
Add Better icons in the admin interface
Add Simplified settings, now completely usable out-of-the-box
Add Default image now included and pre-configured for perfect output even with articles without images
Fix Now retro-compatible up to WP 3.2 at least

Version 0.1.0

Add Initial release, free and pro version