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Social Backlinks changelog

Last update : 05 Apr 2024

Version 2.2.31

Fix Facebook connector error in manual mode

Version 2.2.30

Fix Sync error in Joomla 5

Version 2.2.29

Add Joomla 5 support
Fix Error when create article by api
Fix Cannot delete item in SB errors log

Version 2.2.28

Fix Auto sync not working in some cases

Version 2.2.27

Fix Twitter connector error when not configured

Version 2.2.26

Fix Twitter connector manual mode stop working
Fix Disable Twitter connector automatic mode because it can't work anymore (Twitter API limitation)

Version 2.2.25

Fix Missing image when send article to Twitter
Fix Error on Joomla 4.2
Fix Some warnings on PHP v8.1
Fix Remove php code in description meta tag in some case
Fix Select all function in the error logs popup in Joomla 4

Version 2.2.24

Fix K2 categories not displaying at SocialBacklinks K2 content setting
Fix Run too many background sync process in some cases

Version 2.2.23

Fix Facebook connector

Version 2.2.22

Fix Login JoomUnited account

Version 2.2.21

Add Joomla 4 compatibility

Version 2.2.20

Add Possibility to turn off og meta tags generated by SocialBacklinks
Fix Remove loadmodule shortcode from og:description meta tag

Version 2.2.19

Fix SSL error when connecting with social networks in automatic mode

Version 2.2.18

Fix Twitter connector don't work in manual connection mode

Version 2.2.17

Fix Translation sharing issue in some browsers

Version 2.2.16

Fix LinkedIn connector to work with company page
Fix Include image when posting to Twitter

Version 2.2.15

Fix Fix Jutranslation url

Version 2.2.14

Fix JU Updater

Version 2.2.13

Fix Update Linkedin to use Oauth 2.0

Version 2.2.12

Fix Remove profile posting as FB doesn't allow it anymore

Version 2.2.11

Fix Adding unexpected character to the Joomla categories/articles list

Version 2.2.10

Add Option form in the article edition name Facebook image and add FB meta tag on front-end
Fix Missing accents in content when push to FB

Version 2.2.9

Fix Posting blank article on Facebook because of an API update
Fix No products and categories visible in Virtuemart adapter

Version 2.2.8

Fix HTTPS video links
Fix CSS top bar removal

Version 2.2.7

Fix Sql update error

Version 2.2.6

Fix Prevent infinite error facebook submission

Version 2.2.5

Add Update to graph API version 3.8
Fix Missing language strings

Version 2.2.4

Add Add builtin translation tool

Version 2.2.3

Fix Can't connect to LinkedIn with custom app mode (API update)

Version 2.2.2

Fix Compatibility with PHP 5.3

Version 2.2.1

Add Debug log in SB config
Fix Virtuemart adapter plugin

Version 2.2.0

Add Add EShop sync support
Add Add JoomUnited automatic updater
Fix Virtuemart 3 compatibility

Version 2.1.0

Fix Fix get acceess token from code
Fix fix facebook2 plugin

Version 2.0.36

Fix Redeclaration fatal error on frontend sync

Version 2.0.35

Fix Notice error on curl setopt

Version 2.0.34

Fix Switch to Facebook API V2

Version 2.0.33

Fix No new articles synced for K2 and Zoo
Fix Wrong images posting to facebook for virtuemart

Version 2.0.32

Fix Post is sent twice to Social Networks on very fast servers

Version 2.0.31

Fix sh404SEF url sometimes wrong
Fix Multilingual site URLs sometimes wrong

Version 2.0.26 to 2.0.30

Fix nginx as a reverse proxy prevents auto sync
Fix New k2 items are not getting synced
Fix K2 items get created and publish_up field corrupted (regression)
Fix Socket is killed too fast

Version 2.0.25 to 2.0.26

Fix Unable to detect new K2 items

Version 2.0.22 to 2.0.24

Add Better compatibility for Joomla 2.5
Add Check for the mbstring extension
Add Channel to warn that new updates are available
Add Faster way of fetching link (sleeping feature, not in prod)
Fix Wrong URL for Zoo element depending on the menu configuration
Fix Conflict with other extension using a class named "Facebook"

Version 2.0.21

Fix Publication of Unicode URLs on Twitter fails to render properly

Version 2.0.18 to 2.0.20

Fix Unable to connect to Vk
Fix Rendering of the dashboard is incorrect in Google Chrome when notices are activated

Version 2.0.13 to 2.0.18

Fix Wrong URL when Zoo has a base menu item
Fix Wrong URL when the site is in a sub-folder

Version 2.0.10 to 2.0.12

Fix SEO links broken on specific server

Version 2.0.8 to 2.0.10

Fix Strict standards warnings
Add Photo publishing to Vk walls
Fix Link posting to Vk
Fix "Updated on" mention on updated links
Fix Wrong Facebook permissions in manual mode

Version 2.0.5 to 2.0.7

Fix Facebook unable to connect for no apparent reason (fixed by forcing ipv4 instead of trying ipv6)
Fix K2 image is blurry on Facebook
Add Russian language files (Big thanks to
Add Using extended tokens on Facebook (require re-authentication)

Version 2.0.4

Fix K2 image URL wrong in some cases

Version 2.0.3

Fix AJAX fails on some servers because of links
Fix Incorrect k2 image being synced
Fix Incorrect virtuemart link
Fix Wrong detection of new hikashop products
Add Hikashop derived products sync

Version 2.0.2

Fix Autoloader itself not being loaded on front-end background calls
Fix Incorrect version number of the Vk plugin
Fix Incorrect component description on install

Version 2.0.1

Add Merge Joomla 2.5 and 3.x version
Fix CSS display in backend

Version 2.0.0

Add LinkedIn group support
Add Vkontakte social network support
Add Automatic configuration for social network connection
Add Default image for facebook
Add Design interface enhancement

Version -- ARCHIVES --

Add #1.8.0 to 1.8.1
Add Updated Facebook SDK
Add #1.7.1 to 1.7.2
Add Bugfix in the installer
Add #1.7.0
Add Synchronization is now called asynchronously, the page is not hanging as it did
Add A synchronization is triggered each time you save an article
Add #1.6.0
Add Compatibility with the update of Joomla 3.1 and 2.5.11
Add #1.5.6:
Add Fix: virtuemart descriptions not taken in account
Add #1.5.5:
Add Fixed: K2 categories not displaying in some cases
Add Fixed: Virtuemart plugin raised error on some configurations
Add #1.5.3
Add Fix detection of hikashop products
Add Fix detection of redshop products
Add Fix detection of virtuemart products
Add #1.5.2
Add Correcting a problem with Virtuemart
Add #1.5.1
Add Bug fix in Hikashop category listing
Add Bug fix in Virtuemart error listing
Add Bug fix in Redshop -> deactivated "on update" feature because Redshop's design prevents us form implementing it
Add #1.5.0
Add Corrected errors in creating the links
Add Corrected some errors in choosing the right image
Add #1.4.6
Add Minor bugfixing
Add #1.4.0/1.4.5
Add Updated to keep working with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn APIs
Add Gets Intro Image or Fulltext image from Joomla articles
Add If no intro image or fulltext image, tries to get the first image contained in the article (if Joomla article)
Add - Several bug fixes on Redshop and Hikashop
Add #1.3.4
Add Improve image detection on Joomla content
Add Improve code for sync performance
Add #1.3.10
Add SEF enhancement, create a frontend plugin to detect SEF URL of all components
Add #1.3.9
Add Add a better image detection for facebook
Add #1.3.7/1.3.8
Add Fix a facebook image problem on particular configuration
Add #1.3.5/1.3.6
Add Add support for SEF URL
Add #1.3.4
Add Add Joomla 3.0 support
Add #1.3.3
Add Fixed posting delayed posts wasn't working
Add Fixed disconnecting from Facebook
Add #1.3.2
Add Fix content selection display
Add #1.3.1
Add Fix Joomla plugin for article selection on specific server configuration
Add #1.3.0
Add Add Virtuemart support
Add #1.2.7
Add Fix LinkedIn Hikashop multiple post on Twitter
Add #1.2.6
Add Fix LinkedIn connection for Joomla 1.5
Add #1.2.5
Add Rebuild LinkedIn connection because of an unexpected change in their API
Add Fix content detection with Joomla and K2 content
Add #1.2.4
Add Fix date of article edition
Add #1.2.0 to 1.2.3
Add Corrected Bug preventing disconnection from Facebook
Add Added Hikashop plugin
Add Redshop plugin is included, but as not published.
Add #1.1.2:
Add Fix ZOO language files
Add #1.1.2:
Add Fix ZOO language files
Add #1.1.1:
Add Yootheme ZOO integration
Add # 1.0.0:
Add Pluggable version, separate each plugin for social network and for Joomla extensions
Add K2 integration
Add #0.9.1:
Add Fix bug for images posted on facebook
Add #0.9.0:
Add Initial release