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Dropfiles changelog

Last update : 07 May 2024

Version 6.3.5

Fix Selecting custom image does not work on Joomla 5.1

Version 6.3.4

Fix OneDrive Business sync error

Version 6.3.3

Fix Error when downloading a big Google Drive file

Version 6.3.2

Add Pagination option for file listing on front-end
Fix Download all button in tree theme
Fix Column display filter issue in table theme

Version 6.3.1

Fix Wrong language string
Fix Breadcrumb not working
Fix Hide empty categories in table theme

Version 6.3.0

Add Possibility to import local server files and folders into Dropfiles
Add Possibility to export Dropfiles files and categories from one server to another
Add Possibility to import Dropfiles files and categories from another server

Version 6.2.4

Fix Table layout style issue
Fix Insert category error in Joomla 3

Version 6.2.3

Add Joomla 5 support
Fix Some styles issue on Joomla 4

Version 6.2.2

Fix Conflict with Akeeba AdminTools

Version 6.2.1

Fix jDownload importer on Joomla 4
Fix Conflict with Yootheme
Fix Error when adding category

Version 6.2.0

Add New Dropfiles Preview theme
Fix Preview large video file
Fix Some warnings on PHP 8.2

Version 6.1.7

Add  Possibility to display a message when a Dropfiles category is empty
Fix Warning when using cloned theme

Version 6.1.6

Fix Hit counter does not work with OneDrive file
Fix Reset filter issue in the search file form
Fix Error when select custom icon for file in Joomla 4.3
Fix Some warnings on PHP 8.1

Version 6.1.5

Fix Missing Psr/Http/Client package for OneDriveBusiness

Version 6.1.4

Fix Share translation file error on J4
Fix Some warnings in PHP 8.1

Version 6.1.3

Add Dropfiles category block for SP Page Builder
Add Dropfiles single file block for SP Page Builder

Version 6.1.2

Fix Preview video is not working in some cases

Version 6.1.1

Fix Conflict CommerceLab Shop
Fix Error on frontend search
Fix JoomUnited file previewer doesn't work as expected when there are too many files

Version 6.1.0

Add Introducing JoomUnited file previewer, a fast and stable document viewer
Add Select either JoomUnited or Google file previewer
Add File format handled: ai,csv,doc,docx,html,json,odp,ods,pdf,ppt,rtf,sketch,xd,xls,xlsx,xml
Add Fallback to the Google previewer in case a file preview failed
Add Fallback to the Google previewer in case preview file format is not available

Version 6.0.4

Fix Connect OneDrive Business error in some sites
Fix Potential Upgrade Issue warning in Pre-Update Check for Joomla 4

Version 6.0.3

Fix Sync OneDrive Business issue
Fix Update pdfparser library for PHP 8 compatibility
Fix Style issue in manage files view on Joomla 4 frontend

Version 6.0.2

Add Possibility to search file with Smart search in Joomla 4
Add Possibility to track download, preview file using Google analytics
Add Permission to upload file(s) on frontend
Fix Upload file(s) issue on frontend
Fix Missing OneDrive files in the latest files module
Fix OneDrive Business sync issue on front-end
Fix Missing restrict single user checking when downloading file

Version 6.0.1

Fix Fatal error in Joomla global configuration -> Dropfiles

Version 6.0.0

Add Automatic configuration for Google Drive connection
Add Automatic configuration for Dropbox connection
Add Automatic configuration for Onedrive and Onedrive Business connection

Version 5.9.3

Add Update to Dropbox API v2

Version 5.9.2

Fix Upload form display issue
Fix Google Drive sync error from version 5.9.1
Fix Download all button in default theme

Version 5.9.1

Fix Can't select all category in Joomla 4 when creating list files menu item
Fix Error when editing file on front-end file manager
Fix Some warnings in PHP 8

Version 5.9.0

Add Implement OneDrive Business changes notification
Fix Layout style of manage files in front-end
Fix Table theme loading not hide if sub-categories disabled

Version 5.8.7

Fix Open pdf link in single file layout and OneDrive file category
Fix Some style issues on file manage view on front-end

Version 5.8.6

Fix File multiple categories saving on Joomla 4
Fix Uncheck all button of files importer not working on Joomla 4
Fix Reorder files not working on Joomla 4

Version 5.8.5

Fix Window size of the Dropfiles when inserting files into article

Version 5.8.4

Fix Upload file error in some cases with Dropfiles on Joomla 4
Fix Some warnings in PHP 8

Version 5.8.3

Fix Google Drive sync error in some case
Fix File category front-end editing error in Joomla 4

Version 5.8.2

Fix Default category theme error

Version 5.8.1

Fix Some errors on Joomla 3.10
Fix Display issue on safari for selected file
Fix Icon and text alignment on Joomla 4

Version 5.8.0

Add OneDrive Business: Synchronize files from OneDrive to Joomla
Add OneDrive Business: Synchronize files from Joomla to OneDrive
Fix Missing language string
Fix File name issue when downloading file category
Fix Download file with single user access
Fix Insert into article using DropEditor

Version 5.7.10

Fix Error class 'DropfilesBase' not found in Dropfiles configuration
Fix Add remote file dialog

Version 5.7.9

Fix Wrong parent category when saving category parameters

Version 5.7.8

Add Joomla 4 RC compatible
Fix Sync with Google Drive manually

Version 5.7.7

Fix Cloned theme parameters
Fix Delete file version on front-end

Version 5.7.6

Fix Google Drive file download not working

Version 5.7.5

Add PHP 8 compatibility
Fix OneDrive sync function

Version 5.7.4

Fix Import from Docman function
Fix Missing language constant

Version 5.7.3

Fix Missing download all button in sub category
Fix Download file error on iPhone

Version 5.7.2

Fix Category filter in Dropfiles search module

Version 5.7.1

Add New design for Dropfiles file search module
Fix Error when go in System -> Global configuration -> Dropfiles
Fix Search engine: do not allowed to enter tags that do not exist
Fix Only display remote file input in right panel if it's a remote file

Version 5.7.0

Add New design for file search engine
Add Search engine: root category selection with quick filtering
Add Search engine: file tag suggestion based on existing tag only
Add File search results with column display selection

Version 5.6.0

Add Possibility to track user downloads (option needs to be turned On)
Add Frontend: Add a button to download all the files from a category as a .zip
Add Download selected file on frontend

Version 5.5.1

Fix Load file params on search result in admin
Fix Remote url is truncated at 100 characters
Fix Wrong access to configuration page
Fix Cannot enter value for color input
Fix Apply default theme parameters for category when switch category theme

Version 5.5.0

Add File multi-category: Load file in multiple categories
Add Edit one master file to update other files in multi-categories
Add Category status inherited: sub-categories will automatically have parent category access right
Add Category status inherited: default status 'Inherited' applied to all new categories
Fix Missing description, tags when copy file to other category

Version 5.4.1

Fix Can't add a new category
Fix Open Google Drive file in tree theme not working

Version 5.4.0

Add New categories themes layout
Fix Some cloned themes parameters not applied
Fix Folder tree not properly working with multiple instance of categories

Version 5.3.5

Fix Error when adding category on version 5.3.4

Version 5.3.4

Fix Button watch change not working
Fix Duplicate cloud categories when using Google Drive push notification

Version 5.3.3

Fix Hide empty categories cause performance issue in case large number of files
Fix Dropbox manually sync endless in some case
Fix Timeout error when update extension

Version 5.3.2

Fix Missing local file on query

Version 5.3.1

Fix Disconnect from Dropbox doesn't work
Fix Import button from Docman doesn't work
Fix Hide empty categories feature for cloud category

Version 5.3.0

Add New back-end UX design
Add New UX for extension's configuration page
Add New UI statistics design
Add Possibility to select several files at once with MAJ (SHIFT) key
Add New setting: do not display empty folders on frontend
Add New {uploader_username} variable for email notification

Version 5.2.8

Fix Preview video can not be played back when click on stop
Fix Warning on PHP 7.4

Version 5.2.7

Fix Translation sharing issue in some browsers

Version 5.2.6

Fix Google Drive sync process stop before finish in some case
Fix Meta keywords on menu item metadata don't work

Version 5.2.5

Add Apply columns parameter on file listing (default theme)
Fix Missing non UTF-8 characters in file name on download

Version 5.2.4

Fix Bootbox issue at manage files on front-end
Fix Wrong position of editor buttons in file description field
Fix Wrong file version id
Fix Responsive on mobile for left tree on themes on front-end
Fix Root category name in left tree not display when disable option Show category name
Fix Wrong category type when update from very old version

Version 5.2.3

Add Apply columns parameter for list files menu
Fix Hit counter don't work with remote file

Version 5.2.2

Add Columns setting for the default layout
Fix Missing file video.js for preview media file
Fix Phocadownload categories tree in import tool
Fix Reloading page with hash in tree theme not working

Version 5.2.1

Add Add Item ID to Dropfiles search module
Fix Search in file description when WYSIWYG text editor enabled
Fix Back to previous page problem in front-end files manage page
Fix Translate problem for some notify in files manage page

Version 5.2.0

Add Use Webhook to sync with Google Drive in real time
Add Google Drive legacy synchronization (new method require Google Search Console validation)
Add Update to Google Drive SDK V3 and remove SDK V2
Add Button to On/Off Google Drive push notification
Add Notify popup about other sync progress is running
Add Possibility to select multiple users for single file access
Fix jDownload file importer
Fix File old version download and restore

Version 5.1.8

Fix Security fix: Update PDFParser library

Version 5.1.7

Fix Fix wrong Google Drive id used in tree
Fix Update FAQ link

Version 5.1.6

Add Add background hover color for single file in frontend
Fix Duplicate slash in translate file URL
Fix Wrong theme params in frontend
Fix Turn off ajax cron running on frontend when cloud not connected
Fix Update Google Drive document link
Fix Seach indexer not working
Fix Error when no category selected in backend
Fix Google Drive autoload function name
Fix Google Drive folder still display when disconnected

Version 5.1.5

Fix Add Please created folder text when there is no category created
Fix Change redirect url for Azure Portal

Version 5.1.4

Fix Error on front search when selected category hasn't sub categories
Fix Single user restriction problem
Fix Wrong jquery-ui url

Version 5.1.3

Fix Frontend search module after code rewriting
Fix Custom icon in themes not loaded

Version 5.1.2

Fix List files with All categories selected not working

Version 5.1.1

Add Using PHPCS to make standard definitions
Fix Preview files in new tab and lightbox problem
Fix Upload file version for OneDrive
Fix Dropbox synchronization progress issue
Fix Permission (access) not applied on search results
Fix Send duplicate email to additional email when file downloaded

Version 5.1.0

Add Possibility to duplicate a theme from existing
Add Possibility to override the single file php layout
Add Enhancement of file uploader
Fix Error when category is ordered by file type
Fix Warning on php 7.3
Fix Wrong font family usage in single file display
Fix Console log error on statistics page
Fix Date format translation for google charts on statistics page

Version 5.0.14

Fix Category drag and drop problem
Fix Search OneDrive files
Fix Wrong date format in latest files module
Fix Can not preview on category with special characters
Fix Update handlebars to v4.1.0
Fix Cloud files not displayed on JCE editor link button

Version 5.0.13

Fix Conflict Google Drive class name
Fix Category params can not save in some case

Version 5.0.12

Fix Import jDownload
Fix Warning on php 7.2
Fix Search index file on php 7.2

Version 5.0.11

Fix Warning Invalid field: published
Fix Load duplicate sub folders in the frontlist view
Fix Wrong user in email notification

Version 5.0.10

Add Generate a link that can be copied per file

Version 5.0.9

Fix Warning in PHP 7.2
Fix Max file limit when sync with Google Drive
Fix Search file error when using checkbox tags

Version 5.0.8

Fix Auto sync for OneDrive
Fix Add animate when select a category
Fix Table layout
Fix Public group download permission on new install
Fix Nestable2 problem on Firefox
Fix Missing view on dropfiles modal on create article in frontend
Fix Addslashes on tags list
Fix Deleting a category doesn't reload tree view

Version 5.0.7

Fix Date error on search in file manager
Fix Search results not returning files in child category

Version 5.0.6

Add Dropfiles links plugin for JCE
Fix Allow to upload files with same name
Fix Remove limit of 30 files on upload
Fix Links in pop up setting does not apply
Fix Cloud automatic synchronization

Version 5.0.5

Add Possibility to run full document content index for plain text search (settings)
Fix Download popup link not working
Fix CSS for download icon align

Version 5.0.4

Fix Import from Phocadownload return wrong parent category id
Fix CSS search results navigation
Fix Wrong parameters order in search
Fix Mising allowed ext and download button on frontview
Fix Download all in file listing from a menu not working
Fix fix css file manage not work
Fix Fix preview mp3 file can't play back
Fix Fix selectall in List Files menutype not working

Version 5.0.3

Fix Download file in frontend management view doesn't work
Fix Missing download button in the upload files view
Fix Button save article don't work on front-end if Dropfiles search module is loaded

Version 5.0.2

Add Use resumable.js to upload large files (heavier than php.ini value)
Add Code reformating using PHPCS to make standard definitions

Version 5.0.1

Fix Grey out unpublished file issue in files management on front-end
Fix Missing language constant
Fix Change file size unit to uppercase
Fix Import from Phoca download
Fix Duplicate search result when using Google Drive integration

Version 5.0.0

Add OneDrive: Synchronize files from OneDrive to Joomla
Add OneDrive: Synchronize files from Joomla to OneDrive
Add Admin UX: Add notification system on actions: file and categories add, edit, delete, order
Fix Cloud synchronization update with subfolders
Fix Category access based on user owner

Version 4.5.3

Fix Reorder files in Dropbox category issue
Fix When you drag a file category, the category name goes under
Fix When you change the theme, the group is removed from the ACL

Version 4.5.2

Fix Dropfiles options page broken when using an old version (1.9.x) of jDownload component
Fix Wrong modified date and created date of the files in Google Drive and Dropbox
Fix Some categories don't appear in the category parameter in Listing file menu
Fix Wrong ordering files in latest file module

Version 4.5.1

Fix eDocman mass import issue
Fix Download link color parameter in table layout don't apply
Fix Sorting files does not apply in front-end file management
Fix Search issue and get all tags function
Fix Some issues in module latest files ordering

Version 4.5.0

Add Phoca Download file importer
Add New file access option in user group permission: View Only or View and Download
Add From frontend, if allowed (logged in) display a Manage Files button
Add Direct download option on themes that open popup to download files
Add Dedicated module to load: Latest files uploaded, updated plus ordering options

Version 4.4.3

Fix file don't open correctly in tree theme
Fix some issues in manage view on front-end

Version 4.4.2

Fix Super administrator Email notification always ON
Fix Drag category handles not displayed
Fix Ordring icon in file searching
Fix File uncheck does not work unless you reload the whole page

Version 4.4.1

Fix SQL Injection issue
Fix File ordering with drag and drop is broken
Fix Search file in backend style

Version 4.4.0

Add New admin design, left column can be resized
Add Frontend: 4 new theme design, improved performance and file navigation
Add Theme selection: on mouse hover display a theme preview image
Add Search/filter engine for files and categories in admin
Add Copy/Cut/Paste/Uncheck icons on top left of the file list
Add Flip icon on top right of the files to show/hide the right column
Add Hide columns automatically when the screen size goes smaller
Add When navigate through categories, add a suffix in the URLs (to share category URLs)
Fix fix import Docman

Version 4.3.3

Fix folder tree with multiple categories issue

Version 4.3.2

Fix Calendar fix due to Joomla 3.7 update
Fix Custom icon don't apply on Joomla 3.7

Version 4.3.1

Add Joomla 3.7 compatible
Fix File history limit don't erase old files versions
Fix PHP7 warning
Fix Duplicate files on frontend when display multiple categories
Fix Language string missing

Version 4.3.0

Add jDownloads importer: Import file categories, files, title and description
Add Edocman importer: Import file categories, files, title and description
Add Possibility to limit the file versioning count from 0 to 100
Add Add the possibility to restore old file version in one click

Version 4.2.2

Add Enhance builtin translation tool

Version 4.2.1

Add Enhance language version detection
Fix Sort tag by order (Joomla native tag ordering)
Fix Docman importer error on setting save

Version 4.2.0

Add Docman importer: Import Docman categories and files (documents)
Add Add a possibility to disable the full text search
Add Add the possibility to open PDF in new browser tab
Add Add the possibility to change date format
Add Add the possibility to change category owner

Version 4.1.5

Add Built in JU Translation tool

Version 4.1.4

Fix Double click on tree theme load files twice
Fix Category name lengh in backend crop
Fix Inherited access from parent category
Fix Restricted download file with user group from search engine
Fix Search file with user group limitation
Fix Sync Dropbox

Version 4.1.3

Fix Add author for file

Version 4.1.2

Fix Pagination not applied on search and filter
Fix Access category by user group not applied on search engine

Version 4.1.1

Fix Disable send email by default

Version 4.1.0

Add Notification system: possibility to notify users on file upload, remove, edit, download
Add Notification admin user, to custom Email and file owner
Add Tag for custom notification Email content: file name, file category, website URL, username
Add Custom icon on files with automatic thumbnail
Add Close button for media preview

Version 4.0.1

Fix Rename Dropbox file from Dropbox and from Dropfiles

Version 4.0.0

Add Dropbox integration: two way synchronization
Add When a file is not published, reduce opcity in listing (admin side)

Version 3.3.2

Fix Time zone applied on file publication

Version 3.3.1

Fix Search module doesn't refresh the new selected tags in checkbox filters
Fix Unpublished files displayed
 Auto publish when upload a new file

Version 3.3.0

Add Edit update/creation date
Add File publication state and date
Add Add an upload form with predefined category for upload
Add Category view restriction per Joomla user group, not just access level
Add Possibility to edit remote download files information
Add Google Drive files index in database for speed display in listing and search views
Add Add link to preview a file when it's inserted as a single file
Add Add download statistics dashboard with graph, filter by date, category and files

Version 3.2.3

Fix Style for Insert file and Insert category buttons
Fix Click theme button in Dropfiles manager at front-end

Version 3.2.2

Fix Return a Null parameter on fresh installation

Version 3.2.1

Fix Installation database wrong query

Version 3.2.0

Add Add WYSIWYG editor in file description as an option
Add Add indexation for Google Drive files
Add Possibility to restrict file display / category per Joomla user
Add Possibility to copy or move files (copy/cut/paste) from one categories to another
Add Admin CSS new design for theme selection and UX

Version 3.1.3

Fix updater was not using a https address

Version 3.1.2

Fix warning when update component
Fix issue when display Google Drive category using menu

Version 3.1.1

Fix front.css file is not loaded when the viewer is not used

Version 3.1.0

Add Add remote file
Add Dedicated menu and template to manage files on frontend
Add Add the menu to display one or multiple categories
Add New admin CSS design
Add Merge Dropfiles component and theme

Version 3.0.3

Fix Delete categories multiple level at once (Joomla 3.4.6 bug)

Version 3.0.2

Fix Delete categories incorrectly

Version 3.0.1

Fix Add filetype column in backend

Version 3.0.0

Add The folder tree navigation
Add Ability to add and manage Joomla tag when editing a file
Add Single file insertion new design
Add New icon set and frontend design for theme
Fix Remove old updater notification
Fix Breadcrumb for category navigation

Version 2.3.4

Fix Avoid Joomla file checking
Fix Google drive doesn't save the file settings

Version 2.3.3

Fix File viewer issue when insert single file into article
Fix Google viewer issue in new lightbox and missing close tag in xml file
Fix Google viewer issue when category is private
Fix Issue in google drive sync function
Fix Category special character in name issue (contain &)
Fix Check category access level in search results

Version 2.3.2

Fix Single download file function

Version 2.3.1

Fix File ext display in admin and player center issue in small screen
Fix Video and audio player close on esc button

Version 2.3.0

Add Player for video and sounds
Add Image viewer

Version 2.2.1

Add Speed up the function to get tags of Google files
Add Increase the search display rendering and function

Version 2.2.0

Add Plain text search feature
Add Tag search filtering
Add Date search filtering
Add Category search filtering
Add Native Google doc viewer and download
Add Module search and filter
Add Menu view for search and filter
Add Native Google doc viewer and download

Version 2.1.1

Add In file listing, sub folders are not shown

Version 2.1.0

Add Default themes parameters in config
Add Possibility to hide themes parameters in category view
Add Retractable left panel
Add Support sync of sublevel category on drive
Add If you erase a drive category it's now erased in Dropfiles

Version 2.0.10

Add DropEditor support and full version update
Fix Load first gcategory when none selected

Version 2.0.9

Fix Update to latest Google API Class with autoload feature
Fix Language string comments #
Fix Undefined $doc variable and viewer not enabled

Version 2.0.8

Fix Navigation problem when site based on a subdirectory
Fix Google document id not recognized when it contains "-"
Fix Error when number of files is > 1000
Fix Single google doc inclusion

Version 2.0.7

Add Ability to download files from backend
Add Support popup in backend
Add Description column show/hide option
Fix Reduce right column size
Fix Full table responsive support
Fix Error in ajax request in some configurations

Version 2.0.6

Fix Fix loading permissions parameters error

Version 2.0.5

Add HTTPS support for Google drive viewer
Add Ability to change date format through COM_DROPFILES_DEFAULT_DATE_FORMAT
Fix Flexicontent home page home page broken links
Fix Update button always shown on low resolution screens
Fix Edition error with edit.own permission
Fix Increase min-height frontend file

Version 2.0.4

Add Better backend mobile support
Fix Saving filename doesn't save extension
Fix Plugin called even if theme is not the correct one
Fix Wrong creation and modification time display
Fix Extension not shown on Google drive
Fix Joomla core js not loaded on few templates

Version 2.0.3

Fix Fix JS error when file was openned in a blank page

Version 2.0.2

Fix Fix some downloads problem
Fix Remove some extensions not considered in google viewer

Version 2.0.1

Fix Timezone error in date/hour of files
Fix Margin problem on Joomla 2.5
Fix Backend category ordering
Fix Enhance K2 support
Fix Error saving paramaters on Joomla 2.5

Version 2.0.0

Add Google Drive integration
Add Apply theme per category
Add  Joomla backend ordering with drag'n drop
Add  Frontend/backend ordering by type, title, description, size, date, version & hit
Add Save ordering for frontend
Add Redesigned backend UX
Add File update backup (versionning)
Add Column display filter
Add Joomla ACL integration enhancement to limit access by group and action
Add Google drive viewer
Add SEO URL respecting the path to files with prefix configuration
Add Load category accordion open or closed by default
Add Update notification in backend
Add Joomla search plugin
Add Allow HTML in file description field
Add  Load back the current dropfiles category by clicking on editor button
Add Set the server max_upload to the server max value by default
Add Possibility to change the php download function

Version 1.3.6

Fix Theme parameter saving on Joomla 3.3.1

Version 1.3.5

Fix JS compatibility with the new jQuery version on Joomla 3.3

Version 1.3.4

Fix Dropfiles insertion in Joomla 3.2 frontend

Version 1.3.3

Fix Dropfiles insertion in Zoo
Fix CSS overflow in category title

Version 1.3.2

Fix JS error in theme config
Fix Strict standards error
Fix Showing only 20 items on the backend
Fix Themes parameters errors

Version 1.3.1

Add A component parameter to set the max file size
Add The php directive upload_max_filesize, post_max_size need to be higher or equals to the joomla parameter
Fix Reordering problem under IE10, IE9

Version 1.3.0

Add Theme package, GGD theme, Table theme, Tree theme

Version 1.2.0

Add Main feature : import files from server. Work only for administrators in the backend component
Add Dutch translation
Add Show/hide category title parameter for default theme
Fix Parent category floating bug on frontend
Fix Fatal error with plugin smart search activated
Fix Title under sub-categories on ajax navigation
Fix Save button can be translated

Version 1.1.0

Add Add drag'n drop for categories

Version 1.0.0

Add Initial release