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DropEditor changelog

Last update : 25 Apr 2024

Version 2.5.20

Fix Some editor buttons are not working in Joomla 5.1

Version 2.5.19

Add Joomla 5 compatible

Version 2.5.18

Fix Error in blank article

Version 2.5.17

Fix Error when using Google fonts
Fix Some PHP warnings

Version 2.5.16

Fix Error when adding custom style in Joomla 4
Fix Conflict with Convert forms extension

Version 2.5.15

Fix Install error on PHP 8

Version 2.5.14

Fix Some errors on Joomla 3.10

Version 2.5.13

Add Joomla 4 compatible

Version 2.5.12

Fix Insert media tool

Version 2.5.11

Fix Iframe height too small in some editor tools

Version 2.5.10

Fix Can't insert readmore into article when using additional fields

Version 2.5.9

Fix Fetch Youtube video information fails
Fix Missing some fonts in the Google fonts list

Version 2.5.8

Fix Translation sharing issue in some browsers

Version 2.5.7

Fix Loading customstyles file fail when update extension

Version 2.5.6

Fix Update heading format in editor when delete a custom title style
Fix Saving custom title style doesn't work property in some cases.

Version 2.5.5

Fix Missing link when editing a saved button
Fix Missing custom style when update editor

Version 2.5.4

Fix Button in the column content broken when resizing column width
Fix Droptables button parameter in the editor profile not saved correctly
Fix Missing translation in some editor tools

Version 2.5.3

Fix Bullets tool doesn't work if there are multiple editor instances
Fix Missing translation in some editor tools
Fix JU Translation url

Version 2.5.2

Fix JU Updater

Version 2.5.1

Fix Button and link tool don't work if there are multiple editor instances
Fix Issue with Scayt plugin
Fix Can't delete image in Droppics light version

Version 2.5.0

Add New editor tool: non-breakable spaces character
Add JCE Editor plugin: Insert link to Dropfiles files from JCE link manager
Fix Link to article inserted (from link manager) can be stripped in some template

Version 2.4.0

Add Update Droppics-light UI/UX to the latest version
Add Update Dropfiles-light UI/UX to the latest version
Add Keep styles and formats when pasting from Word

Version 2.3.2

Fix Conflict with some editors-xtd plugins
Fix Error while inserting button in some specific configuration
Fix Error while loading front-end content on some servers (may create error code 500)
Fix Cannot load Google fonts on front-end
Fix Allow to using empty (i) and (span) tag for inserting font icons

Version 2.3.1

Fix Videos: Allow to edit inserted local videos and sounds
Fix Keep old profiles config when updating
Fix Issue while saving custom styles CSS

Version 2.3.0

Add New editor tool: Embed videos from Youtube, Vimeo
Add New editor tool: Embed Local videos and sounds
Add Play videos and sounds in content or as popup
Add Custom thumbnail for media played in popup

Version 2.2.0

Add New function: Export and Import edition profiles
Add New function: Export and Import editor custom styles

Version 2.1.1

Fix Link not update when edit with Link quick editor
Fix Allow using single and double quotes in button text

Version 2.1.0

Add Link manager: Add link to Joomla articles and categories
Add Link manager: Add link to K2 item and category
Add Link manager: Add link to Flexicontent item and category
Add Link manager: Add link to download a Dropfiles file
Add Link manager: Add link to send email (mailto:) and link to an anchor in text
Add Link manager: Possiblity to quick edit link URL or to open back and edit a link

Version 2.0.2

Add New Search/Replace functions in code-view editor

Version 2.0.1

Add Remove auto-save functions in custom styles. Use Save and Cancel buttons instead
Add Implement new UI for editor profile
Fix Issues with loading editor on Firefox and IE

Version 2.0.0

Add New interface with material design style
Add Editor style design can be changed (background color, icon color, icon size...)
Add Option to display tooltips on editor tools when mousehover
Add Function to edit link when clicking on it
Add Box-shadow and style options for buttons tool
Add Column manager redesigned and new layouts
Add Preview button: Preview your article in front-end view instead of a blank page
Fix Compatibility of Dropfiles with Joomla 3.7
Fix Some issues with insert Buttons tool

Version 1.2.0

Add Redesign the interface of Dropfiles and Droppics
Add Function to insert embed video in Droppics
Add Function to open image on double click on it
Add Function to change style of files inserted by Dropfiles
Add Double-click on inserted file or image in DropFiles will display its editor (not its properties anymore)
Add Option to make the editor full browser height
Fix Cannot remove all chosen components in DropEditor profiles

Version 1.1.11

Add Joomla 3.7 compatibility
Fix Link tool broken with error: Not Authorized

Version 1.1.10

Add Builtin translation tool
Fix relative url issue when using DropEditor on front-end

Version 1.1.9

Fix disable html character entities conversion
Fix DOMNode error in some case

Version 1.1.8

Fix error with dom element in Joomla article in some cases

Version 1.1.7

Fix catchable error with dom element in Joomla article in some cases

Version 1.1.6

Fix In some case, creates a conflict that generate additional html tag in Joomla article

Version 1.1.5

Fix Apply color on button do not work as expected
Fix HTTPS error when loading Google font

Version 1.1.4

Fix HTML content is removed during custom column update

Version 1.1.3

Fix HTML content is removed during custom column update

Version 1.1.2

Fix Google font button not displayed in toolbar configuration

Version 1.1.1

Fix Load only on component feature fix
Fix Warning on Goole font edition
Fix Strip content on Breezing form

Version 1.1.0

Add Include Google a font selector and make it available in editor tool
Add Add custom font color, to be defined in profile
Add Switch from color panel to color picker for font color and background color
Fix Change edition font to Open sans font
Fix Author Joomla user group access to DropEditor config
Fix Button edition, open one accordions one by one
Fix TZ Portfolio fix, add image, droptable, dropfiles in the content go in the quote tab

Version 1.0.6

Add Joomunited component updater
Fix Cyrilic letter in DropEditor tool

Version 1.0.5

Fix Remove font-family for body tag
Fix Hide 'Open' link in dropfiles when setting display viewer none
Fix Enable Image editor button

Version 1.0.4

Fix Don't run content prepare when article is empty
Fix K2 category link broken
Fix Bullet list can now replace paragraph

Version 1.0.3

Fix Frontend editor load

Version 1.0.2

Fix Other editor buttons hidden
Fix Wrong external link for button and link tool
Fix Text under-line on button
Fix Saving Persian and Arabic languages in wrong format

Version 1.0.1

Add Custom title function with H4 to H6 activation option
Fix Button Editor link broken
Fix Button Editor style broken
Fix Droppics and Dropfiles update to full version default category loading
Fix Change absolute links to images to relative
Fix Column display on wild screens
Fix Remove dead code

Version 1.0.0

Add Initial release