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WP File Download changelog

Last update : 21 Nov 2023
Compatible with the latest Wordpress version and Stable release: 6.4.1

Version 5.9.5

Fix Upload form below category in front-end not working
Fix Multiple categories file not showing on front-end
Fix JU Translation overwritten on WP File Download single file

Version 5.9.4

Fix Error when search file with no keyword

Version 5.9.3

Fix Sort the relevance of search results to keyword
Fix Sync server folder
Fix Incorrect list file display when using WPML

Version 5.9.2

Add Implement server folder synchronization
Add Possibility to run 2 ways synchronization for folders
Add Define folder synchronization delay
Add Define folder synchronization filter by file types
Add Regenerate single file preview from the latest file version
Add Preview theme: Display preview image from custom media
Fix Wrong real path

Version 5.9.1

Fix File download issues with filenames containing special characters
Fix Wrong icon path in some cases
Fix The single icon builder not saving
Fix Password protected files not working
Fix Resolves several issues in the Tree theme

Version 5.9.0

Add Preview WP File Download blocks in Gutenberg Blocks Editor
Add New WP File Download Search engine block in Gutenberg Blocks Editor
Add Download link from the JoomUnited file previewer
Add Possibility to filter for all files waiting for approval in the admin search
Add New option to display breadcrumbs for the Tree theme
Fix New uploaded files will display in the category without refreshing page
Fix Wrong icon path in some cases
Fix Fatal error in some cases

Version 5.8.3

Fix Conflict with Avada theme when JS Compiler enabled

Version 5.8.2

Fix Improving file search functionality within the category
Fix Improving search results when using quotation marks

Version 5.8.1

Fix Plain text search not working in some cases
Fix Table layout theme

Version 5.8.0

Add Option to display file search above the category file listing on front-end
Add Search engine: Possibility to show/hide/sort columns for the search results (None or Table theme)
Add Search engine: Minimize filters in the first page loading
Add Search engine: Add the option to display pagination in the search results
Fix The search layout appearing broken on Elementor, Avada and Divi builders

Version 5.7.7

Fix Conflict with Amelia booking plugin

Version 5.7.6

Fix Fatal error: conflict with WPML plugin

Version 5.7.5

Fix Search engine: validate weight and date filters
Fix Search engine: wrong file tags when using multiple search engine in a page
Fix Search engine: wrong search result (multiple categories) when filter by file type or file weight

Version 5.7.4

Fix Search engine: Showing tags incorrect
Fix Search engine: Display category list incorrect
Fix WP File Download button not working on Beaver builder at frontend

Version 5.7.3

Add Search engine: New design
Add Search engine: Filter by file type with multiple inputs
Fix Showing tags and filtering by tag in the search engine
Fix Plain text search not working
Fix File suggestion display incorrect

Version 5.7.2

Fix Build search index error

Version 5.7.1

Fix Return no result when plain text search enabled

Version 5.7.0

Add Search engine: Option to filter files by file type in the search engine
Add Search engine: Option to filter files by file weight in the search engine
Add Search engine: Option to display suggestion when user is typing in the search box
Add Search engine: return files in multi-categories
Add Search engine performance enhancement with new cache system
Fix Show upload form on front-end wrong in some cases

Version 5.6.10

Fix Update the updater for WordPress 6.2
Fix Missing loading spinner when using table theme

Version 5.6.9

Fix WP File Download Search engine conflict with WPML
Fix Compatible with Elementor latest
Fix PHP warning on Plain text search indexer
Fix Style issue in table theme

Version 5.6.8

Fix Wrong search multi category file on WP File Download Search engine
Fix Admin file search issue
Fix Wrong ordering on duplicating category
Fix Custom ordering not work with multi category file
Fix Style issue on Gutenberg Categories block
Fix Table's clone theme not work as expected

Version 5.6.7

Add Option to limit the number of downloads per user group
Add Option to limit the number of downloads by count and delay
Fix Update new placeholder image for page builder and classic editor
Fix Improve the search in category list in WP File Download category Gutenberg widget and Divi module

Version 5.6.6

Fix Updater may not install correctly updates

Version 5.6.5

Fix Category tree display issue on front-end
Fix Wrong multi categories of cloud file
Fix Missing link to Woo product description on single file
Fix PHP warning on admin

Version 5.6.4

Add Pagination and load more options for file listing on admin
Add Possibility to add theme param to category shortcode
Add Possibility to order sub categories
Add Global settings for ordering direction for files and categories
Fix Import server files not work with uppercase file type
Fix Update date picker in the file search filter to avoid confusion
Fix Wrong pagination on frontend

Version 5.6.3

Fix Error on JoomUnited file previewer, some servers prevent writing to PHP file
Fix Deleting the WP File Download plugin fails in some case
Fix WPML compatibility
Fix Wrong WP File Download pagination on cache

Version 5.6.2

Fix Missing permission check when download multiple files
Fix Improve upload files performance
Fix Responsive issue on themes
Fix WPML compatibility

Version 5.6.1

Fix Upload load file not working on frontend
Fix Wrong style on WP File Download Search engine

Version 5.6.0

Add Possibility to upload folder into WP File Download
Add Improve category loading speed on frontend
Add Link a file to multiple categories with a hook
Add Reduce the number of file loaded to improver performance
Add Possibility to drag files or folder on the whole plugin file list view
Fix Wrong category title on deleting
Fix Wrong search in some case
Fix Warning on PHP 8 when using Divi
Fix Published on option doesn't work in some case

Version 5.5.6

Fix Preview lightbox not working.

Version 5.5.5

Fix The WPFD Divi module doesn't work in some case
Fix Plain text search with Japanese and Chinese not working
Fix File version drag & drop issue

Version 5.5.4

Add Support for addon version 4.5.15

Version 5.5.3

Fix Improve reordering categories performance
Fix Download file not working on firefox
Fix Error on load scripts and styles when using table theme on WP File Download Search engine
Fix Wrong file version when uploading large file
Fix Wrong files ordering in some case

Version 5.5.2

Fix Upload form below category in front-end not working on empty category
Fix Multiple categories file issue
Fix Wrong download link when using WordPress Multilingual
Fix Warning on category shortcode
Fix WP File Download single file style issue

Version 5.5.1

Fix Remote file URL not open in new tab
Fix Password Protected option not work in Preview theme
Fix Upload form below category in front-end does not work in some case
Fix Permission to upload form below category in front-end
Fix Wrong category theme params when theme settings option is disabled
Fix Multiple categories icon not showing

Version 5.5.0

Add Possibility to download selected file on WP File Download Search engine
Add Possibility to search multiple words at once on WP File Download Search engine
Add Option to set a background color for WP File Download category
Add Option to set a folder tree position
Add Option to enable or disable WP File Download category settings
Add Option to add automatically a suffix on WP File Download file after updating
Add Previewer log information
Fix Theme icons are not at the right color and size
Fix Theme display issue on mobile

Version 5.4.2

Fix Support for Dropbox oAuth2
Fix Upload form below category in front-end not working on non-admin account
Fix [Icon builder] SVG set can not save when allow_url_fopen=0
Fix Prevent jumping to top page when preview and GDD theme file modal

Version 5.4.1

Fix Preview generator not generate the files thumbnail in some case

Version 5.4.0

Add New WP File Download Preview theme
Add Possibility to display a message when a WP File Download category is empty
Add Possibility to display a message when a WP File Download category is not accessible by a user
Fix Download selected file not working on tree theme
Fix Pagination number not working
Fix Search by tags issue
Fix Theme display issue in some case

Version 5.3.0

Add Possibility to set a password protection for WP File Download file
Add Possibility to set a password protection for WP File Download category
Add Possibility to copy categories and subcategories of WP File Download files

Version 5.2.2

Fix File editor now display inline in file list and don't need reload file list after save.
Fix GA tracking not working on single file.

Version 5.2.1

Fix Admin search own categories only.
Fix Multiple categories file icon showing in every files on search.
Fix Remove download all button in search results.
Fix Duplicate file name in single file shortcode.
Fix Category theme params still showing when theme per category is disabled.

Version 5.2.0

Add New admin to manage categories with right click
Add Possibility to add color to categories
Add Context menu to manage files
Add Quick action to publish/unpublish files
Add Quick publication date display for files in listing
Add New admin file search engine with filter by type, category, date and weight
Add Prevent file and category modification loss with tooltip
Fix Missing icon set style when include search form
Fix Conflict with plugin Ivory Search (Premium)
Fix Horizontal scrollbar in table theme
Fix Search limiting.
Fix Divi module missing styles in admin backend.

Version 5.1.3

Fix WordPress file search conflict with WPML.
Fix Missing ajaxurl when popup open on site have WP Fatest Cache.
Fix Custom files ordering not saved.

Version 5.1.2

Fix Update handlebars library to v4.7.7.
Fix Search widget not working.

Version 5.1.1

Fix Cut/Copy/Paste not working.
Fix Missing category setting opener when category empty.

Version 5.1.0

Add Option for the files to be uploaded unpublished
Add Only allow user to upload file if the user has right to upload
Add Possibility to publish multiple WP File Download files
Add Possibility to unpublished multiple WP File Download files
Add Possibility to upload files to all WP File Download categories
Add Option to display upload form under the files listing on front-end

Version 5.0.4

Fix Cloud files not showing in backend.

Version 5.0.3

Fix Conflict with the Divi Builder stylesheet.
Fix The preview button isn't showing in front-end.
Fix Hide cloud categories when the Addon plugin deactivated.
Fix The previewer light-box stuck in some case.

Version 5.0.2

Fix Table theme category navigation not loading
Fix GGD theme sidebar not loading
Fix Search limit not working

Version 5.0.1

Fix Check download/preview permission for user on multiple roles
Fix Handlebars error when option display sub-categories disabled.
Fix Wrong file path on importing when wordpress installed in sub-folder.
Fix PHP 8 compatibility patch for LightnCandy class.
Fix Support formal languages on translate module.
Fix Daterange picker layout on search page.

Version 5.0.0

Add Possibility to export WP File Download files and categories from one server to another
Add Possibility to import WP File Download files and categories from another server
Add Possibility to import local server files and folders into WP File Download
Add Possibility to import files and categories from the 3rd party plugin WP Download Manager
Add Possibility to set an expiration date for WP File Download file
Add Possibility to define Download files action per user role
Add Possibility to define Preview files action per user role
Add Add xsendfile option to improve performances
Fix PHPMailer, SMTP, phpmailerException classes do not exist

Version 4.9.10

Fix Conflict style with the Heading Title block in WP Bakery Page Builder.
Fix Wrong cloud category id type in shortcode generator.

Version 4.9.9

Add Implement JoomUnited document preview for cloud documents files
Add Increase the number of pages in Joomunited document preview to 3
Fix GGD theme error when open file in popup mode

Version 4.9.8

Fix Wrong check edit permission for categories.
Fix Missing WpfdBase class when generate preview files in some case.
Fix All categories shortcode with folder tree now expand by default.
Fix All categories shortcode with pagination on first page init.
Fix Additional notification Email address when download trigger.
Fix HTML template for category on front-end not correct when insert multiple category in same place with difference settings.
Fix Front-end categories order by Ordering not correct for the first category.

Version 4.9.7

Fix Divi modules conflict with other plugin.
Fix Preview generator now support PPTX files.

Version 4.9.6

Fix Add missing RTF icon
Fix Ajax error when set title for category
Fix Wrong preview generated file path on Windows
Fix WP File Download Avada builder element not render on front-end

Version 4.9.5

Add WP File Download single file module for Avada page builder
Add WP File Download category module for Avada page builder
Add WP File Download search module for Avada page builder

Version 4.9.4

Add WP File Download single file module for WPBakery page builder
Add WP File Download category module for WPBakery page builder
Add WP File Download search module for WPBakery page builder
Fix Search tag not working in Japanese or that kind of language
Fix Wrong search when exclude category is empty
Fix Wrong pagination initialization when files loaded

Version 4.9.3

Fix File icons are not properly loaded in the WP File Download category module in Divi edition mode
Fix WP File Download single file does not work in some case in Divi page builder
Fix WP File Download single file widget does not work with Wordpress version 5.6.0 in Elementor page builder
Fix WP File Download category widget does not work with Wordpress version 5.6.0 in Elementor page builder
Fix Conflict with Polylang plugin
Fix Wrong handlename in icon builder on translated site

Version 4.9.2

Add WP File Download single file module for Divi page builder
Add WP File Download category module for Divi page builder
Add WP File Download search module for Divi page builder

Version 4.9.1

Fix Category tree in front-end not display

Version 4.9.0

Add Introducing JoomUnited file previewer, a fast and stable document viewer
Add Select either JoomUnited or Google file previewer
Add File format handled: ai,csv,doc,docx,html,json,odp,ods,pdf,ppt,rtf,sketch,xd,xls,xlsx,xml
Add Fallback to the Google previewer in case a file preview failed
Add Fallback to the Google previewer in case preview file format is not available
Add Category status inherited: sub-categories will automatically have parent category access right
Add Category status inherited: default status Inherited is applied to all new categories

Version 4.8.4

Fix Wrong multiple categories file title when search on front-end
Fix PHPMailer class has been moved to wp-includes/PHPMailer in WP 5.5.3

Version 4.8.3

Add New Edit permissions settings on User Roles configuration
Fix Icon set not display on all categories shortcode
Fix Elementor page builder hang on some case
Fix Activate plugin fail on some case
Fix Remove php renderer file on disk

Version 4.8.2

Add WP File Download single file widget for Elementor page builder
Add WP File Download category widget for Elementor page builder
Add WP File Download search widget for Elementor page builder

Version 4.8.1

Fix Category shortcode for empty folder not working
Fix Search shortcode generator not update on change settings
Fix Icon Builder: SVG Frame background not remove on selection other frame
Fix Missing default icon for additional extension when using SVG set on single file

Version 4.8.0

Add New SVG icon builder system
Add New PNG icon builder system
Add Possibility to everide each svg and PNG icon
Add Possibility to edit svg icon layers with CSS configration
Add Single file download icon customization
Add Single file download layout customization [Breaking change -- Single file display will change and css overrides made will not work anymore]
Add Setting to define a default icon set for the whole website
Fix Plain text search not working
Fix Show empty category setting not applied in some case
Fix Search results ordering
Fix Preview token now generate for login user only

Version 4.7.15

Add WordPress 5.5 compatibility
Fix Pagination issue on wpfd_category shortcode to show all files
Fix Shortcode generator wrong category id for cloud categories
Fix Support for WooCommerce description
Fix Conflict with some theme search query
Fix Set max-width for files container when enable folder tree

Version 4.7.14

Fix Files in multiple categories not remove when delete in target category
Fix Themes pagination issue
Fix Render HTML in file title in front-end
Fix Wrong files ordering in front-end
Fix Plain text search performance for long terms
Fix Remote file size N/A for zero file size
Fix File health check fail for WP Rest API in some cases

Version 4.7.13

Fix File name in UTF-8 when download
Fix Remove a dot from category name in Gutenberg Categories block
Fix Multiple categories file in sub-categories not found when search
Fix Clear float after pagination in front-end themes
Fix Remove duplicate elements id on same page
Fix Widget conflict in Elementor Page Builder
Fix Wrong CSS selector when clone table/ggd themes
Fix URL encode on SEO URL
Fix Show categories tree for all categories shortcode

Version 4.7.12

Fix Single file preview
Fix Hide sub-categories in table theme not correct in table theme
Fix Multiple receiver email notification problem
Fix Wrong category load when reload at multiple categories in same page

Version 4.7.11

Fix Minimum php version now is 5.6
Fix mb_convert_encoding warning
Fix Duplicate home url in custom icon link
Fix Style issue for Default theme
Fix Change token lifetime to 15 minutes
Fix Warning on category shortcode

Version 4.7.10

Fix User roles settings not saving
Fix Some config form not showing when conflict with other plugins
Fix Tags display errors
Fix Wrong category id in download url of files in multiple categories

Version 4.7.9

Fix Front-end: Child categories not display after a category clicked

Version 4.7.8

Fix wpfd_category shortcode supports show_categories parameter when using on show all categories
Fix Possibility to translate some text in search form
Fix Search form behavior on categories selection
Fix Clone table theme problem
Fix Remove space before themes layout

Version 4.7.7

Fix Update to working with Addon version 4.4.1

Version 4.7.6

Add Compatibility with new addon version - OneDrive Business integration
Fix Table Theme: Pagination problem when put category in hidden tab
Fix Search Form: Tag filter reselect not correct on refresh page

Version 4.7.5

Fix Search form: Category sandwich button not clickable in some case.
Fix Plain text search: Problem with minus (-) characters in keyword string.
Fix Missing mediaTable jquery library on Beaver Builder.
Fix Add wpfd_search_post_types filter

Version 4.7.4

Add New categories themes layout
Fix Translatable search form text

Version 4.7.3

Fix Search page not working when using Enter in Safari, IE
Fix Hide empty category: Now checking Multiple files too
Fix Add scrollbar to files importer
Fix Check mbstring PHP extension when install
Fix Download all button not showing on first load

Version 4.7.2

Add Support for WooCommerce Addon (require Cloud Addon version v4.3.0)
Fix New UX for search widget layout

Version 4.7.1

Fix Translation sharing issue in some browsers

Version 4.7.0

Add New design for file search engine
Add Search engine: root category selection with quick filtering
Add Search engine: file tag suggestion based on existing tag only
Add Search engine: multiple calandar to select date range
Add File search results with column display selection
Add Search engine: Better HTML without titles and specific class
Fix Responsive issue in file search results
Fix Category file tree in admin better responsive display

Version 4.6.13

Fix Download/preview PDF file problem

Version 4.6.12

Fix Categories tree can not clickable on touch devices
Fix Front-end pagination issue
Fix Statistics now count download only
Fix Download problem on server have Gzip enabled

Version 4.6.11

Fix Responsive on mobile on page using Divi builder
Fix Ordering problem on pagination
Fix Publish date is not change on save

Version 4.6.10

Add Add option Display empty folders in frontend
Fix Permission on download selected files
Fix Date not validate when save file params
Fix Front-end upload form into tabs not working
Fix Support preview m4a audio file type
Fix Possibility to use gtag.js to send Google Analytics event

Version 4.6.9

Fix Date range picker not working in statistics page
Fix Remove arrow icon before non-children category on frontend
Fix Add filter wpfd_search_tags_relation

Version 4.6.8

Fix Reponsive for theme in front-end
Fix Pagination execution wrong category
Fix Upload shortcode generator
Fix Document parser remove too many words on PDF file
Add Add blocks preview image

Version 4.6.7

Fix Responsive on plugin admin screen
Fix Wrong front-end sub categories ordering
Fix Order files by version on front

Version 4.6.6

Fix Update preview close notification text
Fix Wrong category id for cloud category in search shortcode generator
Fix Update to working with WP File Download Cloud Addon 4.2.2

Version 4.6.5

Fix Theme breadcrumb missing top category name when hide Category name
Fix Table Theme: Hide tool box when Stylize menu disabled
Fix Defaut Theme: Using flex wrap for files box
Fix Table Theme: Download header missing download col when download link disabled

Version 4.6.4

Fix Order for categories tree in themes
Fix Prevent PHP Warning when headers already send
Fix Preview in new tab not working when Google Analytics enabled
Fix Frontend configuration tab saving not working
Fix WP File Download button in front-end editor
Fix Custom icon path not correct when wp-content path changed by other plugin
Fix Missing translation page title for admin menu
Fix New category created not clickable
Fix Update file size for remote file when update the URL
Fix Statistics ordering
Fix Reponsive for default theme
Fix Missing option show download link for tree theme when use as global theme
Fix Possibility to translate string in Gutenberg block
Fix Plain text search: Possibility to index and search file description
Fix Minimum require WP File Download Cloud Addon version 4.2.0

Version 4.6.3

Fix Can not download old uploaded files

Version 4.6.2

Fix Wrong file path for download file

Version 4.6.1

Fix Download button not working when option Tracking by GA enabled
Fix Statistics not update when plugin updated

Version 4.6.0

Add File download statistics design
Add Possibility to export statistics table to CSV
Add Possibility to track user downloads (option needs to be turned On)
Add Gutenberg blocks file and category now display names
Fix Split Main settings to be more comfortable with Admin, Frontend and Statistics
Fix Add selected category/file name in Gutenberg blocks
Fix Change single file download icon
Fix New tab opened when preview in lightbox

Version 4.5.8

Fix Translate calendar in search form
Fix Search index check table exists when prefix have uppercase character
Fix Remove unused files
Fix Google Analytics push event update
Fix RTL style for themes
Fix Action buttons in RTL can not click
Fix Conflict with plugin Membership Pro

Version 4.5.7

Fix Update PDFParser library for security fix
Fix Gutenberg single file block param

Version 4.5.6

Fix Fix Jutranslation url
Fix Multiple categories in one page collapsed the first one only
Fix Trash and edit icon on modal to insert categories/files

Version 4.5.5

Fix Preview in lightbox not working in single file display
Fix Reindex file on new version upload
Fix Add action wpfd_before_index_remove and wpfd_file_indexed

Version 4.5.4

Add Possibility to exclude category from search
Add Keep version and description when Copy/Move files on cloud
Fix Possibility to translate tooltip and help field
Fix Possibility to translate in main javascript file
Fix Hide text on copy-cut-paste button on small screen
Fix Multiple login form on upload shortcode
Fix Single quote not display correct on title when load via handlerbars
Fix Force some column in table to nowrap
Fix Some style tweak

Version 4.5.3

Add Possibility to search only on one category
Add Display login form when user not logged in on upload shortcode
Fix Wrong file custon icon url on popup download
Fix File name in shortcode missing when name params not provided
Fix Tinymce problem in description field
Fix Complicity with ACF
Fix Possibility to translate file weight unit
Fix Add more space between edit icon and scroll bar on left categories panel

Version 4.5.2

Fix Search pagination limit
Fix Remove category from multi-categories problem
Fix Missing file info on copy file
Fix Possibility to translate file size measure
Fix Automatic translate calendar field on search widget

Version 4.5.1

Add Add option new file category position
Fix Download selected file in tree theme when page have more than one category
Fix Possibility to translate download selected phrase
Fix Update handlebars to 4.1.0
Fix Scroll files list when sorting in backend
Fix Multi-category on frontend for cloud file in a local category
Fix Wrong app instance when search files in backend

Version 4.5.0

Add Automatic clean junks files to save disk space
Add Option to set statistics life time
Add Download selected file on frontend
Fix WP File Download button not working on some builder at frontend
Fix File permission for single user on all category shortcode
Fix Sometime got 404 page on google index
Fix Hide category shortcode usage text when click hide field
Fix Search sub-category on multi-categories form
Fix Using local Material Icons font
Fix Increase sub-category level from 8 to 16

Version 4.4.5

Fix Improve some admin style
Fix User perrmission on delete category
Fix Drag to sort categories issue
Fix Configuration style not load on other language
Fix Conflict with new Divi builder

Version 4.4.4

Fix Category list in Block Editor conflict with some theme
Fix Category search and select previous state in Block Editor
Fix Download notification email not send to additional email
Fix Preview video can not be played back when click on stop
Fix Conflict switcher style with some theme
Fix Column display state for admin table theme
Fix Missing Show category title option for default and GGD theme
Fix Single file style in front-end

Version 4.4.3

Add add WP File Download blocks for Gutenberg Block Editor
Fix typo in email notification tab name
Fix style for single file display in frontend
Fix fatal error when using wp_doing_ajax() on wordpress 4.7

Version 4.4.2

Fix missing toggle right column button icon
Fix insert category/file button style
Fix adjust scroll speed in file manager
Fix insert remote file with space in file url

Version 4.4.1

Fix File order in frontend
Fix remove admin notice on page belong to plugin
Fix left menu padding
Fix wordpress submenu now showing on hover in plugin pages
Fix setup wizard

Version 4.4

Add New UX for plugin's file manager on backend
Add New UX for plugin's configuration page
Add Introduce Alternative - Larger theme for files list on backend
Add Remember latest category open/close state on backend
Add New gradients icons set for files on backend
Add Add filter to allow setup default visibility for new category
Fix First load ordering on frontend
Fix Order by title with nature algorithm
Fix Conflict with Relevanssi plugin

Version 4.3.29

Fix Download all button not displayed on first load
Fix Conflict with Multisite Robotstxt Manager Plugin
Fix wpfd_preview_url filter
Fix Multiple single file shortcode not working
Fix wpfd_category shortcode for all category not working
Fix Sorting on pagination with nature order on title

Version 4.3.28

Fix Multi single file shortcode not working
Fix Wrong asset url on clone themes
Fix Pagination on frontend
Fix New clone theme now store in /wp-content/wp-file-download/themes

Version 4.3.27

Fix Search form output returned too soon
Fix Wrong files sorting action callback
Fix Conflict with Gutengerg on saving post/page

Version 4.3.26

Fix Multi category using table theme error
Fix File size on frontend different with backend

Version 4.3.25

Add Add actions and filters for developers
Add Add new location for custom theme at /wp-content/wp-file-download/wpfd-themes
Add Add support custom templates at /wp-content/wp-file-download/templates
Fix Update framework to 1.0.5
Fix WpfdBase error
Fix Selected tags not checked after reload search form

Version 4.3.24

Add Remove download file link extension
Fix WP File Download modal not open in Elementor
Fix Upload fail on server have no limit upload file size
Fix Tag order in checkbox mode
Fix Duplicated hash in pagigation url
Fix Scroll to top category block when click pagination
Fix Back button not showing when not show category title in Default, GGD, Table theme

Version 4.3.23

Add Maximum file versions and purge all old versions option
Fix Remove framework from themes
Fix Front search not working
Fix Update requirements class

Version 4.3.22

Fix Saving multi category
Fix Change category order performance
Fix Abort ajax in multi category/file click
Fix Search by tags in checkbox mode
Fix Open in new tab in table theme for preview button
Fix Order by created date on search results
Fix Conflict with Go7 Pricing Table plugin
Fix Index file title with underscore character

Version 4.3.21

Fix Wrong title space on edit
Fix Override language not working
Fix Include to main query on search only
Fix Multi hash when pagination on themes

Version 4.3.20

Fix Plain text search indexer
Fix Loading modal after click WP File Download button on Editor
Fix Single user permission check
Fix File icon not showing on uppercase extension
Fix Wrong URL when click on subcategory (frontend)

Version 4.3.19

Fix Warning on frontend
Fix Sorting files on search results
Fix Disable change date field in search form when scroll mouse over
Fix Table theme css
Fix Error on clone table theme
Fix Calendar button over the overlay
Fix Click on backdrop to cancel prompt
Fix Upload on deleted category
Fix Change download button background/text color not working
Fix Download file not working in backend on firefox

Version 4.3.18

Fix Redirect loop on frontend download after save file
Fix Pagination for multi category on frontend
Fix Rewrite source code to meet Coding Standard
Fix Require minimum cloud addon version 4.0.6

Version 4.3.17

Fix Additional Email notification on file changes not applied
Fix Corrupt PDF file on download
Fix Update PdfParser library
Fix Special character cutoff in file title
Fix Using file date from GMT time
Add Check some requirements before activate plugin

Version 4.3.16

Fix Error on statistics page
Fix Table layout theme
Fix Search results list design enhancement
Fix Front view not working after update
Fix Right column in backend springy when select file
Fix File title not fully displayed when crop title is disabled

Version 4.3.15

Fix Backend category tree
Fix Backend category's file count
Fix Some PHP warnings
Fix Create table theme error on install

Version 4.3.14

Fix Update token creator
Fix Wrong category order in left tree on front
Fix Nestable2 problem in firefox
Fix Wrong icon path when cloning theme

Version 4.3.13

Fix Search on widget with space character
Fix Add version on load scripts and styles to avoid cahche problem
Fix Add animate FadeOut when remove category with success
Add Replace with nestable 2 to handle tactile devices
Fix Search multiple tags at once

Version 4.3.12

Fix Upload on drag on frontend
Fix Root folder tree not opened on first load
Fix Scrollbar on touch device
Fix Download large file function, support stream video and preview in abetter way

Version 4.3.11

Add Optimization for folder tree navigationfast loading
Fix Download All button not loaded
Fix Ordering files not applied
Fix Allow upload files with similar file name

Version 4.3.10

Fix Download large file on category grouped download
Fix Remove !important properties to allow CSS override
Fix Group & fix UX category params
Fix Change wpColorPicker to minicolors

Version 4.3.9

Fix Mail SMTP configuration broken
Fix Bypass warning on set_time_limit is disabled
Fix Include Ref file in download category
Fix Upload check mimetype
Fix Search condition
Fix User Role name

Version 4.3.8

Fix File duplicated on drag and drop upload
Fix Deleting Google Drive categories fails

Version 4.3.7

Fix Rewrite date fix on edit title, descriptions
Fix Date get wrong format on save
Fix Download large file return memory error

Version 4.3.6

Fix Mime type always return application/octet-stream
Fix Missing AJAX URL in modal when polylang is actived
Fix Date setting for files
Fix Multi categories deletion
Fix Single shortcode not working

Version 4.3.5

Add Include files in native WordPress search
Fix For servers that do not have finfo functions
Fix Navigation in table theme
Fix Search ref files include in children category (filter post_title included)

Version 4.3.4

Add Possibility to run full document content index for plain text search (settings)
Fix Multi upload form in frontend
Fix File version change on upload
Fix Full text search
Fix Check mime type when uploading files
Fix Navigation false in table theme

Version 4.3.3

Fix Move custom tplsingle.php file in wp-content/uploads/wpfd-themes
Fix Wrong file name in notify email when upload new file
Fix New category creation broken

Version 4.3.2

Fix Remote file URL not working
Fix Display wrong columns in table theme
Fix Multiple category issue when saving category parameters
Fix JS error in the download statistics page
Fix Upload load file on frontend don't work

Version 4.3.1

Fix JS error in the plugin configuration page
Fix PHP 5.3 returns an error on install
Fix Custom theme from configuration does not apply

Version 4.3.0

Add Full code reformating for better performance and code comments
Add Using PHPCS to make standard definitions
Fix Upload large file size to server
Fix Problem with automatic image crop
Fix Conflict related to AJAX URL (with 3rd party plugins)
Fix PHP 5.2 returns an error
Fix Widgets sidebar not work in wordpress version 4.9

Version 4.2.3

Fix Bootbox conflict when used in other plugins
Fix Files list shortcode
Fix Language constants

Version 4.2.2

Fix Display issues in table theme
Fix Multiple file category not updated on file move and delete
Fix Hide download all link if there isn't any file in the category

Version 4.2.1

Fix Folder tree not properly working with multiple instance of categories
Fix Download all don't work when addon plugin is not activated
Fix Custom icon in sub categories display

Version 4.2.0

Add File multi-category: Load file in multiple categories, keep one original version
Add New setting: Shortcode generator to load recent files by categories and custom ordering
Add New setting: Shortcode generator to load recent files by type, title or description
Add New setting: Shortcode generator to load recent files by size, version, date or hits
Add Frontend: Add a button to download all the files from a category as a .zip
Add New setting: Display file count in categories on admin
Add In admin, add a file direct link and a quick copy link
Add Close cross on the preview window
Add Settings: Group the 3 cloud configuration tabs

Version 4.1.8

Fix Conflict with WPML plugin
Fix Import files issue if filename contain special charater
Fix Wrong file item in search results
Fix Custom icon don't display in search results

Version 4.1.7

Add Compatibility with new addon version - OneDrive integration
Fix Multiple upload form in content
Fix Single file shortcode

Version 4.1.6

Fix Issue on upgrading from light version to full version

Version 4.1.5

Fix Duplicate the display of subfolders/files when click on breadcrumb navigation
Fix Missing text domain for some words
Fix Security issues

Version 4.1.4

Fix DIVI Builder compatibility enhancement
Fix Open media file in new tab does not work in some case
Fix Check access in files and categories listing
Fix Can't select small image file as custom icon

Version 4.1.3

Fix Update the updater for WordPress 4.8

Version 4.1.2

Fix Empty space on bottom of page (Firefox)
Fix Add mail function in configuration
Fix Dropbox filename is wrong after file download in some languages
Fix Wrong file type restriction on file update upload
Fix Small issue when loading categories in tree theme

Version 4.1.1

Fix File settings display issue
Fix CSS display of open PDF in new browser tab
Fix Upload bootbox alert
Fix Select category owner

Version 4.1.0

Add Email notification system: Possibility to notify users on file upload, remove, edit, download
Add Notification admin user, to custom Email and file owner
Add Tag for custom notification Email content: File name, file category, website URL, username
Add Custom icon on files with automatic thumbnail
Add File access, add an option to add multiple user access to a file
Add Upload form to upload files in a predefined category
Add On themes that opens popup to download files possibility to disable it

Version 4.0.5

Fix Download limitation security issue
Fix Clone table theme issue
Fix Open image file in search results
Fix Back button not displayed on GDD theme

Version 4.0.4

Fix Missing file title on search results
Fix Color setting don't apply on single file
Fix Remote file adding issue

Version 4.0.3

Fix Conflict with Visual Composer theme
Fix User role apply issue
Fix Save file setting issue in admin
Fix Open PDF link in new tab

Version 4.0.2

Fix CSS admin title is broken
Fix CSS for mobile: lightbox to download and file tree for iphones
Fix CSS in lightbox for xlsx files

Version 4.0.1

Fix Conflict issue with Yoast - XML sitemap
Fix CSS improvement related to new themes and mobile views

Version 4.0.0

Add Admin UX: Add notification system on actions: file and categories add, edit, delete, order
Add Admin UX: Panels takes more width and the the left column can be resized
Add Admin UX: Search/filter engine for files
Add New Copy/Cut/Paste/Uncheck buttons
Add Possibility to remove several files at once whith Delete button
Add Hide columns automatically when the screen goes smaller
Add Frontend new design design for all themes and unique lightbox style
Add File title automatic crop function (can be defined in each theme)
Fix Delete file current version and file old versions

Version 3.7.10

Fix Missing loading spinner when using category short code
Fix Menu link to category not working
Fix Change the download method without redirect (SEO purpose)

Version 3.7.9

Fix Use default en_US language

Version 3.7.8

Fix Allow saving an empty translation override file

Version 3.7.7

Add Builtin translation tool improvements

Version 3.7.6

Fix Filename doesn't change when editing file title
Fix Back to: link not working on iphone
Fix Remove extra
tag in the download link
Fix Move the cloned theme to the wp-content/uploads/wpfd-themes folder
Fix Translation overwritten on update

Version 3.7.5

Fix Php 5.3 issue
Fix Language override not working if language file not installed

Version 3.7.4

Fix Error on wp multisite

Version 3.7.3

Add Built in JU Translation tool including addons

Version 3.7.2

Add Built in JU Translation tool

Version 3.7.1

Add Change default pagination number to 100
Fix Issue when category name has special character such as quote
Fix Select multiple files on Mac OS

Version 3.7.0

Add Generate URL per category of files on frontend
Add Re-open this category when the plugin is called another time
Add Add shortcode for single file
Add Pagination for file listing as a setting (except for tree theme)
Add Open PDF in new browser tab as preview
Add CSS style on admin: more compact category list display
Fix Responsive display when left tree navigation is called on screens 640px
Fix Remove unused or obsolete resources to get a smaller extension package

Version 3.6.4

Add Support social locker for addon
Fix Category not applied on specific server configuration
Fix Download URL broken on specific server configuration

Version 3.6.3

Fix User as category owner
Fix Wrong automatic file title on upload
Fix Wrong category title on search page
Fix Clone table theme
Fix Loader always displayed on table theme

Version 3.6.2

Add Optimize and clean code
Fix Fix copy/cut/paste when addon is not installed
Fix Choosing elements to display does not work properly
Fix Cloned a Theme base on default one does not work properly

Version 3.6.1

Fix loading image always show at footer page

Version 3.6.0

Add Possibility to copy/cut/paste files
Add Possibility to add an existing user as a category owner
Add Add a loader on frontend when you navigate through categories

Version 3.5.5

Fix Show gracefull error on installation error

Version 3.5.4

Fix Settings not applied on public category

Version 3.5.3

Add WordPress 4.6 compatibility
Fix Permission to view category
Fix Access category for single users

Version 3.5.2

Add Shortcode [wpfd_category id='xxx'] to display files of a category
Fix Missing js and css files for search widget
Fix Single user access per category is not saved when disable Theme per categories

Version 3.5.1

Fix Search query broken in some cases
Fix Navigation broken on table theme

Version 3.5.0

Add Add Download statistics view: graph and details
Add Download file statistics by category
Add Download file statistics by file
Add Download file statistics by date range

Version 3.4.0

Add Possibility to duplicate an existing theme and customize it
Add Custom theme won't move on plugin update
Add Fall back to the custom theme if new theme is removed
Add Use WP File Download with page builder: ACF
Add Use WP File Download with page builder: Beaver Builder
Add Use WP File Download with page builder: DIVI Builder
Add Use WP File Download with page builder: Site Origine
Add Use WP File Download with page builder: Themify builder
Add Use WP File Download with page builder: Live composer
Fix Special characters of file title removed on upload

Version 3.3.1

Fix Not displayed list of files at frontend in some case

Version 3.3.0

Add Possibility to restrict the display of a file/category per WordPress user
Add Allow Delete own category action in the permission Edit own category
Add WYSIWYG Editor in file description
Add Generate an URL on search query (URL can be shared)
Add Publication state/date for single file

Version 3.2.2

Fix File title was changed after uploaded
Fix Conflict with Visual Composer plugin
Fix Conflict issue when using custom role plugin

Version 3.2.1

Fix Warning in WP 3.5 and php 5.3
Fix Small search engine issue

Version 3.2.0

Add Work with new addon version - Dropbox integration

Version 3.1.1

Fix wrong text box class in config
Fix some css issue

Version 3.1.0

Add Advanced search and filtering
Add Tag management
Add Plain text search

Version 3.0.1

Fix Cloud addon single file edition fix

Version 3.0.0

Add Work with cloud addon - Google Drive double way sync
Fix Private access for single file
Fix Theme issue when Show folder tree option is ON

Version 2.5.1

Add Add a tracking for file preview
Fix Add file extension to front download link

Version 2.5.0

Add File versionning with one click restore
Add Google analytics downloawd tracking using "events"
Add Default root URL for all downloads
Add SEO URL for files with category and file names
Fix jpg, png by default in the previewer configuration

Version 2.4.1

Add .pot file for translators
Fix File preview reload

Version 2.4.0

Add File preview feature based on Google preview for docs
Add Select file format you want to preview in parameter
Add Implement MP3 and video player
Add .pot file for translators

Version 2.3.0

Add Remote download function, to be activated as a global option
Fix Get file size and in some cases

Version 2.2.0

Add Import server files on WP File download categories
Fix WP Media folder JS conflict

Version 2.1.0

Add WP File Download menus to load categories of files
Add Define actions per user role (edit own category of files...)
Add Implement JoomUnited automatic updater
Fix Remove all old icons and avoid duplicate ones in each theme folders

Version 2.0.1

Add Single image folder for all file icons
Add File icon optimization using
Fix Single file not displayed well

Version 2.0.0

Add New admin file management design with columns filters
Add Admin left panel retractable
Add Order files in categories on column title click or using dropdown
Add Date update file ordering
Add Parameter to close/open categories on admin
Add Date format parameter
Add Set default theme and default parameters
Add Update default theme with folder navigation

Version 1.2.1

Add Better icons set for table and GDD
Fix Change icon width from 60px to 50px for table theme
Fix Remove the bootstrap style on right column for save button
Fix JS conflict with WP Media Folder

Version 1.2.0

Add  Update default icon set
Add Add theme per category
Add Single file insertion design change
Add Add breadcrumb navigation
Add Folder tree navigation
Add Add some theme config with color pickers
Add Add loader in tree theme
Add Add CSS admin enhancement

Version 1.1.0

Add Switch to WordPress standard custom post type and stadard taxonomy for categories
Add Language files migration to WordPess standard .po/.mo files

Version 1.0.3 & 1.0.4

Add Enhanced uninstall process
Add Ability to change the upload file max size
Fix Admin image not showing in editor

Version 1.0.2

Fix Firefox JS problem
Fix Saving parameter problem

Version 1.0.1

Fix Improve language usage

Version 1.0.0

Add Initial release