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My Maps location changelog

Last update : 23 Jan 2024

Version 4.5.2

Fix Error in php7

Version 4.5.1

Fix Warning in php8.1

Version 4.5.0

Add Custom field search in joomla
Add Add default category in joomla add form
Fix Router warning in php8
Fix Blank Address formatting

Version 4.4.5

Add Joomla 5 support
Fix Editor plugin fatal error fix on php8.1
Fix Add description tag in import my map locations

Version 4.4.4

Fix Statistic backend giving error
Fix Adding jquery to backend
Fix Language translation sharing bugfix

Version 4.4.3

Fix Front end location error
Fix Global checkout error
Fix Language constant fix

Version 4.4.2

Fix Marker cluster library fix

Version 4.4.1

Fix Google map load event not working on details page
Fix Marker cluster library update

Version 4.4.0

Add New location search theme called Modern
Add Map module for DJ extension
Add Front end Publish and Unpublish on My Locations
Fix Editor plugin syntax correction
Fix Add upublish button in article location and filter article dropdown at backend
Fix Zoo extension save not working
Fix Virtuemart compatibility on php8

Version 4.3.5

Fix Button color in form
Fix Layout fix

Version 4.3.4

Add Add modern theme in joomla
Fix Bing map disable drag and mousewheel zoom
Fix KML formatting fix when import and add cdata in address
Fix Export tag fatal error on category tag fix
Fix Address formatting toltip joomla articles

Version 4.3.3

Fix Mapillary service removal
Fix Fix mysql error when using content plugin
Fix Fix 404 error on edit form

Version 4.3.2

Add OS map plugin integration
Fix Import map issue in Joomla 4
Fix Fatal error when unpublishing a location
Fix Category filter in backend on Joomla 4

Version 4.3.1

Fix updater not working

Version 4.3.0

Add Joomla 4 integration
Add 3rd party J4 extensions compatibility
Add Import / Export new admin layout
Fix Frontend theme display on Joomla 4

Version 4.2.4

Add OpenStreetMap autocomplete API update
Add Autocomplete location in backend API update
Fix Authorized category integration

Version 4.2.3

Fix Geocode error in webservice due to Google API update
Fix Category dropdown display based of my map location category
Fix Joomla article slug issue
Fix Remove deprecated function of Google Maps api opening_hours
Fix Hikashop product URL error
Fix Language dropdown for country based on language
Fix Edit from front end for non admin user

Version 4.2.2

Fix Translation sharing issue in some browsers

Version 4.2.1

Add Baidu Map integration
Fix Custom Field position
Fix Disable zoom and drag feature in OpenStreetMap

Version 4.2

Fix Language translation error
Add Joomsocial events integration in My Maps Location search

Version 4.1.10

Fix Jutranslation javascript fix

Version 4.1.9

Fix Fix ju updater fatal error in configuration

Version 4.1.8

Add List integration in module
Add Joomsocial events integration in My Maps Location search
Add Marker background color in locations field and csv import
Fix Extra field added in csv field as coloumn in format extrafield_fieldname_fieldtype
Fix Issue of easysocial multiple users search

Version 4.1.7

Fix Virtuemart advanced filter
Fix Google autocomplete not working
Fix Replace the media manager with file upload field on front-end in my map location edition

Version 4.1.6

Add Virtuemart integration, locate product closest search engine
Fix Hide route option not working
Fix K2 module image not loading
Fix Fatal error in Komento 3rd party extension
Fix Menu not loading on category + field backend page
Fix Display error if stats not enabled (on stat page view)

Version 4.1.5

Add Location report stats: location hits per month
Add Report stats: location top 10 nearest search request
Add Additional sql query framework to support custom sql and url
Fix Change csv format in extra field to support mailto and url field
Fix Fix umalet search not working in location fields
Fix Delete unpublish and thrash not working in joomla 3.9.1
Fix Enable country filter on backend field using Google Maps

Version 4.1.4

Add Open Street Map autocomplete integration on admin side
Add Bing Maps autocomplete integration on admin side

Version 4.1.3

Fix Bing Search autocomplete not working when country filter is applied

Version 4.1.2

Add Bing autocomplete can now be used with any map provider

Version 4.1.1

Add Put a location as featured to be on top of search results
Add Traffic map layer addition as option (menu)
Add Transit layer addition as option (menu)
Add Bycicling layer addition as option (menu)
Add KML custom layer addition as option (menu)
Fix Autogeocode popup not loaded
Fix Community builder plugin geolocation

Version 4.1.0

Add New design (HTML/CSS) for default theme
Add New design(HTML/CSS) for Full Width theme
Add New design(HTML/CSS) for Sidebar theme
Add ZOO component front end location submission
Add Extra field on front end submission

Version 4.0.4

Add Joomla standard helper layout override (in /html folder) automatic generation from settings

Version 4.0.3

Add Option to search by ZIP code
Fix Route search return error

Version 4.0.2

Fix Fatal error on few installations (getPagesLinks on null)

Version 4.0.1

Fix Alias issue in .csv import

Version 4.0

Add AJAX search request in location search by dafault, as option
Add Mapquest map source
Add Easyblog integration in for post location search
Add OpenStreetMap leaflet map
Add Bing Maps updated to latest version 8 with street view and cluster markers
Add More themes in Bing Maps
Add Full Screen Map allowed in Mapbox
Add Geojson integration for rendering faster Data
Add Mapbox gl js updated api for mapbox
Add Mapillary viewer in street view for Mapbox and OpenStreetMap
Add Add contact link in map infobox
Add Import - Export tag and extra fields
Fix Fatal error on configuration edit on older version of Joomla (less than J3.7)
Fix Flexicontent module to support Joomla article
Fix Infobox window formatting
Fix Easysocial sql query error
Fix Joomsocial adding badge,message and add friend
Fix Map search module integration of menu id from global configuration

Version 3.3.5

Fix Fatal error on Hikashop and Hikamarket
Fix Compatibility with older version of Joomla

Version 3.3.4

Add Joomla custom field integration displayed on location view
Fix Fatal error on tag modification when selecting an article in locations search

Version 3.3.3

Add Update the distance range slider
Fix Created one helper function and integrate all maps from helper.php
Fix Street view and search bar in locations view
Fix Language translation to remove the distance display

Version 3.3.2

Add My Testimonials integration: Search for testimonials
Add Default location icon can be added configuration.
Fix DJ classified integration returns a Mysql error
Fix Change Google Map JS API to v3.0 by default
Fix Autozoom in Bing Maps
Fix Unpublished alias in URL in router.php

Version 3.3.1

Fix Fix css stuffs and add language string

Version 3.3.0

Add Material design for locations management
Add Parameter to hide distance and route
Add Mutiple country restriction to fit new Google API
Fix Category saving return fatal error on Joomla 3.7

Version 3.2.6

Fix Language save not working in JU translation
Fix Article option url not working properly
Fix Fix notice on content plugin

Version 3.2.5

Fix Language not loaded on content and k2 plugin

Version 3.2.4

Fix Fatal error when on kml import

Version 3.2.3

Fix Translation button not clickable after language update

Version 3.2.2

Add HTTPS related issue related with Google API
Fix Fatal error when saving location in some cases

Version 3.2.1

Add JU Translation Integration
Add JoomClassified Integration
Add User can add custom latitude and longitude on configuration
Fix Meta keyword and description and title of single location
Fix Category of location ACL access

Version 3.2.0

Add Article integration (plugin): add location to Joomla articles
Add Geolocation turn off in global configuration for non HTTPS website
Add Zoo Integration using system plugin to work on adding new content
Add DJclassified category child search
Fix Order by field for address in Community Builder for better geolocation
Fix Tag arranged in alphabetical order

Version 3.1.5

Add Create city search list using ajax after country state dropdown
Add Added a default google map key parameter
Add Update theme design for sidebar and full width themes
Fix Category filter appear on specific language
Fix Layout improvement on sidebar and fulll width layout
Fix Fix autocomplete not working on map search module

Version 3.1.4

Add Click on location logo in sidebar open the infowindow on the map
Fix Update integration of Google Maps API key to fit new Google API rules

Version 3.1.3

Add Phone field in address format form
Add Option to add additional field in tooltip address for Community Builder
Fix Language files help tooltips
Fix Error in K2 module

Version 3.1.2

Add My map location category integration with Item rating group
Fix Update integration of cluster markers to fit new Google API version

Version 3.1.1

Add JoomClassified integration, geolocate and search for elements
Add Adsmanager integration, geolocate and search for elements
Add Add an icon field in category and get the icon from category by default
Fix Single Quote return error on my map location search
Fix Update integration of cluster markers

Version 3.1.0

Add Date field in event search for Ohanah events
Fix K2 Tag search not working properly
Fix Validation form on adding location
Fix Blank page on Groupjive installation (Community Builder)
Fix Javascript error for getcenter on Google Maps

Version 3.0.9

Add Hikashop vendor map module (display map with vendors in a module)
Add Possibility to use JS to get coordinates from google API apart from Curl and file get content
Add Calendar field in event booking search
Fix Reverse Geocoding from latitude/longitude in locations edit and add form
Fix Info window title not displayed properly
Fix Marker cluster javascript and fix https error on images
Fix CSS layout and styling to match template css

Version 3.0.8

Fix Event Booking extension integration with location on multiple category broken
Fix Link broken on Joomsocial, Community Builder and other integrations

Version 3.0.7

Add Map Box integration, call Map Box as map source
Fix Search by publish date and end date in k2
Fix Fatal error in FlexiContent display
Fix Display user name in Community Builder
Fix Hour field not saved in k2

Version 3.0.6

Add FLexicontent integration with creation of dedicated FlexiContent field
Add Added Tag search and category features from flexicontent data
Add Added the rating of flexicontent in sidebar result view
Add Order and limit field in map module for k2, Flexicontent and My Maps location

Version 3.0.5

Add Front End location submission
Add Item rating integration, display rating on sidebar view
Add Add k2 advanced search
Add Add k2 module option to select item automatically on category view
Fix Add k2 image option to display images from k2 item
Fix Fix zoo language error
Fix Add icon of Event Booking on map
Add Add profile type category in Joomsocial search
Add Add Tag search in hikamarket product search

Version 3.0.4

Add Zoo CCK integration, geolocate Zoo items
Add Integration of Google places data, add a Google places and fill it automatically
Add Order places in menu by name, order and distance
Fix Current language not shown in Google route and in whole map automatically
Fix Resize map set to center for responsive views
Fix K2 icon and image on map
Fix Option to select Hikashop category with dropdown through Hikashop parameter

Version 3.0.3

Add K2 Tag system integration used for search
Add Parameter to add Route through Google Maps to support direct android map on mobile device
Add Support to Ohanah upcoming events search
Add Support to Ohanah event booking upcoming events
Fix Support to Vendor contact link in hikamarket

Version 3.0.2

Add New icon set
Fix Automatic updater and changelog

Version 3.0.1

Fix Theme CSS
Fix SQL error on location file import

Version 3.0.0

Add 3 templates, activate through a menu element
Add Auto complete location name search bar
Add Option for hiding route and text boix search on my map location configuration
Add Scrollable map
Add Hide tag for components other then my map location
Add Option for hiding route
Fix Minor issue of JavaScript error on address
Fix Hikashop/Hikamarket wrong link direction
Fix Fatal error on not selecting data in community builder
Fix Stripping of slashes when some comma is added in address
Fix Bing map JavaScript not loading
Fix Better CSS to logo inside info window

Version 2.3.1

Add ID in csv import export
Add Redesign import panel
Add Loader when import is in progress
Fix K2 category thrashed still displayed in some case
Fix Multi language K2 categories filter
Fix Hide my map location category drop down showing on Jomsocial
Fix Remove @ini_set from installer.php
Fix Icon error in Bing map

Version 2.3.0

Add Implement jQuery and Joomla tag library
Fix Tag view layout and define in parameter
Fix Issue with content plugin of my map location not working
Fix Version issue in CB plugin of my map location

Version 2.2.14

Add Contact link in k2 Plugin
Fix Force tab in Joomsocial tab to reinitialize the map
Fix Check if latitude longitude is blank in k2 field
Fix Put [SPACE] variable in post code
Fix Community Builder address Handling

Version 2.2.13

Fix Location icon not displayed anymore
Fix Created address parameter for user to format address in my map location backend
Fix Better Geocoding handling
Fix Autogeocode popup activation must need to have no address in search box
Fix Remove location string from my map location view

Version 2.2.12

Fix If location catgeory is disabled then hide locations on map
Fix K2 layout issue
Fix Better SEO with one page URL per location search
Fix Bing map layout
Fix Multiple Bing map not visible on location page
Fix Full width height of map background if resolution is above 980px

Version 2.2.11

Fix Search limit query
Fix Latest CB version compatibility

Version 2.2.10

Fix Icon vanish on multi language
Fix .csv parser class and update the import classes

Version 2.2.9

Add Default height width if its not set to percentage original
Add jquery function to load on google map in module
Add Map theme in k2 plugin
Add Hikamarket vendor support
Fix Blank title on my map location
Fix Phone and hour not visible in k2
Fix When category is selected to all and map not showing

Version 2.2.7 & 2.2.8

Add Noconflict jquery on admin assets.js
Add Fix Import mysql error
Fix language of editor xtd plugin

Version 2.2.6

Add Easy social member search using menu
Add Separate 2.5 version (bug fix only) and 3.x version for enhancements

Version 2.2.5

Add Country and states filtering
Add Text color for markers
Add import/export categories
Add Phone number as separated field in locations
Fix Dropdown list filter transparency

Version 2.2.4

Add Map design choice
Add .kml files import export
Add .csv files import export
Add Community builder 1.x + 2.x support in single package
Add Disable bootstrap by default
Add Frontend design and images optimize
Add Multi level for location categories

Version 2.2.3

Add Meta desc and keyword on locations
Add Community builder 2 support
Add Joomla ACL on category integration
Add Location list text hidden if only one location
Fix Create a centralized function for loading of map so you avoid multiple javascript error
Fix Back button disable if no referrer
Fix Back button disable if no referrer
Fix SQL error when param not set in CB plugin

Version 2.2.2

Add Community builder module to display CB members
Add Community builder icon sync on both module and component
Fix SQL error on multilingual community builder websites, not able to search
Fix Icon not appearing on map
Fix French translation file
Fix Javascript error of multiple js on my map location locations page

Version 2.2.1

Fix SQL error when country is selected and the address is not added in menu item
Fix Sync option to take care of category language and alias

Version 2.2.0

Add Advanced parameter to restrict the search queries to a specific country using an ISO code
Add User location added as green icon
Add Sync button used to sync hikamarket vendor location and data import
Fix Google geocode issue
Fix Bing map improvement
Fix My Maps location module will now take order of map using item ordering

Version 2.1.9

Add Parameter configuration to disable autozoom + auto adjust of map
Fix Autogeolocate endless loop on chrome
Fix Image issue when sef url is not enabled
Fix My Maps location module will now take order of map using item ordering

Version 2.1.7 to 2.1.8

Add Update notification script
Fix Marker centering keeping minimum zoom in settings
Fix Width of autocomplete

Version 2.1.6

Add HTTPS support to my maplocation and fixed mixing content issue
Add Dating search fields to be displayed in the search view
Add K2 Category filter instead of My Maps location filter on search view
Fix Issue of blank map on k2 with latitude and longitude 0
Fix Issue of joomsocial user shown up with blank entries 255.0000

Version 2.1.5

Fix A language ascociation searching (Thanx to Xavier)
Fix Caching related searching issue
Fix JGLOBAL_SELECT_AN_OPTION in joomla 2.5 is replaced by locations
Fix Children category issue: if user search for a parent category he can see the result of child category as well
Fix Change place holder language text

Version 2.1.3 to 2.1.4

Fix Community Builder map display
Fix CB config respecteing plugin config
Fix Rockettheme templates compatibility

Version 2.1.2

Add Limit the number of result in menu
Fix Wrong distance calculation when using DMS
Fix Error component not found fixed when my map location is called without a menu
Fix Blank map when space on address
Add CB plugin, option to autogeocode so no map field is required
Add Map type option including zoom type height and width of the map
Fix Warning notice in the plugin

Version 2.1.1

Add Parameters organization in a new tab
Fix Geocoding error with Bing and Google Maps
Fix English and French language

Version 2.1.0

Fix  Language plugin error
Fix  Km to miles change problem
Add Start integration with 3rd party extension (plugin system)

Version 2.0.5

Fix  Contact button display in bootstrap
Fix  Modal button for Yootheme template

Version 2.0.4

Add MML module add the abaility to add All/single category or select location
Add  Botstrap activation
Add Fix   Language file backend update
Add  Location switcher on detailled view
Fix  Automatically the Google Maps language reagarding Joomla language

Version 2.0.3

Fix Contact button display in bootstrap
Fix  Modal button for Yootheme template
Fix  Language string in component and menu default map loading

Version 2.0.2

Add  Cluster system to group nearby location

Version 2.0.1

Add  Possibility to call content plugin in location description
Add  Possibility to enable the category filter in the search module

Version 2.0.0

Add  Editor button with multiple location selection
Add  Automatic zoom level
Add  Microdata integration
Add  Menu configuration
Add K2 integration with a new module
Add  Module parameters to filter content
Add CSS improvement

Version 1.3.5 to 1.3.6

Add Bing Maps support in Map module

Version 1.3.4

Fix  Contact button display in bootstrap
Fix  Modal button for Yootheme template
Fix  Layout div issue on joomla 2.5.14
Add  Hour and phone fiels
Fix CSS layout of the detailled location view
Add  Toggle view functionality which can generate panorama for end user

Version 1.3.3

Fix  Contact button display in bootstrap
Fix  Modal button for Yootheme template
Fix  Mender map from google map in module
Fix  Tag used in language which cause problem in auto complete field
Add  Specific CSS related to specific template provider

Version 1.3.2

Fix  Problem map display if user put space or semicolon in the address field

Version 1.3.1

Add  Possibility to display a map with different point with a short code

Version 1.3.0

Add  Rebuild frontend view with responsive design
Add  Possibility to cahnge the frontend background
Add  Reorder elements in backend

Version 1.2.0

Add  Auto geolocation in Frontend

Version 1.1.2

Add  Frontend autolocationChange default params
Add  Change zoom default level
Add  Redesign editor button

Version 1.1.0

Add K2 elements location support

Version 1.0.0

Add Initial release