This is the all the features that are included with WP File Download plugin alone. WP File Download Addon features are not listed here, get to the WP File Download product page for more details about Addon.

Remote file download

Add a title, description and URL of a distant file and make it available for download like any other file. Remote file can also be a cloud public link.

File preview

Google Drive preview tool is integrated in the plugin for all file previews, plus the possibility to limit file previews by format. The previewer is also available in the file search engine and tracked in Google Analytics

User file repository

WP File Download got several control over file management actions your users can apply. That actions includes file and categories modification, upload, deletion... So you can create a file repository per user

File in multiple categories

Editing the same file multiple times because it's located in several file categories is a serious time loss. How about creating a master file and make it available in multiple categories

File versioning

Once a file is updated (replaced), the old version is automatically stored in the file history. The old version can be restored in one click and you can setup a maximum number of old version to store

Download statistic per user

You can literally track who is downloading what and get it as statistic table and chart you can even export. This is pretty useful when file download required a user account

File bulk download

Let your users download several file at a time, based on their custom selection. A .zip is automatically generated. You can also add a button to download a complete file category on a single click

File upload form

Generate a custom file upload form and insert it anywhere on your website. You users will be able to submit files and you can select the destination of the files in order to make a review before publication

Clone theme & Custom theme

The plugin comes with 4 themes, you can clone one of them and then manage it separately from the others. Your custom theme can be overridden the way you want and won't be affected by updates

Admin themes

List your files with a large view to display files details or as a compact list if you manage a large amount of files.

Admin file search

As file administrator you got an advanced search engine to find and edit easily your files quickly. It includes filters and file ordering

Clone theme & Custom icons

Each theme can be customized to fit your design. You can even duplicate an existing thme and make more customization on it, including custom icons for files

Quick file update

Updating your files is a recurring action so you can update/replace a file in a click and instantly create a new version with a backup of the old one

Full text pre-index

WP File Download got a full text search engine. Searching through thousand of PDF content can take a lot of resources so we've included a system that pre-index the file content for instant results

Quick admin actions

You can apply actions on each file on admin like copy/cut/paste or multi select unselect or download a file

Admin file filtering

As admin you can apply file filtering by category based file name, type, size, date added, date of update, version and number of hits

Quick file ordering

Order files for your users is a simple as a click on a column header. Click on the ordering you want to apply (file name, type, size, date added, date of update, version, hits) and it's done!

Single responsive view

All the files can be managed on a single responsive view where columns can be resized or hidden

Shortcode generator

You can generate shortcodes to include anywhere in your website: file, categories with settings, file search engine, file upload form

Breadcrumb navigation

Include a breadcrumb as additional navigation tool through your file categories. This is a pretty good complementary tool to the folder tree file categories navigation

Content automatic crop

Automatically crop file titles and descriptions to keep a nice file design listing

Hide download links

File download links can be hidden depending of the users access rights. So they can browse files but not download them in this case

Download statistics export

WP File Download includes advanced file download statistics and you have the option to export tem in order, for example, to analyse them in a spreadsheet

File tags

You can add multiple tags on file as additional tool to display files. You can also use tags as filters for the WP File Download search engine

File type limitation

You can limit the file manager to certain file type, like do not allow .exe but allow .pdf files to be uploaded and downloaded

Viewer by file type

You can limit the file preview to certain file type, like do not allow .doc files to be viewed but allow .pdf files to be opened

Max upload size

The max upload file size is not limited by your server settings. We use a library that allows the upload of huge files. Though, you can still limit the file upload size using a setting

Load plugin on frontend

If you need your files to be managed with a frontend page builder you can choose to load the plugin files, otherwise that's better to keep the things light and fast

WordPress search integration

WP File Download is also integrated with the WordPress native default search engine. So you can get files listed among others WordPress content

Notification email tag

Wp File Download got a tool to setup Email notification on certain file actions. You can use predefined tags to setup your Emails content like username, file name, website URL...

See also the Addon features

Cloud connectors

All additional features are packed in a single addon: Manage and synchronize files using Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive

Social locker

All additional features are packed in a single addon: lock files download behind a set of social button, share or like to download!