Restrict WordPress File Access, Download & File Management

When you manage files, you will always need to setup file access for users and it's always complex to do so. In WP File Download, we've included smart tools to get rid of that. Setup who have access to the file download, who can manage the files and categories with advanced file permissions. For more features, get back to the main plugin page >

File Visibility by WordPress User Group

With WP File Download you can limit the category of files visibility by WordPress user groups within a click. Open a category of files, make it private by selecting a user group or a single user, save, you're done.
File Visibility by WordPress User Group
Restrict File Visibility by User

Restrict File Visibility by User

You can select one or several WordPress users and give them specific access to a single file. So the user will be able to download or to preview the file only if he's connected to his account.

Setup File Management Permissions

File management permissions are defined by WordPress user roles that get possibility to execute some specific actions on files and categories. All the users in a WordPress User Role are seeing permissions applied to their account. That includes:

  • Permissions to create new file categories
  • Permissions to edit existing file categories
  • Permissions to edit their own file categories (not others)
  • Permissions to delete file categories
  • Permissions to access to WP File Download file manager
  • Permissions to Download files (frontend)
  • Permissions to Preview files (frontend)
  • Upload files on frontend (frontend)
Setup File Management Permissions
Manage a Personal File Repository

Manage a Personal File Repository

WP File Download can allow your WordPress users to manage their own file repository because you can define, as an admin, who own a category of files. Based on that, the user can have access only to his categories and files. A single user can own several categories of files.

Limit access to file download and preview by user role

WP File Download has the option to enable/disable file download and preview actions on the frontend. The access limitation setup on those actions is defined by WordPress user role, so you can build a download manager with, for example, only the possibility to preview files for the public users.
Limit access to file download and preview by user role
Upload files by category

Upload files by category

In the category view, you can activate the possibility of frontend file upload. Then, your users can upload files directly while browsing a file category, on the frontend. The file upload possibility is controlled by a setting in each WordPress user role. Moreover, admin can generate a shortcode for file upload with a preselected category, also controlled by a user role limitation setting.

Control the file upload by WordPress user role

A user can upload files from frontend only if he's user role is allowed to. Also, following the user file access rights, the files uploaded will be published or will require to be approved by an admin after being uploaded. Note, it's also possible to allow file upload for public users (not connected) if, for example, you are on an intranet trusted website.

Control the file upload by WordPress user role
Upload files by category

Restrict file category access with password

Additional access restriction is possible using a password per file category. This is similar to the WordPress password protection on posts, just edit a category to setup password, and it's done! Furthermore, the password protection can be combined with a user role access limitation.

File manager access restriction in Video

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