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Item Rating changelog

Last update : 17 Oct 2023

Version 2.1.6

Add Joomla 5 compatibility
Fix Fix error and warning

Version 2.1.5

Fix Checkout error on global checkin
Fix Rating bar not visible at backend
Fix Language translation sharing bugfix
Fix Bootstrap slider fix
Fix Bootstrap icon addition

Version 2.1.4

Fix user unable to rate on php8
Fix Jquery library added on backend

Version 2.1.3

Fix Sp page buidler integration
Fix Fix parsing issue on php 8
Fix Jquery Loading default on backend
Fix XML error on JED checker

Version 2.1.2

Fix Fix rich snippet in markup
Fix Fix the rating not working on sef url
Fix Add the filter on rating and type on joomla4

Version 2.1.1

Fix Ju updater error

Version 2.1.0

Add Joomla 4 integration (same package as J3)
Add Add text and help text in settings
Add Enhanced UX design

Version 2.0.3

Fix Translation sharing issue in some browsers

Version 2.0.2

Fix Jutranslation javascript fix

Version 2.0.1

Fix Formatting of pros con box
Fix Theme selection of selecting theme
Fix Range selection edit text

Version 2.0.0

Add Pro/Con voting implementation in rating box
Add Predefined themes implementation on rating group

Version 1.2.6

Fix Ju updater fix

Version 1.2.5

Fix Translation button not clickable after language update

Version 1.2.4

Fix JU translation Missing Integration

Version 1.2.3

Add JU translation Integration
Fix Module CSS broken, not loading stars rating

Version 1.2.2

Add Item Rating rating group integration with My Maps location category
Fix Jquery touch mobile ratings

Version 1.2.1

Add Item Rating rating group integration with My Maps location category
Fix Jquery touch mobile ratings

Version 1.2.0

Add Item Rating module
Add Joomla 3.5 compatible
Fix JS error on circle results
Fix Fatal error on category loading when K2 is installed
Fix Live updater not working in some configuration

Version 1.1.9

Add Ability to use the extension with Ads manager extension
Add Ability to use the extension with FlexiContent extension
Add Item Rating new module with highest and random vote options
Fix Default Font Awsome value on selection

Version 1.1.8

Add Ability to update automatically the component
Add Front end view on rating box on basis of ordering

Version 1.1.7

Add Ability to use font awsome icons with color

Version 1.1.6

Add Added Rating text criterion

Version 1.1.5

Add Bug Fixing

Version 1.1.4

Add Filter by group in items view
Fix Bar rating not working on iphone

Version 1.1.3

Add SP Page Builder support as addon
Fix Unclosed div in rating box
Fix cross button is not working when rating is done
Fix Voting error message not visible
Fix Hide voting in Hikashop category view

Version 1.1.2

Add Community builder support
Fix Responsive layout for rating images overlap

Version 1.1.1

Add Moset tree custom field support
Add Mosets tree rating report section
Fix Bootstrap 3 circle conflict

Version 1.1.0

Add Created ip and cookie restriction for rating at backend
Add Change rating click into number selection for a more precise rating
Add Report section for hikashop,joomsocial,k2, Virtuemart and joomsocial
Add Report per content element in backend
Fix Mobile votes with lightbox

Version 1.0.10

Fix Changed the rating algorithm to aggregrate rating, fix calculation
Fix Mobile display

Version 1.0.9

Add Parameter to force item rating widget on the basis of category selection
Add Mobile touch rating

Version 1.0.8

Add Possibility to vote on Yootheme zoo items

Version 1.0.7

Add Option for showing star in category view
Fix The logic of calculation in category view

Version 1.0.6

Add Jomsocial 4 compatibility
Fix k2 bottom view of item rating

Version 1.0.2 to 1.0.5

Add Rating resume display on category view
Add Virtuemart support

Version 1.0.1

Add Hikashop product rating support
Add Jomsocial profile and group rating support

Version 1.0.0

Add Initial release