WP File Download Addon Changelog

Last update : 14 Oct 2019

Version 4.2.2

Fix Download Google Documents
Fix Require minimum WP File Download version 4.6.6

Version 4.2.1

Fix Not showing cloud configuration when Woocommerce activated
Fix Dropbox: User allow to display files not working

Version 4.2.0

Add Use Webhook to sync with Google Drive in real time
Add Update to Google Drive SDK V3 and remove SDK V2
Add Button to On/Off Google Drive push notification
Add Using cache for Google Drive when Webhook enabled
Fix Search always return empty results when Google Drive empty
Fix Content all categories not working for cloud files
Fix Download Dropbox files failed in some case
Fix Minimum require WP File Download version 4.6.4

Version 4.1.9

Fix File multiple categories, custom icon not saved in Google Drive

Version 4.1.8

Fix Support file extensions for native Google Documents
Fix Wrong admin url for redirect link of Google Drive when WPML plugin activated
Fix Improve dropbox search speed

Version 4.1.7

Fix Copy/Move file with version and description on cloud
Fix Google Drive file permalink not in pretty format in file params

Version 4.1.6

Fix Wrong public state of new upload file on OneDrive
Fix Wrong wpfd_addon_get_files filter params

Version 4.1.5

Add Add option new cloud category position
Fix Wrong javascript origins on Google Drive connection
Fix Multi-category on frontend

Version 4.1.4

Fix Wrong cloud addon directory

Version 4.1.3

Fix User allow to display single file not working on Google Drive files

Version 4.1.2

Fix Fix doing_ajax function error in wordpress 4.7
Fix Wrong connection state of Google Drive and Onedrive

Version 4.1.1

Fix Link joomunited account

Version 4.1.0

Add New UX for WP File Download
Fix Warning on Dropbox
Fix Enhance updater
Fix Enhance cloud manual synchronisation

Version 4.0.12

Fix Download large file from Google Drive
Fix Preview pdf for files in cloud

Version 4.0.11

Fix Dropbox files not display on frontend

Version 4.0.10

Add Introduce hooking system
Fix Update framework to 1.0.5
Fix Publish state not working

Version 4.0.9

Fix Update requirements class

Version 4.0.8

Fix Missing document link for Dropbox

Version 4.0.7

Fix Dropbox AJAX synchronization
Fix Alert before disconnecting a services
Fix Conflict file name on Dropbox upload/paste
Fix JU Updater class

Version 4.0.6

Fix Made plugin working with WP File Download 4.3.18

Version 4.0.5

Fix File version not saved
Fix Created date, Modified date not correct
Fix Dropbox category title changed during automatic sync
Fix Wrong download URL on search in OneDrive
Fix Wrong download url on search when rewrite is Off for Onedrive
Fix Tag missing when moving file in Onedrive
Add Check some requirements before activating plugin

Version 4.0.4

Fix GGD synchronization with cloud
Fix Join string php 5.3 error
Fix Bizpanda script return error
Fix PHP warning $user_categories is not array
Fix Google Drive folder title too long (number of characters > 190)

Version 4.0.3

Add Full code reformating for better performance and code comments
Add Using PHPCS to make standard definitions
Fix Display the category cloud icon
Fix Conflict related to AJAX URL (with 3rd party plugins

Version 4.0.2

Fix Checking framework installed
Add Cloud multi category

Version 4.0.1

Fix Connect with OneDrive issue
Fix Conflict with MailPoet plugin

Version 4.0.0

Add OneDrive: Synchronize files from OneDrive to WordPress
Add OneDrive: Synchronize files from WordPress to OneDrive

Version 3.0.13

Fix Some Dropbox folders don't sync

Version 3.0.12

Fix Missing file title when downloading a dropbox file
Fix Custom icon for Dropbox file cannot be saved

Version 3.0.11

Fix Update the updater for WordPress 4.8

Version 3.0.10

Fix Check the parent folder after reconnecting a cloud account
Fix Check cloud accounts OAuth when upate

Version 3.0.9

Fix Download security issue.
Fix Missing category title in search result.

Version 3.0.8

Fix Google Drive deleted files now go to trash

Version 3.0.7

Fix Use default en_US language

Version 3.0.6

Add Builtin translation tool improvements

Version 3.0.5

Fix Update Google drive documentation link

Version 3.0.4

Fix Include JU Framework to prevent update issues

Version 3.0.3

Add Built in JU Translation tool

Version 3.0.2

Fix Sync dropbox

Version 3.0.1

Fix Conflict with Google Agenda

Version 3.0.0

Add Social locker, lock file category by social sharing
Add Implement Social locker on single file
Add English language file strings

Version 2.1.0

Add Possibility to copy/cut/paste files
Add Possibility to add an existing user as a category owner
Add Add a loader on frontend when you navigate through categories

Version 2.0.2

Add WordPress 4.6 compatibility
Fix Wrong automatic file title on file upload

Version 2.0.1

Fix wrong Dropbox download url when permalink structure is not default

Version 2.0.0

Add Dropbox integration

Version 1.0.1

Add Advanced search and filtering

Version 1.0.0

Add Initial release version