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WP File Download Addon Changelog

Last update : 20 Jun 2024Compatible with the latest Wordpress version and Stable release: 6.5.4

Version 4.7.2

  • Add Implement Dropbox push notification
  • Fix Dropbox category title is changed during ordering
  • Fix Some PHP warnings

Version 4.7.1

  • Fix Missing search results on Amazon S3
  • Fix Search files on Amazon S3 to be case sensitive
  • Fix Incorrect file direct link on cloud files

Version 4.7.0

  • Add Google Team Drive integration
  • Add Google Team Drive: Synchronize files from WordPress to Google Team Drive
  • Add Google Team Drive: Synchronize files from Google Team Drive to WordPress
  • Fix Some PHP warnings

Version 4.6.6

  • Fix Search files on Dropbox to be case sensitive
  • Fix Search engine: Incorrect Dropbox file title

Version 4.6.5

  • Add Compatibility with WP File Download version 6.0.3

Version 4.6.4

  • Fix WooCommerce feature: not add product image and galleries with cloud files
  • Fix Error when delete or rename category on Dropbox
  • Fix Search files on Google Drive to be case sensitive

Version 4.6.3

  • Fix Not create Dropbox folder in some cases

Version 4.6.2

  • Fix OneDrive Business connection
  • Fix Fatal error when editing file on OneDrive Business
  • Fix Fatal error when deleting category on OneDrive Business
  • Fix Woo product feature image not working on Google Drive files

Version 4.6.1

  • Fix Fatal error when downloading file on OneDrive Business
  • Fix Some PHP warnings

Version 4.6.0

  • Add Amazon S3: Synchronize files from Amazon S3 to WordPress
  • Add Amazon S3: Synchronize files from WordPress to Amazon S3
  • Add Amazon S3: Create and manage S3 buckets from the plugin configuration

Version 4.5.33

  • Fix Some PHP warnings

Version 4.5.32

  • Fix Use custom icon as file preview in the preview theme

Version 4.5.31

  • Fix Some warnings in PHP 8.2

Version 4.5.30

  • Add Compatibility with WP File Download version 5.9.0
  • Fix Searching for cloud files within the admin search
  • Fix Remove download file link extension option not working on single file

Version 4.5.29

  • Fix Inconsistent Dropbox file titles
  • Fix Incorrect file renaming with special words
  • Fix Update guzzlehttp library to version 7.3

Version 4.5.28

  • Fix Search engine: error when filter OneDrive files by tag
  • Fix Search engine: filter by single date (from or to) incorrect

Version 4.5.27

  • Fix Search engine: Showing tags incorrect
  • Fix Search engine: Search in OneDrive incorrect
  • Fix Search engine: Filter Google Drive files by modified date
  • Fix OneDrive sync issue
  • Fix Unpublish Dropbox file not working

Version 4.5.26

  • Add Search engine: Support filtering of cloud files based on multiple file types
  • Fix Search engine: Unpublished files are showing up in the search results
  • Fix Fatal error in some cases

Version 4.5.25

  • Add Search engine: support filter cloud files by file type and file weight
  • Fix Search engine: filter cloud files by tag

Version 4.5.24

  • Fix Update guzzlehttp library for OneDrive
  • Fix Some PHP warnings

Version 4.5.23

  • Fix Update Google library
  • Fix Dropbox Sync issue

Version 4.5.22

  • Fix Update queue class

Version 4.5.21

  • Fix WP File Download search file in multicategory with Dropbox category

Version 4.5.20

  • Add Update social locker design
  • Fix Some warnings in PHP 8.1

Version 4.5.19

  • Add Using cache for Dropbox when Webhook enabled
  • Fix OneDrive Business Sync issue

Version 4.5.18

  • Add Support for WP File Download version 5.6.0

Version 4.5.17

  • Fix New OneDrive, OneDrive Business folder name ending with dot can't create on connection.

Version 4.5.16

  • Fix Can't download remote file in Woo product
  • Fix Download limit in Woo product not working on cloud files
  • Fix Warning on search in some case

Version 4.5.15

  • Add Support WooCommerce variations product
  • Add Quick create WooCommerce product from admin file list
  • Add Watermark for preview files generated
  • Add Change add to cart button background color in files list in frontend

Version 4.5.14

  • Fix Search by tags for OneDrive file(s)

Version 4.5.13

  • Add Support for WP File Download version 5.5
  • Fix Search not work correctly in some cases

Version 4.5.12

  • Fix Update Dropbox API using version 2
  • Fix Dropbox synchronize not delete old category

Version 4.5.11

  • Fix Search for cloud files in backend.
  • Fix Google Drive Application files not downloadable
  • Fix Google Drive Application file extenstions not detect

Version 4.5.10

  • Add Possibility to set a password protection for WP File Download file
  • Add Possibility to set a password protection for WP File Download category
  • Add Possibility to copy categories and subcategories of WP File Download files
  • Fix Assets for Automatic mode not load on translated site.

Version 4.5.9

  • Fix Single folder synchronize in contextmenu.

Version 4.5.8

  • Add Support new UX version.
  • Fix WooCommerce file download wrong version.
  • Fix Onedrive Business synchronize not success when Generate preview enabled.

Version 4.5.7

  • Fix Option Remove download file link extension not working for Google Drive files on seach results.
  • Fix Delete Onedrive, Onedrive Business category when it missing on cloud.

Version 4.5.6

  • Fix Seeking on mp3 on Google Drive
  • Fix OneDrive and Google Drive watch changes

Version 4.5.5

  • Fix OneDrive Business Sync timeout on large directories.
  • Fix Ordered files on WooCommerce can't download.
  • Fix Dropbox Connection doesn't create a Root category in some case.
  • Fix Bump minimum require PHP Version to 5.6.

Version 4.5.4

  • Fix Remove not exists method on Dropbox class.

Version 4.5.3

  • Add JoomUnited previewer for cloud documents
  • Add Change form one to three first pages image preview
  • Add Google Drive preview fallback if document is not ready or format not supported

Version 4.5.2

  • Fix Wrong include path of WpfdTasks on Windows system.
  • Fix Update cloud categories meta data on synchronize.
  • Fix Clear cache of Google Drive files after synchronize.

Version 4.5.1

  • Fix Dropbox sync not working when choose other root folder.
  • Fix Remove folders on clouds disconnected.

Version 4.5.0

  • Add Introduce background task manager
  • Add Implement Google Drive synchronization in background task
  • Add Implement Dropbox synchronization in background task
  • Add Implement OneDrive synchronization in background task
  • Add Implement OneDrive Business synchronization in background task

Version 4.4.13

  • Fix OneDrive, OneDrive Business update parent folder when remote parent folder changed.
  • Fix OneDrive, OneDrive Business hits increase wrong way.

Version 4.4.12

  • Fix Update Guzzle package for Onedrive
  • Fix Automatic Dropbox connector permission issue
  • Fix Automatic Cloud Connector class name conflict

Version 4.4.11

  • Add Automatic configuration for Google Drive connection
  • Add Automatic configuration for Dropbox connection
  • Add Automatic configuration for Onedrive and Onedrive Business connection

Version 4.4.10

  • Fix Load cloud category incorrectly in WP File Download category widget for Elementor

Version 4.4.9

  • Fix Onedrive Deprecated notice
  • Fix Increase page size of Google Drive to 1000 files
  • Fix Hits value not update for OneDrive and OneDrive Business

Version 4.4.8

  • Add WordPress 5.5 compatibility

Version 4.4.7

  • Fix Custom icon URL OneDrive and OneDrive Business
  • Fix WooCommerce order completed directly not include files
  • Fix Remove testing interval value when renew subscriptions

Version 4.4.6

  • Fix Google Drive files not load in backend

Version 4.4.5

  • Fix Preview Google Drive file

Version 4.4.4

  • Fix Remove file link extension on Dropbox search results
  • Fix Added to cart button not added in some themes

Version 4.4.3

  • Fix Onedrive Business files not showing on front if other cloud not connect

Version 4.4.2

  • Fix WooCommerce feature not working correct on Onedrive Business
  • Fix Missing files on WooCommerce orders

Version 4.4.1

  • Add Implement OneDrive Business Push notification.
  • Fix Onedrive: Connect fail when site name is ending with a dot.
  • Fix Onedrive: The loading of file list is slow.
  • Fix Onedrive: Increase list files limit to 500.
  • Fix Split clouds configuration into tabs.

Version 4.4.0

  • Add OneDrive for Business: Synchronize files from OneDrive to WordPress (requires version 4.7.6)
  • Add OneDrive for Business: Synchronize files from WordPress to OneDrive
  • Fix Google Drive: Incorrect file extension when save file have multiple dot.
  • Fix Onedrive: Now become Onedrive Personal in Configuration page.
  • Fix Onedrive: Update to Graph API ( may need reconnect after update ).

Version 4.3.1

  • Fix Wrong return type for Google Drive file instance
  • Fix Missing version and custom icon for Google Drive

Version 4.3.0

  • Add WooCommerce Integration (require WPFD 4.7.2+): sell WPFD files
  • Add Include one or several files as downloadable WooCommerce product
  • Add Manage files and categories from WooCommerce product page
  • Add Display Add to cart / View cart / Download button in WP File Download file listing
  • Add User can also purchase cloud files from Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive
  • Add Option to apply WooCommerce file access or WooCommerce + WPFD file access
  • Add Implement file purchase statistics
  • Add Possibility to purchase remote file download
  • Add Add purchase button when inserting a single file
  • Add Add purchase button in file search engine
  • Add When a file is listed in a product add a link to WooCommerce in admin
  • Add Integrate WP File Download file in WooCommerce download area
  • Add WP File Download file links in WooCommerce download Email notification

Version 4.2.4

  • Fix Fatal error when empty Google client id and secret

Version 4.2.3

  • Fix Upload large file to Google Drive
  • Fix Dropbox search on child categories too
  • Fix Google Drive Credentials expires check

Version 4.2.2

  • Fix Download Google Documents
  • Fix Require minimum WP File Download version 4.6.6

Version 4.2.1

  • Fix Not showing cloud configuration when Woocommerce activated
  • Fix Dropbox: User allow to display files not working

Version 4.2.0

  • Add Use Webhook to sync with Google Drive in real time
  • Add Update to Google Drive SDK V3 and remove SDK V2
  • Add Button to On/Off Google Drive push notification
  • Add Using cache for Google Drive when Webhook enabled
  • Fix Search always return empty results when Google Drive empty
  • Fix Content all categories not working for cloud files
  • Fix Download Dropbox files failed in some case
  • Fix Minimum require WP File Download version 4.6.4

Version 4.1.9

  • Fix File multiple categories, custom icon not saved in Google Drive

Version 4.1.8

  • Fix Support file extensions for native Google Documents
  • Fix Wrong admin url for redirect link of Google Drive when WPML plugin activated
  • Fix Improve dropbox search speed

Version 4.1.7

  • Fix Copy/Move file with version and description on cloud
  • Fix Google Drive file permalink not in pretty format in file params

Version 4.1.6

  • Fix Wrong public state of new upload file on OneDrive
  • Fix Wrong wpfd_addon_get_files filter params

Version 4.1.5

  • Add Add option new cloud category position
  • Fix Wrong javascript origins on Google Drive connection
  • Fix Multi-category on frontend

Version 4.1.4

  • Fix Wrong cloud addon directory

Version 4.1.3

  • Fix User allow to display single file not working on Google Drive files

Version 4.1.2

  • Fix Fix doing_ajax function error in wordpress 4.7
  • Fix Wrong connection state of Google Drive and Onedrive

Version 4.1.1

  • Fix Link joomunited account

Version 4.1.0

  • Add New UX for WP File Download
  • Fix Warning on Dropbox
  • Fix Enhance updater
  • Fix Enhance cloud manual synchronisation

Version 4.0.12

  • Fix Download large file from Google Drive
  • Fix Preview pdf for files in cloud

Version 4.0.11

  • Fix Dropbox files not display on frontend

Version 4.0.10

  • Add Introduce hooking system
  • Fix Update framework to 1.0.5
  • Fix Publish state not working

Version 4.0.9

  • Fix Update requirements class

Version 4.0.8

  • Fix Missing document link for Dropbox

Version 4.0.7

  • Fix Dropbox AJAX synchronization
  • Fix Alert before disconnecting a services
  • Fix Conflict file name on Dropbox upload/paste
  • Fix JU Updater class

Version 4.0.6

  • Fix Made plugin working with WP File Download 4.3.18

Version 4.0.5

  • Fix File version not saved
  • Fix Created date, Modified date not correct
  • Fix Dropbox category title changed during automatic sync
  • Fix Wrong download URL on search in OneDrive
  • Fix Wrong download url on search when rewrite is Off for Onedrive
  • Fix Tag missing when moving file in Onedrive
  • Add Check some requirements before activating plugin

Version 4.0.4

  • Fix GGD synchronization with cloud
  • Fix Join string php 5.3 error
  • Fix Bizpanda script return error
  • Fix PHP warning $user_categories is not array
  • Fix Google Drive folder title too long (number of characters > 190)

Version 4.0.3

  • Add Full code reformating for better performance and code comments
  • Add Using PHPCS to make standard definitions
  • Fix Display the category cloud icon
  • Fix Conflict related to AJAX URL (with 3rd party plugins

Version 4.0.2

  • Fix Checking framework installed
  • Add Cloud multi category

Version 4.0.1

  • Fix Connect with OneDrive issue
  • Fix Conflict with MailPoet plugin

Version 4.0.0

  • Add OneDrive: Synchronize files from OneDrive to WordPress
  • Add OneDrive: Synchronize files from WordPress to OneDrive

Version 3.0.13

  • Fix Some Dropbox folders don't sync

Version 3.0.12

  • Fix Missing file title when downloading a dropbox file
  • Fix Custom icon for Dropbox file cannot be saved

Version 3.0.11

  • Fix Update the updater for WordPress 4.8

Version 3.0.10

  • Fix Check the parent folder after reconnecting a cloud account
  • Fix Check cloud accounts OAuth when upate

Version 3.0.9

  • Fix Download security issue.
  • Fix Missing category title in search result.

Version 3.0.8

  • Fix Google Drive deleted files now go to trash

Version 3.0.7

  • Fix Use default en_US language

Version 3.0.6

  • Add Builtin translation tool improvements

Version 3.0.5

  • Fix Update Google drive documentation link

Version 3.0.4

  • Fix Include JU Framework to prevent update issues

Version 3.0.3

  • Add Built in JU Translation tool

Version 3.0.2

  • Fix Sync dropbox

Version 3.0.1

  • Fix Conflict with Google Agenda

Version 3.0.0

  • Add Social locker, lock file category by social sharing
  • Add Implement Social locker on single file
  • Add English language file strings

Version 2.1.0

  • Add Possibility to copy/cut/paste files
  • Add Possibility to add an existing user as a category owner
  • Add Add a loader on frontend when you navigate through categories

Version 2.0.2

  • Add WordPress 4.6 compatibility
  • Fix Wrong automatic file title on file upload

Version 2.0.1

  • Fix wrong Dropbox download url when permalink structure is not default

Version 2.0.0

  • Add Dropbox integration

Version 1.0.1

  • Add Advanced search and filtering

Version 1.0.0

  • Add Initial release version