WP Meta SEO: WordPress Plugin with Google Analytics Integration

Your WordPress audience and WP Meta SEO go hand in hand. In fact, only by analyzing the changes in your audience’s demographics and behaviors you can measure the impact of your SEO strategy on your WordPress website. With WP Meta SEO Email report, keeping track of your audience becomes a breeze, for you and for your clients. For more SEO features, get back on WP META SEO page

Setup Google Analytics Tracking in No Time

Setting up WP Meta SEO to work with Google Analytics is a short, two-step process. First, navigate to the Google Analytics section of the plugin and request an access code. From the pop-up page, choose your Google Account, give WP Meta SEO access to your Google Analytics account and copy your access code. Once you’re done, save the changes, and the setup is almost complete! To round off the setup procedure, pick a profile to use for your WordPress website and save changes. Now you’re truly ready to use Google Analytics with WP Meta SEO!


WordPress Analytics one click tracking


Google Analytics Report in WordPress

The best thing about the new integration between WP Meta SEO and Google Analytics is that you can get your reports right from your WordPress admin. And this is not just a copy of the whole Google Analytics, we've generate some comprehensive views with the statistics that matters.

WP Meta SEO Analytics data import


Example of the views that can be combined:

  • Real time traffic
  • The current day, yesterday, last 7, 14, 30, 90 days
  • Last 1,3 years
  • Sessions, users, organic traffic, page views count
  • Bounce rate, location, pages details
  • Referrers, searches, traffic, technologies & sources


Analytics view switch


Google Analytics Data in Email Report

Yes, you read it right, all the Google Analytics data you can display from WP Meta SEO can be included in an Email report. Just pickup a period (last 30 days...), pickup a views (sessions, bounce rate...) an add it to your Email report. Everything will be transformed into a nice table and sent in your mail box. This feature is available in WP Meta SEO addon.

Send WordPress Email SEO report


Google Analytics Advanced Filters

These reports can also be configured to exclude, for example, administrator visits. This ensures that when certain user groups visit your WordPress website, their visits are not logged, giving you a clearer picture of the behaviors of your users. All the advanced fetures reagarding data and filtering are:

  • Exclude loggedin users by User Role
  • Connect a Google account with login/password
  • Use Universal or Classic Google Analytics
  • Anonymize IPs while tracking
  • Enable remarketing, demographics and interests reports
  • Track Google Analytics events like downloads, mailto and outbound links


Advanced Google Analytics for WordPress configuration

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