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SEO Glossary changelog

Last update : 11 Apr 2024

Version 3.2.6

Add Joomla 5 bugfix
Fix Fix xmap plugin path
Fix Fix xmap plugin path

Version 3.2.5

Fix Language translation sharing bugfix

Version 3.2.4

Add Synonym search in glossaries
Add Glossary tooltip open on click event
Fix Alias column in Entries view at backend
Fix Mordern theme background color

Version 3.2.3

Fix PHP 8 compatibility
Fix Regular tooltip not working with jQuery 3 on Joomla 4
Fix Language translation issues

Version 3.2.2

Add Joomla finder plugin implementation
Fix Getmodel error in backend on save

Version 3.2.1

Fix Param error on joomla4 front end
Fix Bootstrap layout correct setting
Fix Search layout on joomla4
Fix Fix router when menu is missing

Version 3.2.0

Add Joomla 4 integration
Add Wikipedia return message if no definition is found
Add Cropped text in definition list module now ends with a ...
Fix Login link on frontend submission
Fix Module responsive mode enhancement

Version 3.1.3

Add JUtranslation language sharing update
Fix Joomla search plugin
Fix Search button disappear on hover
Fix Synonym field display in backend

Version 3.1.2

Add Umlaut characters in alphabet list
Fix Reset button not working
Fix Synonym not working on selection

Version 3.1.1

Fix Sql error in category layout.

Version 3.1.0

Add Mordern theme for tooltips, responsive friendly, even on large content
Add Definition in content restriction based on menu items
Add Multilanguage also applied in Joomla search engine
Fix Import script enhancements
Fix Remove Google + from social networks

Version 3.0.6

Fix Jutranslation javascript fix

Version 3.0.5

Fix Ju updater error

Version 3.0.4

Add Advance search in content plugin including synonym meta keyword and description
Fix Language fix and update

Version 3.0.3

Fix Wikipedia content quick copy to definition
Fix Language fix and update

Version 3.0.2

Add Wikipedia API integration in backend
Fix Unpublish and thrash button not working
Fix Content encoding error in Joomla
Fix Add no result message if no result found in glossary page

Version 3.0.1

Fix Layout bug fixing and text update

Version 3.0

Add New Default theme design, header and definitions layouts
Add New Responsive theme design, header and definitions layouts
Add New Flat theme design, header and definitions layouts
Add New Masonry theme design, header and definitions layouts
Add Define all theme in menu items and apply default theme from component configuration

Version 2.6.5

Add Generate a Joomla standard helper layout override (in /html folder)
Fix Blank page returned when loadin specific tags
Fix Backend error related to com_k2 not found when k2 not installed

Version 2.6.4

Add Bootstrap popover tooltip option (using Joomla bootstrap)

Version 2.6.3

Add K2 dropdown to add external link on definitions

Version 2.6.2

Fix Link broken in: module and detail view & sitemap

Version 2.6.1

Add Automatically add link title when a definition is detected (SEO)
Add Possibility to select a K2 item as custom link
Fix Masonary grid view not showing full definition

Version 2.6.0

Add New alphabet theme

Version 2.5.5

Fix Language not properly loaded

Version 2.5.4

Add Joomla 3.7 ready
Fix Language not loading in search box
Fix Language not loading in configuration

Version 2.5.3

Fix Language loading not in module

Version 2.5.2

Fix JU Translation save button not clickable
Fix Fatal error on module on certain configuration

Version 2.5.1

Add JU Translation Integration

Version 2.5.0

Add Slideshow layout integration in the module
Add Masonry layout integration for component views
Fix Xmap Error on URLs
Fix Alias URL check for published

Version 2.4.2

Add Masonary layout integration
Fix SEF URL bug fixing (latest Joomla version)
Fix Pagination bug fixing

Version 2.4.1

Add Responsive layout tag tooltip adjustment on mobile device
Fix Jfom input field implementation

Version 2.4.0

Add Joomla tags integration, add Joomla tags in definitions
Add Sorting and ordering entries in glossaries from the menu item
Fix 404 error when the alias has date format

Version 2.3.6

Fix ZERO bug on few site

Version 2.3.5

Fix Import function
Fix Error 500 in backend
Fix Change varchar to text for glossaries description
Fix Osmap fatal error with Xmap plugin seoglossary installed

Version 2.3.4

Add Hit counter on glossary entries
Add Icon field on glossaries and entry view
Add Published up and published down and creation date field on entries
Fix Search integration issue with Joomla default search engine

Version 2.3.3

Add Nofollow option for definition
Add Option to open link in same/new tab on definition link

Version 2.3.2

Add Add a way to skip SEO glossary detection on context ie. com_content.category to skip on only category
Fix Fix live updater support
Fix Fix external URL path on glossary
Fix Component restriction dropdown list display

Version 2.3.1

Fix Security fix
Fix Search or case fix to show search result from specific glossaries
Add Meta keyword and meta description field
Fix seog_disable command activation

Version 2.3.0

Add Import function to using csv with add/replace options
Add Export function to using csv
Add Implementation of random ordering in module and extension
Add Osmap sitemap support
Fix Pagination link broken at bottom
Fix Close button when tooltip autoclose set to No
Fix Display word starting from alphabet, when alphabet search is called

Version 2.2.4

Fix Security fix

Version 2.2.3

Add Joomunited updater

Version 2.2.1 to 2.2.2

Add Qltip implementation, new tooltip themes
Add New tooltip panel configuration

Version 2.2.0

Add Merged 2 modules into one and keep old one compatibility
Add Module option to display list with title only, title and intro, definition only
Add Module option to crop definition automatically
Add Module option to select multiple glossaries as sources
Add Module option to order by latest, alphabetical, random
Add Module option to change layout

Version 2.1.2

Fix responsive view tooltip adjustment
Fix Facebook button not visible
Fix Menu restriction not working
Fix Front end styling options removal

Version 2.1.1

Fix Responsive view on some templates (glossary view)
Fix seog_enable tag inside when the plugin tag is not working

Version 2.1.0

Add Advanced tooltips
Add French language file update
Add Alias function for search engine friendly url
Add Adjust the router function for sef url

Version 2.0.1

Add Frontend edition
Add Frontend css pagination enhancement

Version 2.0.0

Add Xmap plugin
Add Limit SEO Glossary activation by menu
Add Limit SEO Glossary activation by article categories
Add Limit SEO Glossary activation by joomla components
Add Kunena compatibility

Version 1.5.32

Fix Video has wrong src in tooltips
Fix Clicking play on "video" tag closes the tooltip

Version 1.5.29

Fix Search Area needs to be exposed to localization

Version 1.5.28

Fix Custom page heading
Fix custom page title
Fix Glossary description not shown

Version 1.5.27

Add Unicode URLs are now supported (user contribution)
Fix transliteration for Arabic and Hebrew (user contribution)

Version 1.5.24 to 1.5.26

Fix Display #ALL doesn't display the terms in alphabetical order
Add Search module: place the SEO Glossary search form module anywhere on your site

Version 1.5.23 to 1.5.24

Fix Using php less than v5.4 creates a warning notice on the front-end

Version 1.5.17 to 1.5.21

Fix Specific caracters in some languages

Version 1.5.16

Fix Entities in HTML inception for tooltips

Version 1.5.12 to 1.5.15

Fix Strict standards warnings
Add Disqus integration on glossary and term page

Version 1.5.11

Fix JS dependencies are not loaded in some cases

Version 1.5.10

Fix Custom color not always correctly rendered
Add Compatibility with NoNumber's sourcerer
Add {seog:macro} and {seog:term} shortcuts can now be used in definition
Add {seog:macro} is replaced with the value of the "Advanced: Macro" configuration setting
Add {seog:term} is replaced with the term
Add Russian language files (Big thanks to Хорошевский Алексей

Version 1.5.7 to 1.5.9

Fix Issue with the Color Picker in the administration

Version 1.5.4 to 1.5.6

Fix Impossible to add new entry if not menu item
Fix Module displaying unpublished entries

Version 1.5.3

Fix Missing dependency on JModel, JController and JView on some cases.

Version 1.5.2

Add Merge Joomla 2.5 and 3.x version in a single install package

Version 1.5.1

Fix Disable command not detected if placed at beginning of the text

Version 1.5.0

Add Theme compatibility
Fix Missing language string