WordPress partner listing

This is our Extension Partners, who help us maintain integration with their Joomla extension. The integrations we've made is also because we like those 3rd party extension and we are using it every day.


cloudways logo

Cloudways is a cloud hosting platform. They all the last performance technologies for a better WordPress performance!
Website: https://www.cloudways.com/en/

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ImageRecycle is an online automatic image and pdf optimizer. Images can represent from 60% to 80% of a page weight, so an optimization can accelerate your page loading by x3 or more. Take advantage of the ImageRecycle WordPress plugin to deploy it in one click on your website.
Website: www.imagerecycle.com

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Plateforme WP

PlateformeWPdigital is a WordPress theme provider. They are specialised in easy to use themes and to offer a full french support for themes and plugins.
Website: plateformewpdigital.fr

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aMember Pro is a full-featured membership, subscription software and a shopping cart. It seamlessly integrates with Wordpress, and offers "must-have" functions like
helpdesk system, affiliate program, software licensing. aMember is integrated with more than 100 payment systems and 80+ third-party scripts.
Website: www.amember.com

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Rockettheme is one of the most popular WordPress & Joomla template providers on the web. They have a famous template framework, Gantry, and provide Joomla extensions.
Website: rockettheme.com

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Organic themes hand code all of our themes here on the island of Maui. You won't find any auto-generated code or obscure naming conventions in Organic Themes.
Website: organicthemes.com

Our extension are tested with organic themes

weeblrpress logo

WeeblrPress develops and support WordPress plugins for SEO and content. weeblrAMP provides advanced Accelerated Mobile Pages support for all kinds of WordPress sites. It lets you build a real AMP website, with the same all important features as your main site: AMP conversion of course, but also automatic support for forms, newsletter sign-ups, search, navigation, commenting, WooCommerce, Ads, Analytics, Easy Digital Downloads and much more.
Website: www.weeblrpress.com

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