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How to import or synchronize an Excel file with a Joomla HTML table


Usually, in our organization, we have a lot of excel files and we have to do a lot of things in order to share them with customers on our Joomla website, and we would like to make it easier since it is a time-consuming task.

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How to create images and video galleries using WP Media Folder and Gutenberg editor


If you are here is because you have a lot of videos and images that you want to show in your WordPress page and you don’t know how to show them but don’t worry, here you will learn how to create images and video galleries using this awesome plugin which is WP Media Folder on Gutenberg editor.

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How to synchronize a WordPress table with a Google Sheet?


Possibly you are here looking for a way to easily synchronize your google tables with your wp tables and let me tell you that you are in the right place! Just here you will learn how with wp table manager you can synchronize and in this way have your tables on your wordpress page.

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Guest — Marco
C'è un unico problema... wp table manager non esiste tra i plugin da installare. Dove lo trovo?
Monday, January 06 2020 06:32
Hi, What do you mean? You have a membership and you're not available to install the plugin?
Monday, January 06 2020 08:42
How long is the sync period and how often will it sync? I have made changes on the Google Sheets side and it is not updating the s... Read More
Monday, January 20 2020 16:13
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