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Black Friday Best Deals 2023 - 40% OFF All Extensions

Black-friday-JU_1280x591 black friday deals

Enjoy 40% OFF for All Memberships!

Big news! Black Friday is here early, and we're offering a 40% discount on all memberships. Yes, you heard that right! Whether you want to renew, upgrade, or try something new, now is the perfect time to save big.🌟

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Best WordPress Media Library Manager With Folders


When starting a fresh website, we can agree that organizing media with folders is not a priority; It's usually more time for the website features, SEO and performance optimization. As the content is growing and as media represent a large part of it, this is when you'll start to search for better way to organize your media for various reasons like...

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My Maps location Hikashop / Hikamarket edition


Hikashop is the most powerful Ecommerce solution for Joomla. Associated with Hikamarket component you get a multi vendor solution (add resellers to your online shop). My maps location for Hikashop/Hikamarket is a specific plugin package that brings a full integration to find a local product or reseller based on your location. Everything is now integrated in the main package of My Maps location.


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How to manage file downloads using Elementor widgets


Sections with downloadable files are the best way to share documents and sell digital products on WordPress, but we could also need a powerful page builder like Elementor and WP File Downloads will allow you to manage your files and add them directly in the page builder with dedicated Elementor widgets.

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Clean Up the wp_posts WordPress Table


For every post that you write or page that you create, WordPress stores many revisions that you can go back to. That comfort is fine until one day, you start noticing that your server space is inexplicably hogged. The culprit is the wp_posts table that in lack of restrictions on revisions, grows and grows.

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How to import or synchronize an Excel file with a Joomla HTML table


Usually, in our organization, we have a lot of excel files and we have to do a lot of things in order to share them with customers on our Joomla website, and we would like to make it easier since it is a time-consuming task.

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Connect Microsoft OneDrive to a WordPress File Manager


Storage space is one of the most important features that a server can have when creating or maintaining a web page, so everything must be done to save it and thanks to this tool that WP File Download offers, you will be able to save a lot of space.

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How to synchronize a WordPress table with a Google Sheet?


Possibly you are here looking for a way to easily synchronize your google tables with your wp tables and let me tell you that you are in the right place! Just here you will learn how with wp table manager you can synchronize and in this way have your tables on your wordpress page.

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Google Drive As A WordPress File Manager


WP File Download is your best bet to save storage space and storage costs on your WordPress site by using a cloud platform, such as Google Drive, on WordPress through a WordPress File Manager.

Google Drive is a service developed by Google that offers cloud storage and file synchronization. You can store any type of files in Google Drive and access them from anywhere with any device, and share them with whoever you want.

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Connect Joomla With Google Drive!


There are few easier ways to manage files than Google Drive. Nonetheless, whereas Google Drive makes it easy for teams to share files, most of the blogging action happens on Joomla. Dropfiles is JoomUnited’s answer to manage all your Google Drive files directly from your Joomla blog.

Dropfiles is primarily a file manager for Joomla, but one that is aware that sometimes, it is far easier to host files away from your blog. In light of this, Dropfiles comes with complete integration of Google Drive, allowing you to manage your cloud files from Joomla, and your Joomla files from Google Drive.

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WP Media Folder: Filter Your Images and Documents


It has not happened to you that you have problems when looking for your files in your File Manager? Well, WP Media Folder will make your life easier :).

With WP Media Folder you can filter all your media files using size and weight.


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JU Translation, translate and import extension translation languages


JU Translation is a translation tool included in all our WordPress and Joomla extensions. Now it's straightforward to translate, get, share and manage your extensions translations from a visual and easy to use interface!

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How to design an Elementor blog using WP Latest Posts plugin and widget


Elementor is a page builder that allows us to create and design pages with easy-to-use blocks but combining it with WP Lates Post will allow us to create an awesome blog page with the posts on our site.

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Replace the Elementor gallery widget with WP Media Folder gallery addon


It is true that Elementor is a really good page builder with many tools to run a professional website but there is always a possibility to add and improve the tools that are already there like, for example, the galleries. 

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How to make a slider using an image gallery in WordPress


Galleries are an essential part of our site as they allow us to show, in the best way possible, essential images that could contain valuable information for our site, one of the most popular gallery types is the slider because this fits almost every website and could be shown anywhere allowing us to see each image and detail it perfectly, on this tutorial, we will see how to make a slider using a gallery in WordPress.

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How to sell digital products with WooCommerce


 eCommerce is huge. It is growing all the time and showing no signs of slowing down.

With a low barrier to entry, relatively simple setup and low cost, it's no wonder we see so many new online stores appear.

If you're considering entering the eCommerce market, we can help. As WordPress experts, Joomunited have extensive experience building websites, stores, plugins and apps.
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Discovering Dropfiles’ New UX


The user experience can be a make-or-break factor when using a Joomla! plugin. An effective user interface should be a companion, helping you to get your job done in the least time possible. At JoomUnited, we recognize the need for such tools, and this is why we have revamped Dropfiles to make it easier to manage your files on Joomla!

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Import files and documents in WordPress with WP File Download


Adding files to your file manager from your server files may be a nightmare as, usually, you could need extra plugins and also extra steps that could be too tedious to completely import the files and there is always a chance that some of the files just get lost in the import process, or isn't it a nightmare anymore? 

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How to download files from the WordPress media library


The WordPress Media Library stores more of the most important, to not say the most important, and sometimes we need to download these files to maybe edit those or just to keep them safe in our local environment and WP Media Folder will allow you to do this in the easiest way!

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How to create WordPress charts and graphs with a plugin


Creating charts graphs in WordPress is the best way to visually represent data and make it more engaging for your users, and WP Table Manager offers the best tool to do this with awesome themes and in a few clicks.

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