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How to use WP File Download as a WPBakery file manager


WP File Download makes really easy the process of creating a file manager on your site, allowing you to create files repositories with just a few clicks but what about if we are using WPBakery? Would we need to go to the WP File Download Dashboard and then back to WPBakery? The answer is no! You'll be able to manage everything directly in the builder backend and frontend as well ;) 

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Improved search engines and categories for WordPress files


Getting started with WP File Download is easy, but it's also easy to let your WordPress files overrun you. Whether you have a large blog or a small one, you cannot but wish for a good, flexible file manager. Luckily, WP File Download has just received a new update that makes it much easier to handle files.

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Import files and documents in WordPress with WP File Download


Adding files to your file manager from your server files may be a nightmare as, usually, you could need extra plugins and also extra steps that could be too tedious to completely import the files and there is always a chance that some of the files just get lost in the import process, or isn't it a nightmare anymore? 

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Iframe and HTML5 lazy loading, cache preloading and more on WordPress


First impressions matter, and on the web, you make your first impression before anything even loads on your WordPress blog. The time it takes for your homepage or any other WordPress post or page to load determines how long a user stays on your blog, if they even stay at all. Now, with WP Speed of Light Addon's two quickfire updates, you can optimize your blog's loading times and improve SEO further. 

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Connect with Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive with Dropfiles for Joomla


Nowadays, it is common to have your files scattered. At least, you might opt out of storing all your files on your Joomla server, for several reasons. It might be more convenient to store files on Dropbox or Google Drive, or your company might prefer to collaborate on files using OneDrive. Regardless of the reason, Dropfiles 6.0 bridges the gap between your Joomla blog and your cloud files. 

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Generate preview and downloadable versions of your WordPress files


It's good to announce that apart from the original awesome themes from WP File Download, a new theme that allows your users to preview the files is being introduced ;)I 

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Create amazing WooCommerce product galleries with WP Media Folder gallery addon


When having an Ecommerce it is really important to display your products in a professional way as it's, basically, the reason for your customers to visit your site. 

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Better responsive tables on Joomla


Droptables has all but mastered tables for Joomla. In recent updates, Droptables has added support for more types of data, more ways to process numbers with equations, and new options to style tables with themes like they were spreadsheets. The latest update concerns everything at once because it affects everything at once: better responsive tables for Joomla. 

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Import Media From Folder In WordPress Media Library


Perhaps at some point, you might have tried to add images to your WordPress media library by placing them in your WordPress blog’s uploads directory. If you tried that, you will have been left with an aftertaste of disappointment as you looked in your WordPress media library and found no sign of imported media.

The reason why these files do not appear in your media library is that WordPress indexes all files in the database. In other words, manually-uploading this media bypasses this crucial step. If you’re migrating to WordPress, or otherwise need to import a lot of media, you will be happy to hear that WP Media Folder now supports importing files from your server.

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2022 Summer Sale: 30% OFF On All Memberships!

2022 Summer Sale: 30% OFF On All Memberships!

 We are happy to announce our special 2022 summer sale

Get a 30% OFF coupon, available for a week, from 07 July 2022 to 14 July 2022 : JU-SUMMER

This coupon is available for:

  • All memberships
  • Bundles
  • Renewals

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How to manage file downloads using Elementor widgets


Sections with downloadable files are the best way to share documents and sell digital products on WordPress, but we could also need a powerful page builder like Elementor and WP File Downloads will allow you to manage your files and add them directly in the page builder with dedicated Elementor widgets.

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How to Synchronize Joomla with OneDrive using Dropfiles


One of the biggest problems with Joomla is server storage. The reason could be the number of files that you have stored in order to serve them to your customers, but don’t worry! Server storage is no longer a problem thanks to the awesome tool offered by JoomUnited: Dropfiles. Dropfiles allows you to connect your site with some cloud services like OneDrive.

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DropFiles on Cloud with OneDrive Integration


If you’re anything like us, you probably have files scattered across different devices. You might also use a cloud service, such as OneDrive, to share files with your Joomla! collaborators. Whereas before you had to bring files over from OneDrive into your Joomla! blog, Dropfiles is now making copy-pasting files a thing of the past.

In recent times, we have been rolling out updates to WordPress that allow you to access all your OneDrive files straight from WordPress and from WP Media Folder. Now, JoomUnited’s latest offering also brings the cloud directly to Joomla! thanks to DropFiles.

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SEO Glossary: definitions in tooltip for Joomla 4


Glossaries are under-appreciated as training wheels. Whether you host a Joomla! blog with technical content, offer an educational service or seek good old-fashioned user-friendliness, a glossary can make it easier to communicate your ideas to your readers. Now, SEO Glossary, JoomUnited's glossary plugin, has received an update, extending its capabilities.

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New File Management Experience for WordPress Organization


Binders, color-coded tabs, meticulous ordering. Do these phrases describe how you manage your documents? Or do they describe, perhaps, how you wish you could order your digital files on WordPress? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then good news: WP File Download's latest version will help you organize your WordPress blog.

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WordPress file previews with WP File Download


Every WordPress website has files. Whether images, videos or other types of media, or the programming files that underpin any blog, your WordPress site cannot survive without files. In the past, we likened WP File Download, WordPress' ultimate file manager, to a desktop file manager. With the latest update, the WordPress plugin's likeness to a desktop file manager has only grown more profound.

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Finer speed-up control on Joomla's Speed Cache


Caching, grouping and minimization remain underrated aspects of Joomla! webpage optimization. Simply visit the Google search engine, a reductive simplification of modern webpages, open DevTools and see how many requests it takes to load a simple webpage with just a logo and a search bar. Imagine caching even just a half of the requested files. You do not have to imagine because with Speed Cache you can easily speed up your Joomla blog.

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Replace the DIVI gallery widget with WP Media Folder gallery addon


Page Builders are part of the most important tools that can be used when creating a website and it is true that DIVI is one of the best page builders but what about if we could improve an already awesome tool as it is DIVI? 

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10 minutes to speed up your Joomla 4 website


You can be running a Joomla site and no matter, if it is a personal or an enterprise Ecommerce, one of the most important things, is how fast it is for your site to load but it is really hard to have your site running with a good performance, isn't it? 

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Import and use your NextGen images in the WordPress media library


 So, you want to move from NextGen to WP Media Folder but don't want to because it could be too tedious to import all the galleries from NextGen to WP Media Folder well, or maybe you want to use both plugins as you need to create media folders… It won't be an issue anymore as WP Media Folder plugin covers you ;)

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