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How to create an image gallery with filter for photos


 Searching images in a gallery on your site won't be hard anymore because of the filters WP Media Folder offers, which will allow us to add as many images in a gallery as we want and allow our users to quickly find what they want to see.

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How to create a photography website with WordPress and WP Media Folder


WP Media Folder is the best plugin to organize our Media Library as well as create galleries but, in the past, it used to miss essential features that photographers could use for their projects like sharing with clients, protecting, as well as allow the download but that's not an issue anymore! In this post, we will introduce the new Photography Addon.

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How to load your WordPress latest posts in Avada theme


Showing our latest posts using a widget is one of the best ways to allow our users to see what's new in our site and if we can mix it with 
the Avada theme that has a powerful builder, we could get the max of it!

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How to manage tables with a plugin in the WordPress block editor


Managing tables in the WordPress block editor sounds like a tool too difficult to find as it will make the work of finding a table effortless to show it on the page front but it won't be an issue anymore! As WP Table Manager is here to make things easier

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2023 Summer Sale: 30% OFF On All Memberships!

2023 Summer Sale: 30% OFF On All Memberships!

 We are happy to announce our special 2023 summer sale

Get a 30% OFF coupon, available for a week, from 26 June 2022 to 3 July 2023 : JU-SUMMER

This coupon is available for:

  • All memberships
  • Bundles
  • Renewals

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Google Drive As A WordPress File Manager


WP File Download is your best bet to save storage space and storage costs on your WordPress site by using a cloud platform, such as Google Drive, on WordPress through a WordPress File Manager.

Google Drive is a service developed by Google that offers cloud storage and file synchronization. You can store any type of files in Google Drive and access them from anywhere with any device, and share them with whoever you want.

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How to create a WooCommerce downloadable product hosted on Google Drive


WP File Download is the best tool to serve downloadable products and save your server storage as it allows you to connect your site to Google Drive and serve the files directly from there.

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Discover the new feature of WP File Download and WooCommerce


WP File Download introduces a really good new feature that will allow you to create products even faster than how it was before by just pressing a button! 

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Sell WooCommerce downloadable products from an external link (remote download)


With WP File Download you now have the option to create downloadable WooCommerce products directly from an external link! This means that the options now are just unlimited when saving server storage as we will be able to serve a product from any public link. 

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WordPress File Download and Themes: Download Files with Design


WP file download is the best friend you can have when creating downloadable versions of your files as it not only facilitates the process but also helps you personalize your posts by using the file download themes.

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WooCommerce Media Library With Folders and Filters


WooCommerce has become essential when creating e-commerce due to the facilities and tools it offers, but could this awesome plugin be a better tool? Well, the answer is Yes! But  think about a shop that contains thousands of products, options with, for each one, 5 images. Finding a media in order to reuse would be nearly impossible but… Good news! We have the solution for it ;)

Since we have talked about what it might take to have the perfect e-commerce, we are talking about one of the best solutions available in the market such as WP Media Folder, which is a plugin that offers wonderful galleries that you can use when you’re inserting images and videos on your Wordpress site but in addition to this, it also allows you to sort your files in folders and subfolders.

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How to download images from the WordPress media library


We may need to download our images may be to share with our team or just because we need to edit them but it could be too difficult to find how to actually download the media from our wp-admin but no worries! Let's see some of the options available to download the media on our site.

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How to manage media with folders in Elementor widgets


Elementor is one of the most known page builders for WordPress as it makes easier the post and page creation with a lot of widgets but it doesn’t really help when we try to find a file in order to insert it into the post or page.

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Create and Manage Tables with Gutenberg Editor


Tables and charts are more important than we think when we have a website as this could make it really easier the way in how we show our prices, plans, company trajectory, and a lot of things more.l

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PDF content indexing and compression for WordPress


PDF files are really important in all internet companies because these are the best way to display all the documents that you want to share with your customers, it could be a book if you have an online library, an invoice, some important policies or whatever you want, you can show almost everything with a PDF file.

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WP File download: THE WordPress file manager


WP File Download is a file manager for WordPress that makes it easier than ever to organize your files. The plugin has been developed in line with the WordPress media manager. That means you can organize your files in the file manager, like the WordPress media library, and then insert those files into your posts and pages using Gutenberg or the classic WordPress editor.

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How to load your WordPress latest posts in WPBakery


Showing a blog page with our latest posts is the best way to keep informed our users about our news but using the WordPress default Blog could don't give us enough control over what to show this is why WP Latest Posts is a perfect using when using a page Builder like WPBakery.

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JoomUnited 11th anniversary!


11 years ago, we've launched JoomUnited with a couple of Joomla extensions. This month the company just turns 11, and we would like to celebrate that with all our customers.

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Recent Post WordPress Plugin: Select & Filter Content


This Recent Post WordPress Plugin not only makes things easier for you with the automation of the process of publishing your recent posts and news in your Wordpress site but also offers you a tool which is really easy to use to filter your content.

Filtering your content can help your users find what they are looking for in a very easy way. If you have a blog, it could help you in the process of capturing persons who want to know the content offered by your page.

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WordPress image and media automatic renaming on upload


It is good to know how important images are on SEO and your page, the fact is that with images you can do a lot of things like improving your search engine rankings and website traffic :).

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