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Why using untrusted website to download our plugins will always be a very bad idea


We have detected that you came here from a website that distribute non official sources of ours extensions and other paid extensions.
As we care about all our users, we want to warn you before you do something you will regret

We see that our plugins are shared in some forums and even worst resold by other companies. Is it worth it using nulled extensions? Well we don't think so. It’s a real problem for many reasons and we want to warn you.

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Showcasing Popular Posts and Custom Content on WordPress with WP Latest Posts


The list of latest posts is a staple of any blog, whether hosted with WordPress, Blogger, Joomla! or any other content management system. That’s all well and good if you want to show your users what you have been working on recently, and what they might have missed. What if you want to showcase the popular content that resonates most with your readers, and which makes your blog authoritative in your niche?

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OneDrive Business: Introducing Full Integration with WP File Download on WordPress


Are you a OneDrive power user? Perhaps you use OneDrive for your business? If you answered yes to either of these questions, odds are that you have heard of OneDrive Business: OneDrive’s bigger brother. Maybe you already use OneDrive Business to manage your business’ files!

OneDrive Business, or OneDrive for Business, is an upgrade over the simpler OneDrive, allowing businesses to choose where and how to store data. Moreover, with OneDrive Business, you get more administrative options to control who has access to which files. If you use OneDrive Business and have a WordPress blog, you’ll be pleased to learn that WP File Download now supports OneDrive Business, allowing you to bring your files to your WordPress website with unprecedented ease.

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How to Connect Joomla and Dropbox


Joomla is one of the best CMS to create all kind of websites, it has a lot of tools that you can use to create the best site but one of the big troubles is the storage space in your server and, in this post, we will show you the best extension to solve this trouble.

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PDF content indexing and compression for WordPress


PDF files are really important in all the internet companies because these are the best way to display all the documents that you want to share with your customers, it could be a book if you have an online library, an invoice, some important policies or whatever you want, you can show almost everything with a PDF file.

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WP Media Folder Two Way Server Synchronization


If you are an artist or content creator, it is likely that your WordPress blog is not your primary means of sharing or, at least, storing your content. In such cases, there are two important considerations to make when choosing a WordPress plugin that automatically imports your media remotely: availability and protection.

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Using WP File Download to Sell Digital Files on WordPress


Integrations with Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive, and a social locker are just the main features in WP File Download Addon. Is there anything that the WordPress plugin cannot do? If you can come up with a list, strike one item off it: now the plugin also allows you to sell digital files straight from your WordPress blog thanks to its new integration with WooCommerce.

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Presenting WordPress Latest Posts Elegantly with Material Design


Posts, posts, posts. Writing them is one thing, presenting them is another. Presentation can make or break content, but if you are a blogger, that is just one extra step that takes away attention from what matters the most—creating great content.

WP Latests Posts and WP Latests Posts Addon help you present your latest WordPress posts almost effortlessly: pick a theme, choose the posts you want to show and place the block just about anywhere you want. With the latest update, the workflow has become even richer with the introduction of a material theme and other smaller, miscellaneous updates.

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Introducing Gutenberg Icon, Info Box and Updated Video Block for WordPress


When we think of WordPress blog posts, our minds go immediately to text—walls and walls of text with interspersed images. That may well have been the traditional way of blogging, but WordPress’ Gutenberg is slowly changing that, while Advanced Gutenberg is revolutionizing it.

Advanced Gutenberg makes it far easier to create WordPress varied content. The latest version keeps building on previous efforts, contributing two new blocks—an interactive icon block and an info box block—and updating the video player with more behavioral settings.

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Joomla and Baidu Maps Integration


As far as digital goes, uncharted places are a thing of the past. If you are writing about places you have visited, experiences you have lived or just listing your bucket list locations, then a map gives your readers context to make sense of the places you want to explore through words.

From Google Maps to Baidu Maps, the list of map providers is endless. In this article, we will focus on one of the most popular providers—Baidu Maps—and how to embed its maps in your Joomla! blog using the My Maps Location extension. 

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What’s New in Advanced Gutenberg 2.2


Blink it and you’ll miss it. Last month, Advanced Gutenberg received a minor update. That update was only minor in name, because the quality-of-life improvements, new features and other bug fixes could well have a major impact on the way you use WordPress’ Gutenberg editor. In this post, we’ll take a quick tour of the improvements in various blocks, including the tabs, testimonial and many others. 

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WordPress image and media automatic renaming on upload


It is good to know how important images are on SEO and your page, the fact is that with images you can do a lot of things like improving your search engine rankings and website traffic :).

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How to create images and video galleries using WP Media Folder and Gutenberg editor


If you are here is because you have a lot of videos and images that you want to show in your WordPress page and you don’t know how to show them but don’t worry, here you will learn how to create images and video galleries using this awesome plugin which is WP Media Folder on Gutenberg editor.

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Black Friday 2019: 40% OFF on All Memberships!


Get 40% OFF using the coupon: BFJU
Apply on ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING: All memberships, bundles, renewals, upgrades.
The coupon will be available during a the Black Friday and Cyber monday from 28 nov. to 3 dec. 2019

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New Gallery Manager in WP Media Folder Addon


Where there are WordPress blogs, images and media are bound to follow, and where there are images, it is only natural that galleries make an appearance. Even if you only want to save space when showcasing a group of images, galleries are a stylish solution to present your media in the best possible light.

WP Media Folder Gallery Addon builds on WP Media Folder to facilitate image gallery management. The WordPress gallery manager has received a major update with updates across the board, including a new UX, customizable galleries and a new Gutenberg block to embed image galleries anywhere in your blog.


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Generate Galleries from Folders in the WordPress Gutenberg Editor


When we introduced WP Media Folder, we gave you a new way of managing media in WordPress—folders. With directories, you can store your WordPress images and files as logic would have them. Separated according to topic, these files never risk overwhelming your WordPress blog. Now, WP Media Folder is making it easier to create galleries out of these folders in WordPress’ Gutenberg editor.

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Doing More with Gutenberg - Top Five Recently-Added Features


A year on from the release of WordPress 5 and Gutenberg, work has not stalled. The WordPress beehive of open-source programmers has been busy not just quelling fears that Gutenberg could be inadequate. Over the past few months, the community has been exploiting Gutenberg’s modular structure to craft new additions for WordPress' native editor.

Apart from bug fixes, from Gutenberg 6.2 onwards, the editor has seen incremental updates in how you create posts or pages and what you can do with them. In today's entry, we look at the most notable of introductions and how they can help boost your content.

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How to help with debugging Joomla extensions


Joomunited developers are committed to provide the best possible service and make your extension as optimal as possible. We run, on each version, hundreds of some automatic test and of course old school manual testing.
But hey, bug happens! especially in cases where you've installed one (or tons of) extensions that causes some type of incompatibility. To keep your Joomla website up and running, our developers want to solve your problem as quickly as possible.

In this post, we will explain how to give the right information to the developer so that he can understand and solve the error quickly.

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Introducing the Login, Registration and Search Blocks for Gutenberg


More than anything, WordPress was created to make it easier for you to manage content. Over the years, WordPress’ use was closely linked with writing blog posts. However, Advanced Gutenberg’s latest update gives you the tools you need to create pages with more freedom by adding the login, registration, and searching functionality right alongside both pages and posts.

Advanced Gutenberg 2.1 provides two new block types to put WordPress’ more vanilla features at your fingertips - the login and registration, and search blocks. With these two new blocks, you can seamlessly integrate login and registration to help you attract members, as well as search bars to help members find what they are looking for.

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Keep the File Download Statistics on WordPress


With the rise of websites like Patreon, content creation has moved away from text and accompanying media, and expanded into more creative material, such as images, comics, animations and videos. Just like you track your WordPress blog’s posts to see how different content resonates with your audience, so does it make sense to track your downloadable files.

WordPress is primarily a blogging website, but plugins like WP File Download extend its capabilities, allowing you to embed downloadable content and do more with your WordPress blog. In version 4.6, WP File Download gives you a dashboard to track your downloadable content right from WordPress.

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