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How to Manage Media in Folders with Gutenberg Blocks


Gutenberg editor is one of the best features that WordPress has added as it makes really easy post/page creation and design but it could be really hard to manage and use the images as everything is not organized in your media library but don’t worry as WP Media Folder will help you with this.

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WP Meta SEO Integrates WordPress Content with the Google Search Console Keywords


In the right hands, SEO can be a very powerful tool. WP Meta SEO brings SEO to those who dare wield it in WordPress. With the recent addition of a statistics dashboard, WP Meta SEO gave a fine-tuned service to WordPress, but what if Google Search Console gave it a hand?

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WP File download: THE WordPress file manager


WP File Download is a file manager for WordPress that makes it easier than ever to organize your files. The plugin has been developed in line with the WordPress media manager. That means you can organize your files in the file manager, like the WordPress media library, and then insert those files into your posts and pages using Gutenberg or the classic WordPress editor.

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Clean Up the wp_posts WordPress Table


For every post that you write or page that you create, WordPress stores many revisions that you can go back to. That comfort is fine until one day, you start noticing that your server space is inexplicably hogged. The culprit is the wp_posts table that in lack of restrictions on revisions, grows and grows.

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My Maps location Hikashop / Hikamarket edition


Hikashop is the most powerful Ecommerce solution for Joomla. Associated with Hikamarket component you get a multi vendor solution (add resellers to your online shop). My maps location for Hikashop/Hikamarket is a specific plugin package that brings a full integration to find a local product or reseller based on your location. Everything is now integrated in the main package of My Maps location.


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Joomla Extensions Automatic Updater


Based on the Joomla extension update system we've build the JU Updater. With a simple login from the extension configuration or from the extension update page you can now update all your JomUnited extensions.

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Connect Joomla With Google Drive!


There are few easier ways to manage files than Google Drive. Nonetheless, whereas Google Drive makes it easy for teams to share files, most of the blogging action happens on Joomla. Dropfiles is JoomUnited’s answer to manage all your Google Drive files directly from your Joomla blog.

Dropfiles is primarily a file manager for Joomla, but one that is aware that sometimes, it is far easier to host files away from your blog. In light of this, Dropfiles comes with complete integration of Google Drive, allowing you to manage your cloud files from Joomla, and your Joomla files from Google Drive.

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Hello Gutenberg - Reviewing WordPress 5 New Editor


Times are changing for WordPress, and soon you will wake up with the brand new, upcoming WordPress 5.0. Among the slew of new features shipping with WordPress is a reimagined integral part of any WordPress website - the editor.

Gutenberg, an open-source rich-text editor and an alternative to WordPress’ own editor, will now ship by default with the major update to your blog. As an open-source plugin, Gutenberg is not only robust, but also feature-rich.

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Lazy Acceleration for Performance on Joomla


There is a lot you can do to improve your Joomla website’s speed, but have you ever stopped and asked yourself if your own content is encumbering loading times? Speed Cache is a Joomla extension that greatly enhances your website’s performance, but it has historically struggled with long posts. The latest update to Speed Cache does not only tackle this problem, but ports additional features from its WordPress alternative - WP Speed of Light.



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Dropfiles 2, a powerful file manager


It's been a lot of work but it's out! Dropfiles 2 brings a lot of possibilities to manage your files in your Joomla installation.
Drastic backend enhancement, powerful access right, SEF file URL, Google Drive integration,...
Let see that in details.

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Give to your WooCommerce Products a Better Product Search Engine Optimization


WooCommerce is one of the most used e-commerce as it offers a lot of options with the WordPress facilities and one of the most important things that we have to optimize when we are managing e-commerce is the product search engine optimization.

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Categorization Made Easy: Multi-categories in Joomla!’s File Manager


Imagine all your files scattered around, unorganized. It’s a nightmare you don’t have to live through thanks to categories. Dropfiles’ categories can be powerful tools to easily organize your files on Joomla!, but they can be more than that too. The latest update lets you do more with your file categories.

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Applying Watermarks on WordPress Images


In today’s age, protecting creative property on WordPress is no mean task. If you are a photographer or an artist, sharing your art might make you feel like you are losing some control over it. And if you own a WooCommerce storefront, you probably want to avoid imitations of your products popping up anywhere else. However, keeping your creations hidden or not sharing them is not the solution: protecting them is the solution. With WP Media Folder, you can share your creations on WordPress and protect them at the same time. How? Watermarks.

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2020 Summer Sale: 30% OFF On All Memberships!


We are happy to announce our special 2020 summer sale

Get a 30% OFF coupon, available for a week, from 15 July 2020 to 22 July 2020 : JU-SUMMER

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Find the Best Joomla file Manager


Finding a good way to manage your files in Joomla could be a really big challenge, that is why we have made a list with the best Joomla file managers available.

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Progressive Lazy Loading for Joomla


Creating great content on Joomla! is one thing, making it accessible is another. Lazy loading is one solution that combines the two without altering your workflow. With progressive lazy loading, images load only if and when needed. If the reader never reaches an image on the webpage, it never gets downloaded. Now, lazy loading is also available on Joomla!

The benefits of lazy loading are many; pages load faster, which means that the user experience is better, SEO scores soar and your Joomla content is more accessible to users on low-end devices or slow internet access. A few weeks ago, we presented an improvement on the basic lazy loading recipe on WordPress. Today, we are presenting it for Joomla! too, but before that, a look at how you can enable progressive lazy loading on Joomla!

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Joomla! File Management with the Newly-Redesigned Dropfiles


If you manage file-heavy Joomla! blogs, you might spend a lot of time in Dropfiles. Even if you do not spend a lot of time there, having everything at your fingertips at all times can only improve your workflow. Dropfiles has recently received a new update that sees to that.

Dropfiles 5.3 has introduced a brand new design for your Joomla! blog’s Dropfiles extension. The update touches upon your user experience while managing files, configuring Dropfiles and viewing download statistics. In the rest of this post, we take a look at what’s new and what has changed.


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How to Connect and Search with Joomla and OpenStreetMap


When we offer a service through our website or when we have physical offices, it is very important that customers know the exact location, as this gives greater security when choosing us as their best option and the best option to let them know the exact location is by using a map.

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How to Connect and Search with Joomla and Bing Maps


Maps on websites are really important when you offer a service and you need to give your clients the exact address and how to go to your office or work site.

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Presenting Speed Cache's New Design and UX for Joomla!


Managing your website’s optimization is no mean task. At the same time, you need to keep an eye out for file sizes, caching, CDN and a never-ending list of other things. Speed Cache for Joomla! has just received a new update that focuses on bringing issues to you, rather than having you look for the issues.

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