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How to synchronize a WordPress table with a Google Sheet?


Possibly you are here looking for a way to easily synchronize your google tables with your wp tables and let me tell you that you are in the right place! Just here you will learn how with wp table manager you can synchronize and in this way have your tables on your wordpress page.

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Synchronize and import Excel files with Wordpress tables


Important organizations have important Microsoft Excel files, and important Excel files deserve to be displayed professionally. This post evaluates all the options you have available on WordPress to display your tables in a manner that is consistent with your WordPress website's theme, sending a professional message to your website's customers.

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Upload files from the frontend with WP File Download


Files on WordPress are a one-way street—at least, traditionally. You upload files, edit files and share files. Your users are just spectators and viewers. Now, however, you can use WP File Download to give your WordPress users and collaborators the possibility of uploading files right from the frontend.

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Dropfiles is ready for Joomla 4 RC


We have all been there: torn between impatience to try out a new release of a CMS and the fear that it might break everything. Joomla! has just released a brand new version that re-imagines the blogging platform: Joomla! 4 RC 3. With Dropfiles, however, you have one less thing to worry about because our plugin is completely ready for Joomla! 4 RC

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How to translate a Joomla website content automatically using Linguise


Your Joomla! blog is filled with untapped potential. "Hold up," you might be thinking, "I have improved loading speeds, regularly churn out new content and optimized my search engine rankings." That might all be true, and those are all important considerations, but they still miss one crucial aspect: translations to accommodate some of the most popular international markets, like Russian, Spanish and Japanese.

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Best WordPress Media Library Manager With Folders


When starting a fresh website, we can agree that organizing media with folders is not a priority; It's usually more time for the website features, SEO and performance optimization. As the content is growing and as media represent a large part of it, this is when you'll start to search for better way to organize your media for various reasons like...

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Making Joomla better in SEO?

Making Joomla better in SEO?

Recently Joomla marketing team create a Google survey to get some ideas from the community to improve Joomla SEO.

What can we do? 

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Create stunning Galleries with the best gallery manager for DIVI


It is true that the use of galleries is usually one of the best ways to show our content on a website as it looks more professional than just adding images, but it is also true that creating galleries and adding styles could be really tedious work just like the fact of adding elements to a page and make them fit your website.

DIVI is usually what we use in these cases as it is a known page builder with perfect tools but could be limited when adding images and here is where WP Media Folder helps you.

WP Media Folder and its gallery manager allows you to manage and add galleries directly from DIVI, in this tutorial we are going to see how easy it is ;)

For this post, we are going to use DIVI, WP Media Folder, WP Media Folder Addon, and WP Media Folder Gallery Addon.

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Easier importing and exporting on WordPress with WP File Download


Updating WP File Download to version 5.0 feels deceptive. As soon as the update finishes downloading and installing, you will struggle to see much change. Dig deeper, however, and you'll find many new features to toy with, including new importing and exporting tools, and more file access options.

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How to translate a WordPress website content automatically using Linguise?


Linguise is a neural network-based content translation solution for websites. The neural network machine translation is based on modern machine learning algorithms. Its combination with WordPress is a perfect match because the CMS has no native multilingual system and, let's face it, traditional translation plugins are a nightmare to configure, and still offer questionable results. In this post we'll study WordPress' automatic translation and I'll share some of our experience translating!

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New Google Tag Manager and Analytics v4 in WP Meta SEO


You've been tirelessly optimizing your WordPress blog's search engine rankings. Every now and then, you tweak the settings to improve your SEO performance. Tweaking, however, is a tedious business if you cannot measure progress. Thankfully, with the latest version of the WP Meta SEO Addon you can measure your goals in more ways from the revamped Google Analytics dashboard right from WordPress.

WP Meta SEO's newest version has given a new boost to Google Analytics. The most visible change is the new UX, with a reworked dashboard. However, the WP Meta SEO Addon has also added support for new types of tracking options, which means that the WordPress plugin now supports four types of Google Analytics properties.

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2021 Summer Sale: 30% OFF On All Memberships!


 We are happy to announce our special 2021 summer sale

Get a 30% OFF coupon, available for a week, from 21 June 2020 to 28 June 2021 : JU-SUMMER

This coupon is available for:

  • All memberships
  • Bundles
  • Renewals

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Gallery previews and remote videos on WordPress for the WP Media Folder plugin Addon


Videos are great. They are expressive, entertaining and engaging, but your server probably disagrees. Videos occupy a lot of space, which is why many still prefer to use YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitch or one of the many other hosting services for videos. Now, WP Media Folder also supports remote videos in addition to other smaller introductions in version 2.3 of the gallery addon. 

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Create stunning Galleries with the best gallery manager for Elementor


Page Builders and galleries are the most part of the time significant for WordPress websites, as galleries allow you to show images/products in a good way and page builders allow you to create and add the content to your page professionally.

The page builders like Elementor, usually, have tools/blocks to create galleries, but these are not the best as they don't have many options to customize them but don't worry as WP Media Folder will help you on this ;)

WP Media Folder offers you a Gallery addon that allows you to create and customize using spectacular tools and features in your galleries.

In this post, we are going to see how to use them with Elementor, Google Photos, and also your cloud folders so let's start!

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Best of automatic WordPress translation plugins


By some estimates, just a quarter of internet users speak English as their first language. The rest are fragmented among countless other languages, like Mandarin, Arabic and Russian. Those audiences are hard to reach, especially on WordPress. Traditionally, it meant either spending a lot of money for quality translations and a truly multilingual blog or storefront, or using automatic translations at minimal monetary cost, but lower quality. Today, however, advances in deep learning-powered translations have bridged the gap remarkably.

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New interface and gallery thumbnails in the WP Media Folder Gallery Addon


Everything about galleries is meant to be intuitive: they are intuitive to navigate, intuitive to consume images one-by-one, and intuitive as a way to organize your WordPress blog's media. The WP Media Folder Gallery Addon has just received a new update to make galleries more intuitive, not just for your WordPress users, but also for you. 

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Synchronizing Office 365 Excel spreadsheets with WordPress tables


Everybody's using the cloud. There are those who use it to ensure they always have their documents backed up, those who use it because it's easier to share files, and then there are those who find it convenient to collaborate on spreadsheets. There are also many who use WordPress to display tables, and WP Table Manager's latest update is matching it up with Microsoft's Office 365. 

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Embed tables and charts into WordPress with Avada


Four clicks. That's all it takes to embed a table or a chart into your WordPress posts and pages with the Avada Live builder: four simple clicks. The new WP Table Manager integration with Avada follows our previous integrations with the Elementor and Divi editors, letting you manage and insert spreadsheets, tables and visualizations into themes and templates with unprecedented ease.

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WooCommerce Media Library With Folders and Filters


WooCommerce has become essential when creating e-commerce due to the facilities and tools it offers, but could this awesome plugin be a better tool? Well, the answer is Yes! But  think about a shop that contains thousands of products, options with, for each one, 5 images. Finding a media in order to reuse would be nearly impossible but… Good news! We have the solution for it ;)

Since we have talked about what it might take to have the perfect e-commerce, we are talking about one of the best solutions available in the market such as WP Media Folder, which is a plugin that offers wonderful galleries that you can use when you’re inserting images and videos on your Wordpress site but in addition to this, it also allows you to sort your files in folders and subfolders.

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Import Google Photos Albums and Pictures in WordPress


Few people do not have a Google account. Many of them use Google and its suite of tools practically daily. The usage varies, from students looking for free cloud storage to entire teams using Google Photos to share photos and collaborate when working on them.

If, like them, you are a power user of the Google suite, and if you also manage a WordPress blog, the latest WP Media Folder cloud integration makes it easier to work with both seamlessly. The latest WP Media Folder Addon lets you synchronize your Google Photos to create WordPress albums and galleries with ease.

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