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Christmas and New Year 2021 sale: 30% OFF!

Christmas and New Year 2021 sale: 30% OFF!

We are thrilled to announce the special sales for 2021 Christmas.
A 30% OFF coupon on all our membership, including bundle and renewals, is available from December 23 to January 1st


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Import and use your NextGen images in the WordPress media library


 So, you want to move from NextGen to WP Media Folder but don't want to because it could be too tedious to import all the galleries from NextGen to WP Media Folder well, or maybe you want to use both plugins as you need to create media folders… It won't be an issue anymore as WP Media Folder plugin covers you ;)

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The easiest file manager for WordPress


As you may know, having a file repository is, usually, a must in a website as we could need to offer downloads for many reasons such as providing invoices, documents as a service, or maybe digital products.

The bad thing of having a file repository is that it could be difficult to manage it and sometimes requires too complex settings to be able to provide files as downloads, and also could get messed everything on your media library between normal media and downloads but don't worry, wP File Downloads offers a solution ;) 

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Black Friday 2021: 40% OFF on All Memberships!


Get 40% OFF using the coupon: BFJU
Apply on ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING: All memberships, bundles, renewals, upgrades. For your membership renewal, the 40% OFF will be applied automatically.
The coupon will be available during Black Friday and Cyber Monday from 25 Nov. to 30 Nov 2021

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New File Management Experience for WordPress Organization


Binders, color-coded tabs, meticulous ordering. Do these phrases describe how you manage your documents? Or do they describe, perhaps, how you wish you could order your digital files on WordPress? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then good news: WP File Download's latest version will help you organize your WordPress blog.

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SEO Glossary: definitions in tooltip for Joomla 4


Glossaries are under-appreciated as training wheels. Whether you host a Joomla! blog with technical content, offer an educational service or seek good old-fashioned user-friendliness, a glossary can make it easier to communicate your ideas to your readers. Now, SEO Glossary, JoomUnited's glossary plugin, has received an update, extending its capabilities.

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Halloween 2021 special sale: 30% OFF


Special sale for Halloween 2021, we offer a 30% OFF coupon on all our extensions' membership, including the bundles, renewals, and upgrades!
Hurry the coupon is just available for few days only!


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WP Meta SEO - Elementor Integration for WordPress SEO


Every post and every page on your WordPress blog matters for SEO, whether you're targeting Google, Bing, Yahoo! or any other search engine. Only optimizing blog posts fulfils just one part of the job: the permanent pages on your website matter too, especially because they provide the fundamental information about you or your business. If Elementor powers your WordPress blog, you'll be happy to know that now, you can optimize all Elementor posts and pages too.

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My Maps Location: Location Locator for Joomla 4


Maps are underrated. Do you own a physical shop and want to leave directions to the outlet, or a shopper who wants to leave instructions for delivery? A map will do it for you. Or are you, maybe, writing a Joomla! travel blog or sharing your holiday albums? What better way is there to geo-locate yourself than by dropping a pin on a map? 

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Why we've switched to 4SEO extension for Joomla


JoomUnited website is historically based on Joomla. Almost since the beginning, we were using the same tools to manage our SEO. One extension to manage sitemaps, one extension to manage canonical URLs, one to manage redirects, one to manage structured data and so on. Discover how we've migrated to only one extension, 4SEO, to manage all that.

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