How to edit and bulk edit your WordPress meta information


The meta-information is one of the most important parts of a website, every page should have the correct meta information in order to be positioned and be shown as it should in the search engines but it could be a tedious process as you should have to go to each page and manually add that info to each element.

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Managing and embedding WordPress HTML tables in DIVI builder


What can you do with WordPress tables? It's easier to answer the opposite question: what can't you do with WordPress tables? The latest updates to WP Table Manager have brought more responsive tables, Elementor widgets and more to your WordPress blog. Now, the WordPress plugin is adding integration with another popular WordPress theme editor: the DIVI builder.

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More responsive WordPress tables with repeated headers


WordPress tables are a double-edged sword, in spite of WordPress' progress over the years. They are the perfect candidates to present data, but unfavorable to tell a story. If you think that's not bad enough, wait until you hear about smartphones and tablets: devices where you have even less space to display data. There are some table disadvantages you have to learn to live with, but responsiveness is not one of them.

The last major update to WP Table Manager introduced a new responsive design for tables with additional responsive options. Now, there's a newer and better version of the WordPress table manager that adds a new responsive mode and new options to help you customize responsive tables and their behavior: repeated headers.

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Use Physical Server Folders for the WordPress Media Storage


The media library is one of the most important parts of a WordPress site as it has all the media that give life to your site, and, let’s be honest, a site is basically all media.

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Christmas and New year 2020 sale: 30% OFF!


We are happy to announce special sales for Christmas.
A 30% OFF coupon on all our membership, including bundle and renewals, is available from December 24 to January 1st


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WP Media Folder: Improved Divi integration with new Divi modules


The Gutenberg editor gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to creating your WordPress blog, but it's not for everyone. If you have explored other editors, you have probably landed on Divi at some point. WP Media Folders' latest update expands your Divi toolkit with 3 new Divi modules to help you create your WordPress blog your own way.

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Ready, Set, Cache: Improved Loading Times with Speed Cache 2.9


You can never optimize your blog too much, but you can spend too much time optimizing. The latest version of Speed Cache for Joomla! arrives with several new updates to help you improve loading times on your blog while minimizing the time you spend optimizing performance.

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WP File Download Becomes a File Manager for DIVI Builder


Using DIVI when we’re building a WordPress site is almost essential as it contains a lot of tools that will make really easier and faster the entire process, and, with WP File Downloads you will have another good tool as you’re going to be able to manage your files and downloads directly from DIVI.

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How to Protect your WordPress Downloadable Files


You probably know WP File Download as the WordPress plugin that lets you easily manage and share files. That is entirely true, but its functionality goes beyond those of a simple file manager. When you're managing or sharing files, you also need to protect your files, and WP File Download has got you covered there as well.

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Black Friday 2020: 40% OFF on All Memberships!


Get 40% OFF using the coupon: BFJU
Apply on ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING: All memberships, bundles, renewals, upgrades. For your membership renewal, the 40% OFF will be applied automatically.
The coupon will be available during Black Friday and Cyber Monday from 26 Nov. to 30 Nov. 2020

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