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WP Meta SEO - Elementor Integration for WordPress SEO


Every post and every page on your WordPress blog matters for SEO, whether you're targeting Google, Bing, Yahoo! or any other search engine. Only optimizing blog posts fulfils just one part of the job: the permanent pages on your website matter too, especially because they provide the fundamental information about you or your business. If Elementor powers your WordPress blog, you'll be happy to know that now, you can optimize all Elementor posts and pages too.

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My Maps Location: Location Locator for Joomla 4


Maps are underrated. Do you own a physical shop and want to leave directions to the outlet, or a shopper who wants to leave instructions for delivery? A map will do it for you. Or are you, maybe, writing a Joomla! travel blog or sharing your holiday albums? What better way is there to geo-locate yourself than by dropping a pin on a map? 

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Why we've switched to 4SEO extension for Joomla


JoomUnited website is historically based on Joomla. Almost since the beginning, we were using the same tools to manage our SEO. One extension to manage sitemaps, one extension to manage canonical URLs, one to manage redirects, one to manage structured data and so on. Discover how we've migrated to only one extension, 4SEO, to manage all that.

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Droppics: an Image Gallery Component for Joomla 4


No Joomla! website is complete without images, but sometimes, it's also possible to have too many of them. With Droppics, we have the solution to present media elegantly on your Joomla! blog: a gallery component, fully-equipped to support Joomla! 4 and different types of media.

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How to Speed up Joomla 4 using Speed Cache


There is nothing glamorous about tweaking your Joomla! 4's cache settings. Looking for slight improvements to your blog's loading times is laborious and mind-numbing, although rewarding. However, with Speed Cache, JoomUnited's Joomla! 4 extension, caching becomes a much simpler task.

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Improve Core Web Vitals on WordPress with WP Speed of Light 3.0


If you have been following Google's suggestions for SEO, you must have been keeping a keen eye on your WordPress blog's core web vitals. Core web vitals encompass three aspects: how stable the layout is, how long pages take to load, and how long it takes for enough of the web page to load before it becomes interactive. WP Speed of Light is a WordPress plugin that makes it easier to keep tabs on these three aspects of SEO. 

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How to create WordPress amazing galleries using Google Photos?


Google Photos is a really great tool to save your images and also organize them, being a platform to connect multiple devices to the same cloud so they can easily access the same images and see the same images, WP Media Folder helps you to integrate Google Photos into your Website so you'll be able to see the images from your Google Photos account directly in your Media Library. 

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How to create WordPress galleries using Google Drive media


Galleries are one of the most important parts of a website as it is the most professional way to show your media and allow your users to have a good visual experience when visiting your site, it is known that there are too many ways to create galleries such as using a plugin, but what about taking serving them directly from the cloud? Let me tell you that it is totally possible with WP Media Folder and you'll see how to do this on this post ;) 

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OneDrive for Business as Cloud Storage for your Joomla File Manager


Are you part of a company that uses OneDrive for Business as a cloud storage solution? Do you also host a Joomla! blog? If so, we have good news. Dropfiles, our file manager extension for Joomla!, has received a new update, and one of the new features is support for OneDrive for Business!

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How to translate a Joomla website content automatically using Linguise


Your Joomla! blog is filled with untapped potential. "Hold up," you might be thinking, "I have improved loading speeds, regularly churn out new content and optimized my search engine rankings." That might all be true, and those are all important considerations, but they still miss one crucial aspect: translations to accommodate some of the most popular international markets, like Russian, Spanish and Japanese.

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