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Black Friday 2020: 40% OFF on All Memberships!


Get 40% OFF using the coupon: BFJU
Apply on ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING: All memberships, bundles, renewals, upgrades. For your membership renewal, the 40% OFF will be applied automatically.
The coupon will be available during Black Friday and Cyber Monday from 26 Nov. to 30 Nov. 2020

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Manage your WordPress HTML tables with WP Table Manager in the Elementor widgets


Page builders are the most powerful tools in WordPress as they allow you to customize and move/create everything in your site without a developer and Elementor is one of the most used page builders because of all the tools it offers.

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How to manage file downloads using Elementor widgets


Sections with downloadable files are the best way to share documents and sell digital products on WordPress, but we could also need a powerful page builder like Elementor and WP File Downloads will allow you to manage your files and add them directly in the page builder with dedicated Elementor widgets.

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Halloween 2020 special sale: 30% OFF


Special sale for Halloween 2020, we offer a 30% OFF coupon on all our extensions membership, including the bundles, renewals, and upgrades!
Hurry the coupon is just available for 3 days!


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WP Table Manager: A Brand New Design for the WordPress Table Manager


It’s been a year of hard work, but it’s finally here: the completely revamped WP Table Manager is now available for your WordPress blog. The updated WP Table Manager comes with a brand new design and user interface, but it is not just the design that is new.

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How to manage media with folders in Elementor widgets


Elementor is one of the most known page builders for WordPress as it makes easier the post and page creation with a lot of widgets but it doesn’t really help when we try to find a file in order to insert it into the post or page.

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Track File Download per User and More in Joomla!


Sometimes words don’t cut it. Maybe you need to share images, data or other file types that you cannot easily share on vanilla Joomla! Don’t let that stop you. The Dropfiles file manager for Joomla! lets you do just that: share any file on your blog. Only in version 5.6 of the Joomla! extension you can do much more with files than just share them.

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How to Manage Access to your Media in the WordPress Media Library


Managing the media access in our WordPress media library is one of the most important things we have to think about because it is where we store the most important files of our site and we could have some users with full access to the media library and they could remove something by mistake.

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How to Manage Media in Folders with Gutenberg Blocks


Gutenberg editor is one of the best features that WordPress has added as it makes really easy post/page creation and design but it could be really hard to manage and use the images as everything is not organized in your media library but don’t worry as WP Media Folder will help you with this.

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Categorization Made Easy: Multi-categories in Joomla!’s File Manager


Imagine all your files scattered around, unorganized. It’s a nightmare you don’t have to live through thanks to categories. Dropfiles’ categories can be powerful tools to easily organize your files on Joomla!, but they can be more than that too. The latest update lets you do more with your file categories.

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