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Presenting Speed Cache's New Design and UX for Joomla!


Managing your website’s optimization is no mean task. At the same time, you need to keep an eye out for file sizes, caching, CDN and a never-ending list of other things. Speed Cache for Joomla! has just received a new update that focuses on bringing issues to you, rather than having you look for the issues.

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Import, Export and More Quality-of-Life Improvements in WP Media Folder


In today’s websites, media is ubiquitous, which means that you have to spend a lot of time organizing and managing your media. If that sounds familiar, you will be glad to know that the latest version of WP Media Folder has added several new quality-of-life improvements.

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Why using untrusted website to download our plugins will always be a very bad idea


We have detected that you came here from a website that distribute non official sources of ours extensions and other paid extensions.
As we care about all our users, we want to warn you before you do something you will regret

We see that our plugins are shared in some forums and even worst resold by other companies. Is it worth it using nulled extensions? Well we don't think so. It’s a real problem for many reasons and we want to warn you.

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Showcasing Popular Posts and Custom Content on WordPress with WP Latest Posts


The list of latest posts is a staple of any blog, whether hosted with WordPress, Blogger, Joomla! or any other content management system. That’s all well and good if you want to show your users what you have been working on recently, and what they might have missed. What if you want to showcase the popular content that resonates most with your readers, and which makes your blog authoritative in your niche?

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OneDrive Business: Introducing Full Integration with WP File Download on WordPress


Are you a OneDrive power user? Perhaps you use OneDrive for your business? If you answered yes to either of these questions, odds are that you have heard of OneDrive Business: OneDrive’s bigger brother. Maybe you already use OneDrive Business to manage your business’ files!

OneDrive Business, or OneDrive for Business, is an upgrade over the simpler OneDrive, allowing businesses to choose where and how to store data. Moreover, with OneDrive Business, you get more administrative options to control who has access to which files. If you use OneDrive Business and have a WordPress blog, you’ll be pleased to learn that WP File Download now supports OneDrive Business, allowing you to bring your files to your WordPress website with unprecedented ease.

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How to Synchronize Joomla with OneDrive using Dropfiles


One of the biggest problems with Joomla is server storage and the reason could be the number of files that you have stored in order to serve them to your customers but don’t worry! That’s not a trouble anymore because of the awesome tool offered by JoomUnited called Dropfiles that allows you to connect your site with some cloud services like OneDrive.

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How to Connect Joomla and Dropbox


Joomla is one of the best CMS to create all kind of websites, it has a lot of tools that you can use to create the best site but one of the big troubles is the storage space in your server and, in this post, we will show you the best extension to solve this trouble.

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PDF content indexing and compression for WordPress


PDF files are really important in all the internet companies because these are the best way to display all the documents that you want to share with your customers, it could be a book if you have an online library, an invoice, some important policies or whatever you want, you can show almost everything with a PDF file.

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Hello, if we add a new pdf file, this file is automatically indexed ? Or we must go again on the "build search index" button ? Th... Read More
Wednesday, April 15 2020 14:28
Hi, yes once the option is activated and the first full text PDF index has been generated, that's automatic. You just need to acti... Read More
Wednesday, April 15 2020 14:37
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WP Media Folder Two Way Server Synchronization


If you are an artist or content creator, it is likely that your WordPress blog is not your primary means of sharing or, at least, storing your content. In such cases, there are two important considerations to make when choosing a WordPress plugin that automatically imports your media remotely: availability and protection.

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WordPress image and media automatic renaming on upload


It is good to know how important images are on SEO and your page, the fact is that with images you can do a lot of things like improving your search engine rankings and website traffic :).

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