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How to Connect Joomla and Dropbox


Joomla is one of the best CMS to create all kind of websites, it has a lot of tools that you can use to create the best site but one of the big troubles is the storage space in your server and, in this post, we will show you the best extension to solve this trouble.

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PDF content indexing and compression for WordPress


PDF files are really important in all the internet companies because these are the best way to display all the documents that you want to share with your customers, it could be a book if you have an online library, an invoice, some important policies or whatever you want, you can show almost everything with a PDF file.

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WP Media Folder Two Way Server Synchronization


If you are an artist or content creator, it is likely that your WordPress blog is not your primary means of sharing or, at least, storing your content. In such cases, there are two important considerations to make when choosing a WordPress plugin that automatically imports your media remotely: availability and protection.

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WordPress image and media automatic renaming on upload


It is good to know how important images are on SEO and your page, the fact is that with images you can do a lot of things like improving your search engine rankings and website traffic :).

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Import Google Photos Albums and Pictures in WordPress


Few people do not have a Google account. Many of them use Google and its suite of tools practically daily. The usage varies, from students looking for free cloud storage to entire teams using Google Photos to share photos and collaborate when working on them.

If, like them, you are a power user of the Google suite, and if you also manage a WordPress blog, the latest WP Media Folder cloud integration makes it easier to work with both seamlessly. The latest WP Media Folder Addon lets you synchronize your Google Photos to create WordPress albums and galleries with ease.

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Using WP File Download to Sell Digital Files on WordPress


Integrations with Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive, and a social locker are just the main features in WP File Download Addon. Is there anything that the WordPress plugin cannot do? If you can come up with a list, strike one item off it: now the plugin also allows you to sell digital files straight from your WordPress blog thanks to its new integration with WooCommerce.

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Synchronize and import Excel files with Wordpress tables


Important organizations have important Microsoft Excel files, and important Excel files deserve to be displayed professionally. This post evaluates all the options you have available on WordPress to display your tables in a manner that is consistent with your WordPress website's theme, sending a professional message to your website's customers.

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Presenting WordPress Latest Posts Elegantly with Material Design


Posts, posts, posts. Writing them is one thing, presenting them is another. Presentation can make or break content, but if you are a blogger, that is just one extra step that takes away attention from what matters the most—creating great content.

WP Latests Posts and WP Latests Posts Addon help you present your latest WordPress posts almost effortlessly: pick a theme, choose the posts you want to show and place the block just about anywhere you want. With the latest update, the workflow has become even richer with the introduction of a material theme and other smaller, miscellaneous updates.

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Introducing Gutenberg Icon, Info Box and Updated Video Block for WordPress


When we think of WordPress blog posts, our minds go immediately to text—walls and walls of text with interspersed images. That may well have been the traditional way of blogging, but WordPress’ Gutenberg is slowly changing that, while Advanced Gutenberg is revolutionizing it.

Advanced Gutenberg makes it far easier to create WordPress varied content. The latest version keeps building on previous efforts, contributing two new blocks—an interactive icon block and an info box block—and updating the video player with more behavioral settings.

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Joomla and Baidu Maps Integration


As far as digital goes, uncharted places are a thing of the past. If you are writing about places you have visited, experiences you have lived or just listing your bucket list locations, then a map gives your readers context to make sense of the places you want to explore through words.

From Google Maps to Baidu Maps, the list of map providers is endless. In this article, we will focus on one of the most popular providers—Baidu Maps—and how to embed its maps in your Joomla! blog using the My Maps Location extension. 

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