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Tables with instant preview in the WPBakery page builder


Spreadsheets, formula, data and statistics. Working with tables is never an easy job, especially on WordPress. Or rather, that was before WP Table Manager—the WordPress plugin that helps you create responsive tables, import Excel spreadsheets and convert data into charts. Now, you can do all that in WPBakery too.

A few weeks ago, we saw another integration for WordPress' responsive tables in another page builder: Divi. If you're like more than 4 million other WordPress users, and you prefer WPBakery's visual theme editor, you are now getting the same functionality. That means you can embed tables, Excel spreadsheets or charts from your page builder with live previews: all of that without losing any control over data.

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WPBakery tables with instant preview

If you have WP Table Manager installed on your WordPress website, you will notice two new WPBakery elements in the page builder under the JoomUnited tab: WP Table Manager Table and WP Table Manager Chart. The two elements let you add, unsurprisingly, tables and charts to your WPBakery themes, but they're chock-full of features.

For example, the new table element gives you an instant preview in the WPBakery frontend page builder. To add a table to the template, choose the WP Table Manager Table element. From the pop-up, click on the first option and choose an existing table. While you're here, you can edit the table right from the WPBakery editor, and then insert it when you're done.

The visual builder should show an instant preview, identical to the one you created in WP Table Manager's editor. In fact, these tables inherit all the settings that you defined when creating the table. This includes all colours, spreadsheet formulas, and even the responsive options, making sure that the table looks fine in WPBakery, regardless of the users' devices.

You can do even more with WPBakery's table element. When choosing a table from WPBakery's editor, you must have noticed that you launched the table manager. From here, you can create, edit, rename or remove tables and table categories. If you have a large number of tables, use the toolbar to filter by table type or to search by name.

Using the table manager to import and edit Excel and Google Sheets spreadsheets

 The table manager is fully-functional, which means that you can click on tables and edit them in the same tab. You can also create a new table in a new tab. When performing either of these actions, you will be taken to the table editor, but the WPBakery theme editor remains open.

From the table editor, you can edit the data and add formulas, which are then reflected in WPBakery's preview. However, you can also create other types of tables too. From the Import & Sync menu, you can add spreadsheets from Google Sheets and Excel. In both cases, you can either import the data, or set up synchronization so that remote changes are reflected in your WPBakery pages too.

Back in the editor, you can create one more type of WordPress table. Instead of creating a new table, you can create a Database Table. This spreadsheet loads its data from your database, populating the table with existing information.

Adding charts from data in WPBakery

The second WPBakery element that our plugin is adding to the page builder is not related to tables, but it works a lot like them: the WP Table Manager Chart. The WordPress table plugin lets you convert statistics and data from your tables into a visualization. With the latest update, you can also embed these charts in your WPBakery themes.

The process is similar to before: add the chart from the visual editor by heading to the JoomUnited tab and choosing the WP Table Manager Chart element. Once again, you will see the table manager. Click on a table name to open it.

From the table editor, you can use the Chart menu to create a new chart or insert an existing one. Once again, you can edit the charts right from the WPBakery visual page builder. When you finish editing or creating the chart, click on the Insert Chart button to add the chart to your WPBakery page builder. Thanks to the instant preview, you can make sure that the embedded chart looks fine before going live.

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If WPBakery is your weapon of choice to create and edit your WordPress pages and themes, now you have one more tool in your toolbox: WP Table Manager's tables and charts. Embed your tables, spreadsheets and data, wherever it is from and make sure it's picture-perfect with the plugin's instant preview and its awesome new themes!

 Do you want to start working with tables or spreadsheets and embed them in WPBakery? Check out the full list of features here!

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