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A new look and more themes for WP Table Manager


We know that tables created with WP Table Manager were looking awesome already but why not improve things when possible? Like a new look for the themes and, in the meantime, 3 new themes.

In this post, we will see how awesome look the new theme refreshment and how useful the themes are!

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Quick tables creation with WP Table Manager

With the new version of the themes we can make our tables look awesome and, as always, we will be able to create tables in no time, sounds really well, doesn't it? :)

In order to be able to follow the steps and see the themes shown here we need WP Table Manager on its version 3.4.0. 

Let's see how to create a theme table, first of all go to WP Table Manager > All Tables to see the WP Table Manager Dashboard.

On this dashboard click on + Create New > Table and a new table will be created.

When the table is created look for the Themes option in the top bar and select Theme selection.

A box with the preview of all the themes will appear so you can select an option.

Now all you need to do is select the theme that you want to use to be able to edit it, you will have all the options available in the normal editor to make the theme fit your site.

Now what happen if we want to edit the text? All we need to do is double click any of the text we want to edit and the text editor will appear with all the options available for the edition.

This would be the basic edition option for each cell and we can edit the text as well as buttons and any other element!

But if we want to edit the background colors of the table created? Seems to be work that could be hard to do but no! It is not, all you need to do is select the cells where you want to apply the changes, select the background cell color in the top bar and then, click on Ok.

There are many other options that you could use in order to make the table edition more awesome, like the option to easily copy/paste a group of cells in order to reuse them and save a lot of time.

As you can see, all the options are as easy as just clicking them and selecting from the available options, there are many options just as set each cell color or aspect, and also edit, and creating all kinds of elements with the easy-to-use elements, a work done easily and faster!

Table theme for each use case

Now that we saw how easy is to edit our tables, let's check all the themes available so we can know how it could fit our site in each case.

We will be able to create useful tables for sections that could look awesome and also link to another page on our site.

Point to different sections of your page

Scheduled events

List of Products/orders

Service plans

Price tables with label

Product table with Add To Cart buttons

Product table with add to carts buttons in dark mode

Task list

Price plans

A big amount of plans with many different views so the table can fit any website and with many cases uses, the best part is that the design can be used as a template to start so we can speed up the work and also customize it further so it looks as part of your site! So all we need to do is focus on the styles and skip the table creation process.

Awesome! Isn't it?

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