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How to create WordPress amazing galleries using Google Photos?


Google Photos is a really great tool to save your images and also organize them, being a platform to connect multiple devices to the same cloud so they can easily access the same images and see the same images, WP Media Folder helps you to integrate Google Photos into your Website so you'll be able to see the images from your Google Photos account directly in your Media Library. 

In this post, you will see how easy is to connect and use Google Photos on your website ;)

 Setup this Awesome WordPress - Google Photos integration

 There are two ways to connect Google Photos with your WordPress site using WP Media Folder, the Manual, and Automatic modes, the main difference is that with Manual mode, you have to create your Google dev App, and with the Automatic mode, you are going to use a validated Google app so you will skip the part of creating it yourself, this will save a lot of time.

For this tutorial, we are going to use the Automatic mode so you can see how easy it is to connect and use it, also, in this tutorial we are using two addons from WP Media Folder, WP Media Folder Cloud Addon, and the Gallery Addon, these plugins will allow you to use the integration, and also to create galleries using Google Photos.

For the Automatic mode, go to your admin Settings > WP Media Folder > Cloud > Google Photos, in Connecting Mode, select Automatic and then, click on Connect Google Photo.

This will open a screen where you allow the Verified Google App to act as a bridge between your Google Photos account and your WordPress site so allow it and then proceed to login to Google Photos.

After doing this, everything is done on the connecting your site Google Photos process, really easy! Isn't it? 

In the other way, the Manual mode, you will need to create a Google dev App as explained here, not really complex but could take a few more time than the Automatic mode, after creating the App, you will only need to paste the ID, and Secret into Settings > WP Media Folder > Cloud > Google Photos, then connect it and that's all :)

 Creating galleries in WordPress with Google Photos Album

Now that we have Google Photos connected, let's start the fun part, so let's check how Google Photos looks like on WordPress, for this fo to Media > Google Photos, you will see a preview of all your images and albums.

As you can see, you'll have all the available albums in the left panel, and all the images from the selected album in the right panel.

So from here, you can select many images or an album and import it to your Media Library, for this, click on Import Album after selecting the album, then, select where you want to import it, you can set the name of the new folder, and then, click on import, it will appear in your Media Library.

You will see how useful it is as you can, for example, create a team so they can share images in a Google Photos album, maybe directly from their phones, or also from their PC, all you will have to do to have the entire album imported into your Media Library is click on Import Album.

Now the funniest part, create galleries based on Albums directly, for this, we will need to be sure to have installed Gallery Addon.

Now that you have it installed, go to Media > Media Folder Galleries, on this screen, you will see the gallery management addon dashboard with the options to select images from your PC, WordPress, and Google Photos.

First of all, for this tutorial, we are going to create a new Gallery and call it "Google Photos", then, will import the album from Google Photos.

For this, click on +Add New Gallery, add the type, and select the gallery theme that you want to use.

Don't worry too much about selecting the gallery theme as you will have the option to change it later so click on Create, you will see the gallery dashboard, now we are going to select the images that we want to include in the gallery, we are going to use for this tutorial the entire album.

Wait a few seconds for it to import the images, and that's all, you have all the images, directly from Google Photos to your WordPress site, really simple, just two clicks and now you can use all the images that you selected in the Gallery Addon Dashboard! :)

Now, to create the gallery, you only need to define all the things and publish it, for this, you can go directly to the post and do everything from there(also the Google Photos import) or just finish setting up the gallery here and then, select it on the post/page.

You have 3 tabs, the first one, is to order your images, you can do it by using the Drag and Drop system from WP Media Folder, and you will also have the option to select the cover image, and set up general things from images like the title and also the link target.

When you finish adding the images/ordering them, you can go to the Display Settings & Shortcode tab.

On this screen, we can set up all the things related to the gallery, you can choose the theme, set the columns, the size of all the gallery elements, the order, and the navigation settings, everything in a really easy to use interface.

You will also have a shortcode to copy in case you want to add the gallery using a shortcode.

The last tab is to preview the gallery so you can easily check how the gallery will look like before publishing it into the page/post, really useful so you don't have to go to a page, and publish the gallery and refresh it every time you want to see how the gallery looks like.

Now finish all the setup for your gallery, and then go to your post/page to publish the gallery, it doesn't matter what Page Editor you use as WP Media Folder is integrated with all major Page Builders so you will have a dedicated block and you also have the Shortcode option so basically, you can add the gallery wherever you want.

So now, we can go to the Post/Page and edit it or create a new one if you want, then, go to add a block, in this case, we use the Gutenberg Editor click on + > WPMF Gallery Addon.

It will load the Gallery Addon block, click on Select or Create Gallery, it will open the Gallery Addon Dashboard so you can select the gallery that we created before, select the one that you want to embed, and click on Insert, note that you can also finish the Gallery settings from here in case you want to do a modification or something else.

It will load the gallery preview directly in your Page Builder so you can confirm that everything is okay and then, publish it.

You also have the option to "live edit" the gallery with the right panel, in the case of Gutenberg.

All you need directly in your post, a really awesome tool, isn't it? ;)

 Create your first Google Photo Gallery in WordPress

As you can see it is really easy to use Gallery Addon and we have only shown one of the uses that you can give it, uses are unlimited, you can use it to, for example, a news site where your team can share real-time news directly from their phone directly to the website using Google Photos, or you can also allow your users to access the Google Photos so they can share the photos with you.

So what are you waiting for? Go here now to explore all the WP Media Folder features and get your Membership!

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