WP File Download

WordPress file management

  • Unlimited file(s) & categories
  • Ultra advanced file access control
  • Frontend full-text file search engine
  • Icon builder: customize with design of your choice
  • Sell your files with full WooCommerce integration
  • Sync Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and OneDrive Business

as well as hundreds of other amazing features...

WP File download Managing files in WordPress


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File upload, limit access, connect, design and many more

Meet the easiest to use WordPress file manager

An icon builder than you haven't seen before!

WP File Download has the most advanced icon builder for WordPress


File download icons are usually very limited in number or in file format, so how about building your own icon set? WP File Download plugin, by taking advantage of the .SVG format, allows you to build custom icons for all file formats. You can also use classic and original file image with the .PNG icon set.

WP File Download + 
woocommerce-icon becomes 
the most powerful way 
to sell digital products

  • Sell files from cloud server 
    (Google Drive, Dropbox,...)
  • Sell remote files 
    (external server)
  • Sales Statistics
  • All payment systems included  (Paypal, Stripe, Bolt,...)

Included in our addon, no extra fee.


WP File Download WooCommerce Integration

File Manager Themes: 5 Themes Included

Five themes are included in the plugin, but it's not just themes! They change the way you make your files available to your users. The themes included are standard file listing, Google Drive like, Table, Accordion file  tree, file preview. The system is also extremely flexible because you can apply a theme per category of files or even create your own theme.

WP File Download Wordpress File Manager 5 themes

A Powerful yet Easy WordPress File Manager

We mean it - - the file manager really is. It's essentially like managing files on your desktop file browser. For example, you can change the order and levels of file categories with drag'n drop as well as order files. And everything is saved with AJAX - on the fly. Adding new files? Just drag'n drop one or multiple files.

Move or duplicate files? It's a piece of cake. Drag'n drop files or use the buttons to copy, cut, paste one or several files at the same time.

A Powerful yet Easy WordPress File Manager

Limit File Download Access, File Visibility and File Management

When you manage files, you will always need to setup file access for users and it's always complex to do so. In WP File Download, we've included smart tools to manage file visibility and file management actions. Define who is allowed to download or update a file, delete a file, edit only his own files and more. Furthermore, it's possible to restrict the access to a file or a file category to some WordPress users only.

Limit File Download Access, File Visibility and File Management

A File Manager for the WordPress Gutenberg Editor

WP File Download is fully integrated with WordPress Gutenberg editor. The file manager plugin has 2 dedicated Gutenberg blocks to load your WordPress files and categories of files (including the cloud files and categories from Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive).

Gutenberg file manager

Flexible and Advanced File Search Engine

Flexible and Advanced File Search Engine

Managing a massive amount of files goes with a powerful search engine. This is included in the plugin and in addition, you can generate multiple and custom search engines with options to activate:

  • Full text search for documents with automatic index on file upload
  • Category file filtering
  • Tag filtering as checkbox or predictive search box
  • Date of creation & Update range filter
  • File preview in search results
  • File ordering in search results on column title click
  • Compatible with WordPress native search engine

Email Notification on Files Modifications

Email Notification on Files Modifications

A very flexible Email notification system is available with the plugin, triggered when a user makes any action on files. You can notify the file owner, file category owner, WordPress admin and add custom Email notifications. Email notification can be activated on:

  • New file upload
  • File edition
  • File removal
  • File information edition
  • File is downloaded

Import Existing Files from the Server and WordPress

If you already have files on your server or if it's faster for you to send files through FTP, the file importer is for you. Select a file category on the left, select a file on the right and click on the import button!
Import Existing Files from the Server

One Click File Update, Versioning & Multi-Categories

Updating and restoring files has never been so easy. You can update (or replace) an existing file with one click while you keep a backup of the old file version. Of course the old version can be restored in one click too. Furthermore, the plugin offers multi-categories: upload one file and add it to several files categories.
One Click File Update, Versioning & Multi-Categories

Wordpress Download Manager Statistics

A download statistics dashboard is available from the WordPress admin. In addition to the Google Analytics event tracker you also get a tool to export the statistics to a .csv file. You can also track the files downloaded per WordPress user account, which applies if the users are logged into their WordPress account during the download. You can filter your statistics using a file category or single file selection and a date range.
Download Manager Statistics

The WordPress Download Manager in Video

All you can achieve with the WordPress File Manager

WP File Download Plugin Additional Features

Remote file download

Add a title, description and URL of a remote file and make it available for download like any other file. Remote file can also be a cloud link or any public file URL

User file repository

WP File Download got several control over file management actions your users can do. That actions include file and categories modification, upload, deletion... So you can create a file repository per user or group

File in multiple categories

Editing the same file multiple times because it's located in several file categories is a waste of time. WP File Download’s alternative is to have a single master file, made available in multiple categories.

File versioning

Once a file is updated (or replaced), the old version is automatically stored in the file history. The old version can be restored with one click and you can specify the maximum number of old versions to store

Download statistic per user

You can literally track who is downloading what and get the results as a statistics table and chart you can even export. This is pretty useful when file downloading requires a user account

File bulk download

Let your users download several files at a time, based on their custom selection. Then, a .zip is automatically generated. You can also add a button to download a complete file category with a single click

File upload form

Generate a custom file upload form and insert it anywhere in your website. Your users will be able to submit files and you can select the destination of the files in order to review them before publication

WP File Download 3rd Party Plugin Integrations

All page builders

WP File download works with all other major content builders: ACF, Site Origine, Themify builder, Beaver Builder and Live Composer page builders...

Plugin language translations

Community translations included, create your own in few clicks! More information >>

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  • WooCommerce Integration
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