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YouTube’s Visiting - Introducing Videos on Joomla!


Whether columns or ready-made templates, DropEditor for Joomla! lets you customize your articles and pages to your heart’s content. These endless possibilities help you tell a great story in the best way possible, but it can be easy to forget the bigger picture - the content itself.

Recently, videos have been propelled into the spotlight thanks to their multi-disciplinary approach when it comes to telling a narrative. Instead of simply explaining concepts using text, the incorporation of audiovisual elements serves to illustrate ideas so much better. That is the reason why as from version 2.3, DropEditor for Joomla! allows you to embed videos among your content!


Introducing DropEditor Media

DropEditor’s new media options allow you to include videos and sounds under various forms. Firstly, you can include videos that are hosted on YouTube or Vimeo in your Joomla! content. Secondly, you can include video and sound files that are hosted on your own server. Don’t see any media options in your editor?





Before you start including videos and audio using DropEditor, you might have to assign the tool to a profile from the DropEditor configuration page. The media tool is distinguished with its circle icon enclosing a play button. You can drag-and-drop the icon to the current editor tools area for any profiles which should have access to video and sound files in the editor. Once finished, save changes and head to your editor to dive into media on Joomla!


Adding Media to Content on Joomla!


With DropEditor, videos have become a natural part of the family. In fact, adding them to your content is analogous to adding a file among the rest of the content. To get started, just click on the media button to bring up four options - YouTube, Vimeo, video, and sound. Worry not, though - the first two and the last two are practically identical.





The YouTube and Vimeo options allow you to embed videos hosted on popular services right into your Joomla! website’s content. As you can probably imagine right away, these kind of videos are defined by a URL. Therefore, the first step is to choose the hosting service type - whether YouTube or Vimeo. Secondly, insert the entire URL of the video in question.

That is the bare minimum to insert a video, but DropEditor is all about customization. Indeed, you can choose the video’s behavior; videos can be embedded alongside the content, or displayed in a lightbox when clicked. You can also pick your own thumbnail for the video, and define your own video dimensions. To conclude the process, just press the insert button!





The alternative to hosted videos is to use videos and audio files that are available on your own server. These options are available from the video and sound tabs respectively. This time, instead of providing a link, all you need to do is select a file using the file manager. Similarly to YouTube and Vimeo videos, you can choose the video’s behavior and dimensions, and include the video by pressing the insert button.


Inline Video Editing

With DropEditor, videos and audio files integrate with the rest of the content seamlessly. In this way, you can remove them just as quickly as you would delete text - select them and do away with them. And that’s not all, because you can also edit YouTube and Vimeo links right from your editor!





If you select a YouTube or Vimeo video, you can press the pencil icon to update the URL. This is useful if the link is the only thing you want to update because it leaves all other options untouched. In all other cases, you can instead press on the media icon.

Videos stand out as one of the most expressive mediums to tell a story. Whether Joomla! is your journal, a hobby blog, or a professional way to express yourself, DropEditor is now providing you with new tools to tell your narrative your own way.


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