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Upload folders and performance improved for WP File Download


It's not a secret that every time WP File Download has an important update, awesome features come with it and it's the case for the last update where we can now upload entire folders to WP File Download, and, if a new feature is not enough, the performance in the frontend has been improved which is just awesome!

With this new feature, the possible escenarios are just outstanding! You will be able to easily upload and, at the same time, create categories in WP File Download with just one click, or, just Drag and drop? ;)

An awesome feature and you would say that it will just make the plugin to go slow because, well, a powerful feature could mean more resources needed or more functions "in the background" but this is so far from the last update of WP File Download as now, the performance of the plugin has been improved in the frontend so no slow downloads for your users! 

In this post we will see how useful this new feature is.

Upload folders with downloads in a simple step

In order to follow the steps in this post, we need to have installed WP File Download v5.6 or a major version for the feature to be available.

After having the plugin installed, we can start using this awesome feature and we will find two ways to use it, let's check them!

First of all go to WP File Downloads > WP File Download, in this page, we will be able to see the overall dashboard of WP File Download in order to follow the next steps.

Drag'n Drop

As easy as drag the folder and drop it where we want it, first of all, we are going to create the folder that we are going to use as the main folder, for this, click on + Add Category, it can be a cloud category or a normal category, we are going to create a normal Category named Parent Category.

Now that we have created the main category, all we need to do is, select the main category in the WP File Download Dashboard, find the folder in the file explorer of your PC, drag, and drop it in the Dashboard.

The new folder will be created as a category and uploaded with the folders and files inside.

As easy as use the file explorer of your PC ;)

Now that we saw how to upload the folder by drag'n drop, let's see the other way.

Using the file explorer

While draggin'n drop, is an easy way to upload folders, many people would prefer to just select the folder and click on "Upload" and it's totally possible with WP File Download!

In order to do this, go to the WP File Download Dashboard and select the category where you want to upload, we will use the same category that we created before Parent Category, and find the Select a Folder button.

This will open the file explorer so all you will need to do is select the folder and then, click on Upload.

The folder will be uploaded with everything inside! 

As you can see a simple but awesome feature that can improve your workload, a few use cases could be:

If you are a designer that sell art, you can just export all the art to your folder and upload albums full of files to be sold.

If you or your team find files for you that are uploaded to a shared folder in the cloud that you can then, download and upload it.

If you just want to keep your files in your PC and replace/upload new folders and subfolders as categories with many files inside in a simple step without the need of create categories and subcategories again.

The easiest and quick solution to create categories and subcategories in bulk!

New feature and performance improved

And, as mentioned before, the new feature is not the only thing that was improved in WP File Download, we also have a better performance!

You will be able to have a category, or multiple categories with a massive amount of files and there won't be issues for your users to load the content in the frontend, everything will load really fast and your users won't leave because of a never-ending load screen and your page speed score won't be affected!

So don't loose more users just because of the time that the categories containing your files are taking! All you need to do is update WP File Download or get your own copy!

What are you waiting for? Go here and get your own copy now!

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Comments 2

JoSepele on Tuesday, January 03 2023 15:22

Vielen Dank für diese tolle Erweiterung. Habe schon viele Dateimanager ausprobiert, aber dieser ist super!

Vielen Dank für diese tolle Erweiterung. Habe schon viele Dateimanager ausprobiert, aber dieser ist super!:D
Tristan on Tuesday, January 03 2023 17:31

Thanks for the feedback, really appreciated

Thanks for the feedback, really appreciated :)
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Sunday, March 26 2023

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