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SEO & Images with Droppics 3.0

SEO & Images with Droppics 3.0

SEO is concerned with more than just text - other web components can help boost conversion on your Joomla! website. In fact, images can account for visits as well, but they necessitate additional work to ensure that they contribute to your website. Unfortunately, the time that is necessary for their upkeep makes it a tedious task that often never gets done. And that is where Droppics’ new major release comes in.

Droppics 3.0 is the new installment in the Joomla! component’s lifeline. At its core, the component now allows you to optimize your website’s images for SEO, and simultaneously save time on monotonous tasks. You don’t even have to look too hard - all the tools are at your fingertips on the same page!



The new tools can be accessed from your backend by pressing on the Image SEO Optimizer button in your Droppics Gallery Manager. From this page, you can modify as many images as you want simultaneously. In addition, new options allow you to apply changes in batches, saving you even more time. Let’s take a closer look!


Batch SEO Updates

Droppics’ image optimizer comes with handy tools, allowing you to filter and sort images. The filtering system is particularly useful if you have a hierarchy of galleries, and you want to focus on a particular section. On the other hand, sorting allows you to select images that have no title, or alternative text, and add your own.

To filter images, simply select the gallery you want to display and press the filter button. If you want to sort images, instead, click on the attribute that you want to sort with to toggle their order. Once you’re satisfied, you can dive in and start editing image attributes right from this page.



You can edit all of the image attributes, including the filename, the image’s title and caption. Furthermore, Droppics comes equipped with AJAX functionality, saving your changes right away and ensuring you never lose your work inadvertently. Among these attributes, of particular interest to webmasters is the alternative text, which is the text that appears instead of images when they fail to load for one reason or another, and the image title.

All these attributes can boost your Joomla! website’s SEO, but as described, this can get tedious very quickly. For this reason, Droppics 3.0 allows you to edit titles and alternative texts in batch using information that is readily-available.



In fact, Droppics allows you to copy image filenames - which are unique, and obviously mandatory for all files - so that they act as images’ alternative text and title. Moreover, you can apply this change in batches, affecting multiple files with a single click. Firstly, select the images whose attributes you want to change, then click on the image name as alt text or image name as image title buttons to update the alternative text or title respectively.

Finally, Droppics 3.0 also comes with a subtle update, but which is worth noting for web developers - your uploaded gallery images have found a new home, and are now located in a dedicated folder on your Joomla! website’s root called images.

The devil is in the details. At times, however, it is those small details that we often overlook, or never get around to perfecting. Now, with Droppics 3.0 you don’t have to procrastinate anymore thanks to new tools to quicken your workflow.

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