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OneDrive for Business as Cloud Storage for your Joomla File Manager


Are you part of a company that uses OneDrive for Business as a cloud storage solution? Do you also host a Joomla! blog? If so, we have good news. Dropfiles, our file manager extension for Joomla!, has received a new update, and one of the new features is support for OneDrive for Business!

OneDrive for Business is the latest cloud connection with Joomla!, following integrations with Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive itself. The latest integration with the OneDrive for Business cloud storage solution includes all features as the other services, including two-way synchronization.

 Setting up the OneDrive for Business–Joomla! connection

Before you can start using OneDrive for Business on Joomla!, you need to perform a one-time setup. The setup starts with you creating a OneDrive for Business app on the Microsoft Azure portal and ends in Dropfiles on Joomla! Therefore to get started, head to the Microsoft Azure portal and log in.

From the homepage, click on New registration. You will need to input three important parameters in the form that appears. First, choose a name for your application. Second, set the supported account types to Accounts in any organizational directory (Any Azure AD directory - Multitenant). Third, input the Redirect URI, which you can get from Dropfiles.

The redirect URI is provided on Joomla! from the Dropfiles extension. Head to the plugin's configuration and look for OneDrive Business under the Cloud connection menu. The redirect URI is toward the bottom of the page: simply copy-and-paste it the Microsoft Azure Portal and click on Register.

Only one step remains to set up OneDrive for Business: the client ID and secret. The client ID and secret are the tools that allow your Joomla! blog to communicate with your Dropfiles cloud storage. To retrieve the credentials, head back to the Microsoft Azure portal home and click on your newly-created app.

From the sidebar, click on Certificates & secrets, which will bring you to the page where you will generate a new client ID and secret. All you have to do is click on New client secret, write a description and choose an expiry for the credentials. When you click on Add, the Azure portal creates a new ID-secret pair.

As soon as you retrieve the pair, copy-and-paste them into your Dropfiles configuration: the OneDrive Business Client ID is the Secret ID, and OneDrive Business Client Secret is the Value. If, at any point, you lose the client secret, or if it expires, you can generate a new one. All that remains is for you to save changes, and then click on the button labelled Connect OneDrive Business!

Two-way synchronization with OneDrive for Business on Joomla!

If you've followed the instructions, your OneDrive for Business connection with Joomla! is complete. As soon as you pressed on that Connect OneDrive Business button, Dropfiles created a folder at the root of your OneDrive cloud storage account. This new directory will store all your synced Dropfiles files and media.

Using your new cloud integration is very simple. All you have to do is head to the Dropfiles file manager, and create a new folder. From the dropdown, choose OneDrive Business and Dropfiles will automatically mirror the new folder on your Joomla! Blog and in your OneDrive for Business account.

The last key to the puzzle is Dropfiles' sync. The plugin's integration of OneDrive for Business with Joomla! is complete with two-way synchronization. Dropfiles automatically keeps the two endpoints synchronized, which means that any change you make on Joomla! is reflected on OneDrive for Business, and vice-versa: two-way synchronization.

You can control two aspects of Dropfiles' two-way synchronization between Joomla! and OneDrive for Business from the plugin's configuration. If you head to the page where you set-up the connection, you can choose whether to use AJAX, cURL or a cron task to synchronize the two.

Next to the sync method, you can also choose the sync periodicity, or how often Dropfiles will sync Joomla! with OneDrive for Business. The synchronization periodicity ranges from 1 minute to once every two days, or no synchronization at all. The duration depends on how many requests you need or want to make.

Your cloud storage solution and your blogging solution do not have to be two separate worlds. WIth Dropfiles, it's easier than ever to connect OneDrive for Business with Joomla! It just takes a quick, one-time setup to create a synchronized bridge between the two.

Are you ready to connect your Joomla! blog with OneDrive for Business? Check out Dropfiles here

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