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Import and use your NextGen images in the WordPress media library


 So, you want to move from NextGen to WP Media Folder but don't want to because it could be too tedious to import all the galleries from NextGen to WP Media Folder well, or maybe you want to use both plugins as you need to create media folders… It won't be an issue anymore as WP Media Folder plugin covers you ;)

WP Media Folder has a dedicated tool to easily import galleries from NextGen to WP Media Folder, this will convert yourNextGen galleries into media folders so you can create awesome galleries directly from these media folders.

In this post, we'll see how to import and sync NextGen galleries with media folders.

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 Convert NextGen Gallery to a Folder

Let's start to see how easy it is to import these Galleries to your media library as media folders, please note that in this tutorial we are using WP Media Folder which is needed to run this import tool.

First of all, we should have a gallery in NextGen Gallery to import it, so we have created one for this tutorial called doggies gallery as you can see here.

This gallery doesn't exist in the Media Library at the moment but there are other things that we would like to do with the images there without having to upload them again so let's go to Settings > WP Media Folder > Import/Export.

On this tab, scroll down to the Sync/Import NextGEN galleries, you'll see a button to Import now, click on it.

This will show you a loading animation in the Import Now button, depending on the amount of media and galeries, it could take a few minutes but, after clicking on it and the animation disappears, you'll have all the galleries that were on NextGen directly in your Media Library.

Now let's go to the Media Library to confirm if the gallery was imported, if yes, you should be able to see the new folder with the media inside.

As you can see, it is as easy as clicking the import button and the magic is done :)

Now that you have your images on your Media Library, you can use all the features from WP Media Folder to organize and also create galleries directly from these folders using the WP Media Folder galleries.

You can, for example, create subfolders in this main folder that we just imported, in order to do this, select the folder and then click on + Add New Folder.

So now you can move your images if you need it,or also move the folders using the drag and drop system from this awesome plugin, you can also, of course, add more images or files, remove images and use all the features that WP Media Folder offer to manage and improve your Media Library.

Another useful feature is the option to create galleries based on the folders, as we mentioned before so let's see how to use it.

We are going to use the Gutenberg Editor for this post but this is already compatible with all major Page Builders with dedicated blocks.

So we are going to create a gallery based on DOGGIES GALLERY, for this, go to your post/page and, in Gutenberg Editor, click on + > WP Media Folder Gallery.

This will show you a section in the Gutenberg Editor with all the folders available so you can select one to create the gallery, we'll select for this tutorial DOGGIES GALLERY, and then click on Create Gallery.

Now you'll see a preview of the gallery, you can edit the theme and also adjust the layout directly from this section by checking the right panel.

On this right panel, you can choose between the 4 themes offered by WP Media Folder(there are more included in the Gallery Addon), and also set the order, number of columns, image sizes, action on click, and many other settings.

On the first section you'll see the option to select a theme and also, to change the folder for the gallery.

On the second part by scrolling down you'll find other settings to make your gallery fit the content of your site, these options are columns, Gallery image size, Lightbox Size, Action on Click, Order by, order(ascending or descending), and the option to select if you want to update the gallery when the folder is updated with new images.

In the last section you'll have more advanced layout options, these are the border, shadow, and margins, as well as add a CSS class in the advanced tab.

So you can set your category as how you want, make it fit your content with the advanced options and preview the changes directly in the editor before publishing, finally, click on publish and that's all! You'll have your gallery created directly from a folder! It can't be easier.

Now all you need to do is publish your gallery and voila, magic is done.

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 Manage your Galleries like a Professional

 As you can see, managing your galleries like a professional is really easy with WP Media Folder, you don't need to go to multiple tabs to setup a gallery to then go to the editor and notice that there was something missing as you have all the options directly in the editor and the best part is that these are not the only things that you can do with WP Media Folder, there are many other features that you can use with the pro add ons like connect your Media Library to a cloud service like Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox or offload your entire Media Library to AWS to save some server storage.

So what are you waiting for? Go here and obtain your own membership now!

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